NEWS BRIEF: Why natural, whole-body approaches are so effective for heart disease

I always advise you not to think of disease or illness as an isolated problem in a particular organ or tissue of the body.

But modern medicine and many cardiologists often view the heart in isolation. They basically see the heart as a mechanical pump, and discount all of the energetic, emotional, and neurochemical connections this vital organ has with the rest of the body.

Scientific research has taken the same approach. For decades, researchers have studied more and more about less and less, when it comes to heart attacks.

That is, they have taken a single-cause approach, drilling down on the cellular and molecular processes involving the damaged heart muscle tissue, but have ignored those effects on rest of the body.

And they haven’t investigated the healthy, undamaged heart muscle surrounding the damaged tissue during and after a heart attack — let alone what happens in the organs aside from the heart.

But a new study dares to be different. This study in lab animals, which was confirmed in autopsied humans, found that heart attacks involve the whole body — particularly the liver and spleen. In fact, the researchers discovered that within 24 hours after a heart attack, there are changes to nearly 9,000 genes in the heart, 900 in the liver, and about 350 in the spleen.1

The researchers also found that heart attacks influence a protein responsible for activating processes in many other organs throughout the body.

Basically, this study showed, in molecular terms that modern medicine can understand, that a heart attack is a whole-body phenomenon. And that’s why it’s so critical to avoid them — and to keep your heart operating at peak performance.

The good news is, it’s entirely possible to prevent heart attacks and even reverse heart disease naturally without deadly drugs like statins or dangerous medical interventions.

I’ll tell you all about these effective, scientifically proven natural approaches in my upcoming online Heart Attack Prevention & Repair Protocol. I just put the finishing touches on it, and will let you know the moment it’s available. So stay tuned!



1“Analysis of region specific gene expression patterns in the heart and systemic responses after experimental myocardial ischemia.” Oncotarget. 2017 May 17.