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Keep the health benefits of seafood going all year long

During all of the years I worked and lived in Washington, D.C., my family and I always stopped to take a break in August and spend a couple weeks in New England. We truly enjoyed the ocean and [...]

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Your “gluten intolerance” could really be pesticide poisoning

Gluten is a protein that has been present in wheat since it was first cultivated for human consumption about 10,000 years ago. But cultivated grains represent a mere “drop in the bucket” when it [...]

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Food sensitivities linked to common herbicide

Back in the 1970s, agro-business giant Monsanto created the toxic, chemical herbicide glyphosate, now commonly known as “Roundup.” Unlike other herbicides used in farming at the time, glyphosate [...]

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This “healthy” obsession could make you sick

You know the old saying, “nothing succeeds like success.” And some people take this idea to extremes, prompting a modified variation: “nothing succeeds like excess.” Almost anything that benefits [...]

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The brutal brain merry-go-round of antidepressants

My daughter recently sang for us a rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “Circle Game.” She learned it 20 years ago at a summer camp for creative arts on Lake Champlain, Vermont. She attended every [...]

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Why I never eat low-fat dairy

Today, roughly one million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive neuro-degenerative illness affecting coordination and movement. And doctors diagnose about [...]

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Social connections protect the brain on a cellular level

Gerontologists advise their older patients to stay connected to the local community. “Social isolation is a silent killer,” according to the Gerontological Society of America. Indeed — research [...]

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