The winter health hazard no one is talking about– And the simple, delicious solution

Most people think of dehydration as being a problem during hot summer weather, when we lose water and electrolytes through  perspiration. But cold winter weather presents different dehydration risks. When the air gets cold outside, it can’t hold moisture. Therefore, the atmosphere becomes  very dry. And indoors, heating systems bake the moisture out of the air. This dries out your respiratory passages. Which then try to compensate by drawing fluid from the rest of your body.

So it’s just as easy to become dehydrated in the winter as it is in summertime.

But there’s an easy—and delicious—solution. And I don’t mean drinking more water.

Unfortunately, our drinking water (yes, even bottled water) is missing elements it should have. And tap water often contains toxic chemicals (including chlorine) that no one should drink.

Which is why I recommend replacing your 8-glasses-a-day with 4-6 glasses of rooibos tea. It’s delicious, easy to keep a pitcher on hand, and much more hydrating than any other fluid I’ve ever seen.

Rooibos quickly and easily adds back most of the constituents that are missing in our modern day “dead” water. Plus, rooibos has a similar antioxidant profile to green tea. It’s also naturally free of caffeine and oxalic acid (which may cause urinary stones). This makes it an ideal alternative to typical green or black tea.

Look for rooibos (or red bush) tea in your local health food store or even some regular grocery stores. It can also be found in some specialty coffee and tea shops. Simply steep the tea bags in pure water and drink hot, or pour over ice. And if you happen to be in Sarasota, Florida over the winter months, you should plan a visit to the Red Joe Café, recently opened by my friend Joe Firek. The café beverage menu centers around rooibos tea beverages and promises to be a real treat. I know I’ll be stopping by—and I hope to see you there.