Complementary care for multiple myeloma

Q: My wife has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I didn’t see anything on your website about this topic. If you have any information that would be helpful, we would be most appreciative.

Dr. Micozzi:

I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s diagnosis. While I have not written about multiple myeloma in particular, you may find the general information about cancer care useful. Multiple myeloma is a cancer involving the blood cells. Ask your wife’s physician for specific guidance about what to do to support her care with complementary therapy. But when it comes to cancer survival in general, research consistently backs up the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as several mind-body therapies that have been proven to reduce stress, improve quality of life, and extend survival time. For more details on these complementary approaches, refer back to my reports Classified Cancer Answers and The One-Word Battle Plan for Crushing Cancer, which are available for free on my website,