SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: My blood sugar breakthrough formula—now available to you

Im thrilled to announce the release of my revolutionary natural blood sugar support supplementand its the first one Ive ever agreed to make available to the public.

Thats because it took some of the most powerful natural ingredients on the planetin just the right formulationto finally earn my stamp of approval.

And Ive named this four-ingredient powerhouse Core Metabolic FX.

What makes Core Metabolic FX so effective?

For one, it contains curcumin, the active compound in the ancient medicinal spice, turmeric. As you know, I’ve written about curcumin quite a bit over the past several years. In fact, its become one of the most researched natural ingredients on the planet.

And as I often report, curcumin is so powerful that it goes to work in your gut immediately to stop sugar from reaching your blood… 

But the key for lasting blood sugar control is that you also need curcumin to keep working in order to burn the excess sugar that does make it into your bloodstream.

Thats why I insisted on finding a rare brand of curcumin thats extremely bioavailablemeaning its absorbed quickly and easily into your bloodstreamright where it belongs.

Its called CurcuWIN, the cutting edge brand of curcumin that stars as the flagship ingredient in my new blood sugar formula.

Core Metabolic FX also includes chromium, an essential trace element your body naturally uses.

This ingredient is crucial in your blood sugar management because as you age, your levels of chromium begin to decrease. Which can be a real problem, considering this element is one of your body’s best defenses against insulin sensitivity—and nearly 90% of Americans are deficient.

The next ingredient in my CoreMetabolic FX formula is another mineral called vanadium.

Vanadium works in tandem with chromium to make sure your cells are absorbing as much blood sugar as possible.

The last ingredient I strategically selected for this unique formula is ginger root.

For decades doctors and researchers just focused on the “usual suspects” when it comes to blood sugar, like poor diet and lack of exercise.

And although both are extremely important, a new culprit came to light that shocked mainstream medicine in the dawn of the 21st century…


More and more studies revealed that as inflammation markers in the body increased, so did blood sugar levels. So even if you abide by a rigorous exercise routine, and sensible, balanced dietif your inflammation levels are unbalanced, your efforts wont make much of a difference.

Fortunately, research shows that ginger root single-handedly helps to support your bodys natural immune responses, and improve both fasting blood sugar and A1C numbers.

Not to mention, this natural compound is also well-known for its ability to aid in digestion, helping your body deliver the benefits of curcumin, chromium, and vanadium to your bloodstream even faster.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, this formula ONLY contains the highest quality ingredients. Which is why Core Metabolic FX uses a brand new proprietary extract known as Gingest, instead of standard ginger root powder. This way, you can enjoy more potent, fast-acting effects in a smaller dose.

In fact, Core Metabolic FX couldn’t be easier to incorporate into your daily routine.

Some natural blood sugar supplements require you to choke down three…sometimes even FOUR capsules every single day.

But the ingredients in Core Metabolic FX are so potentall you need is two capsules before bed.

As you know, supplements claiming to support blood sugar are a dime a dozen in big box stores, pharmacies, and even supermarkets. But Ive never been impressed with any of these formulations.

It has taken me years to find potent, high-quality blood-sugar supporting ingredients I believe in enough to recommend to my readers. And I’m proud to finally offer this unique, standout formulation through my Smart Science Nutritionals supplement line.

If you’d like to learn more about Core Metabolic FX, simply click here or call 1-800-292-5808 and ask for order code EOV2XXXX.