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After 50 years, the National Cancer Institute is finally doing something right

Earlier this year, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) took a major step forward in the fight against breast cancer. They will finally start tracking breast cancer recurrences—which are a major [...]

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Avoid the No. 1 hidden cause of serious falls among older adults

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “As the U.S. population continues to age, we can expect more deaths from falls. We can also expect more hospitalizations and [...]

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Men: This daily “vice” can protect against prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a huge worry for men. And rightly so—as one out of every nine men will be diagnosed with it at some point in their lives.  Although, in most cases, these men really have what I [...]

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Five simple tips to combat vision problems—at any age

Many people begin to use “reading” glasses at they get older due to presbyopia (or farsightedness). But aside from this common condition, experiencing vision problems as you get [...]

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Your gym workout may expose you to deadly, toxic air

Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. last spring, I always encouraged you to avoid exercising inside grimy, stinky gyms. We knew they were bastions of potentially harmful microbes, [...]

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These international condiments add unexpected flavor and nutrition to your cooking

I love cooking. And in the summertime, especially, I enjoy adding fresh condiments to my homecooked meals. It’s a nice way to add flavor and important nutrients to any dish.   So, [...]

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COVID-19 patients: Taking this inexpensive, naturally derived drug could help save your life

Day after day, we continue to hear nothing but bad news from the mainstream press about the coronavirus. But the truth is, since last spring, we’ve made a lot of progress and learned a great deal [...]

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