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Smart Science Nutritionals Autoship Benefits

Get FREE SHIPPING, plus today's low price is guaranteed to never go up when you select Autoship.

Most people feel the fullest benefit of nutritional supplements after two to three months. Autoship is a fast and easy way to ensure you get the most from everything Smart Science Nutritionals has to offer by ensuring you have a fresh, steady supply of what you need each month.

When you select this FREE service (which can be applied to any order quantity 1, 3 or 6 bottles), we'll get your first shipment out to you as quickly as possible. Then, every 25, 85 or 173 days thereafter, depending on the quantity of your original order, we'll automatically ship out a fresh supply and charge the same credit card you provide today. That way you will have a new bottle ready to go each month just before you run out. No forms, no phone calls, and no last-minute express orders.

And, as a thank you for enrolling in Autoship, we will guarantee you today's low price--never a penny more. PLUS we'll pay the shipping on every single order shipped, 1, 3 or 6 bottle Autoship orders!

It's truly the best deal we have to offer:

  • Convenient automatic delivery. With Autoship, you'll never worry about running out of your favorite products. Each month you'll receive a fresh supply delivered to your doorstep right when you need it.

  • Free shipping! We'll pay shipping on every bottle.

  • Low price guarantee. Once you're enrolled, the price you pay for your products today is guaranteed never to go up.

  • Flexible delivery. You can change the frequency of your charges and deliveries at any time, or adjust the number of bottles. If you'd prefer to receive 1 bottle every 6 weeks instead of 4, just let us know. If you'd prefer to have your credit card charged on the 10th of every month, give us a call. We can even work around your travel plans...spending a few months at your summer home? Give us your alternate address and we'll take care of the rest. Call us any time and we'll make sure each order arrives to best suit your needs!

  • Pay as you go. Many companies make you pay upfront to qualify for free shipping. But with Smart Science Nutritionals, you'll only be charged every 25 days. This allows just enough time to get your order processed and out the door, so you get it right when you need it. Of course, if this schedule doesn't work for you, just give us a call after your first shipment and we can adjust it to whatever date or frequency you'd like.

  • No strings can cancel your Autoship service at any time and for any reason with no obligation by calling our toll-free number.

(Please Note: Autoship is only available online for customers in the U.S. If you live outside of the U.S. and would like to order using our free Autoship service, please call us at the number listed below.)

To change or cancel your Autoship, please call 1-800-682-7319.