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Five simple ways to improve your health and longevity

Back in early 2020, when the coronavirus first reared its ugly head here in the U.S., I grew concerned that the borderline panicked response from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [...]

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Loneliness skyrockets this brain disease risk by a staggering 91 percent

During last year’s lockdowns due to the coronavirus panic, loneliness became a bigger problem than ever. Especially among older adults.   And that’s a real concern—because loneliness harms mental [...]

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Four ways to STOP this dementia trigger

Mainstream medicine continues to hem and haw, squirm and squabble, and tell tall tales about what they think may cause dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  But as I recently explained, their [...]

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The heart disease culprit LURKING in your grocery store

Over the years, mainstream medicine has wrongly tried to blame heart disease on anything that doesn’t fit their narrative—including cholesterol, eggs, dairy, and red meat.  But none of those [...]

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This ancient technique relieves pain better than drugs in cancer patients

Last month, I told you about a disturbing study that found nearly one in five women diagnosed with breast cancer go on to become new, persistent users of addictive painkillers, such as opioids.   [...]

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UTI? You NEED to read this! 

If you’re like the 50 to 60 percent of women who suffer from a urinary tract infection (UTI) at least once in their lives…you already know how miserable this condition is.   The constant burning [...]

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Five effective ways to slash colon cancer risk

It should come as no surprise that diet plays a big role in the development of colon cancer.   But there’s always a lot of debate about which dietary factors actually increase risk…and which [...]

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