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This Halloween treat may help SLOW aging and BOOST your health  

  This week, don’t worry about staying completely out of the trick-or-treat goodie bowl. Especially if it contains dark chocolate.   In fact, I encourage you to indulge in this sweet treat [...]

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Make your own pumpkin treats this fall (tasty AND nutritious!) 

  This week, I enjoy seeing all the jack-o-lanterns glowing to light the way for the young trick-or-treaters around the neighborhood.  But pumpkins weren’t always relegated to front porches [...]

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Enjoy all the flavors of fall…without the added sugar! (Family recipe)

  October is a perfect time of year for picking (and enjoying) fresh, whole apples.   It’s also a great time of year to add them to special, seasonal treats—as many folks in New England do. In [...]

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CANCER COVER-UP?! This common health problem is linked to 12 types of cancer!  

We know a lot more about what causes cancer than people think.   In fact, a brand-new study just uncovered a MASSIVE link between 12 types of cancer and one common health problem.   But as far as [...]

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Trendy weight-loss supplements just don’t work—try THIS instead

  Have you ever turned to an over-hyped weight loss supplement to aid in your efforts to shed a few unwanted pounds?  If so, you’re not alone: An astounding one-third of people in the [...]

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The five supplements you should always AVOID 

  Last year, around 75 percent of Americans took dietary supplements. That’s great news—especially considering the backslide in wellness care that occurred in 2020.   But even though smart [...]

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Powerful protection against dementia (it’s FREE!) 

  Dementia cases are expected to double every 20 years, as the population ages. Yet the mainstream “experts” still don’t have a single, viable answer to help stem the tide.   (Don’t be [...]

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