Are there negative effects from taking your formulas in combination?

Q: I noticed the Smart Science product line contains similar ingredients. Would there be negative effects from taking your formulas in combination?

Dr. Micozzi:

I am glad you asked this question. We use the best micronutrients for each purpose in each product based upon all available science. The doses selected are those indicated to be most effective across a number of scientific studies. We never throw in “extra” doses and ingredients just to make a formulation sound better, like many dietary supplement

marketeers who appear oblivious to the real science. We also take into account historic usage. The same information medically advanced European countries use to determine whether to grant regulatory approval to a supplement.

Yes, you will find that some of the same micronutrients appear in more than one Smart Science formulation. As I often discuss, active micronutrients have many biological functions and beneficial effects. Each dose of every micronutrient in every product is intentionally designed so that multiple products can be taken together safely, never exceeding completely safe overall doses.

Unlike most drugs, micronutrients have a very high “therapeutic index” pharmacologically. That means the effective dose of a micronutrient is much, much lower than the dose that could be considered to have any unsafe side effects.

So, yes, you can safely take more than one Smart Science product at the same time. In fact, you can take them all together. I do, and I recommend that members of my family take more than one every day, and some take them all.

But of course you should always consult with your doctor before taking any new supplement.

There is simply no “one-size-fits-all” little multivitamin pill that works if you take it “once a day.” I’m constantly reminding readers that the vast majority of multivitamins taken in the United States today are indeed worthless. As far as I can tell, the ingredients, doses, and combinations are not based upon any real science. Plus, they tend to be of poor quality, and the body cannot use them effectively.

If you want high-quality nutrients and doses proven by science, you simply won’t find them in a multivitamin pill. Remember, you are trying to supplement your diet with optimal doses of micronutrients, while also getting biologically active and beneficial herbal ingredients. It’s not like The Jetsons, where a whole day’s requirements can be served up in a little bitty pill on a plate.

I have to laugh (or sigh, or cry) when the mainstream medical minions and the media get all into a froth when they suddenly “discover” that multivitamins are worthless. Yes, multivitamins are worthless. That’s why we don’t offer them and never will—and why you should not take them. It takes more knowledge and effort than that to obtain appropriate and optimal dietary supplementation. Maybe eventually the mainstream will figure out something useful. In the meantime, you have Smart Science on your side.