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New Horizon
  • The “Alzheimer’s Answer” mainstream medicine is missing completely and…


  • The blood pressure blunder that even alternative “gurus” don’t understand and MUCH MORE…

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Three decades of tenacious research, discovery, and practice… Have led to this moment.

America’s leading authority on natural medicine is issuing a challenge to BOTH mainstream and alternative medicine camps—face the facts and join him in…


Dear Reader,

The information disclosed in this presentation points to two undeniable facts—

FACT #1: The way medicine tries to “heal” us…isn’t working.

Cancer incidence continues to climb, heart disease is on the rise for the first time in decades, diabetes is turning into this century’s ultimate health crisis…

And that’s just the start of a sorry list of devastating diseases overcoming us and our loved ones…

FACT #2: Change IS coming. Better answers for your health. 

Answers that are more affordable and safer for both your body and mind.

Nothing can stop it from happening because as you’ll see—these new cures are just far too powerful to deny.

The pioneer in modern-day natural medicine has uncovered

for today’s most frightening killers—

Imagine an Alzheimer’s answer that affects the very origin of the disease—and could move on to potentially save a loved one’s long-lost memory…

Or a cancer breakthrough that combats one of the disease’s most vicious and often-used weapons…

And that’s just the beginning…Brand new cures and natural breakthroughs are on the horizon that could…

Wipe out the chronic conditions that take the joy and comfort out of daily living, like HEART DISEASE, OBESITY, and even IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME.

I’m honored to be given the rare opportunity to share his story, and most importantly, the healing gems of this NEW HORIZON with you today.

In the summer of 1998…thousands of the country’s most respected, accomplished physicians and medical leaders convened for the annual meeting of the Presidents Council for the American Medical Association (the AMA).

They came together for the very first presentation on Complementary & Alternative Medicine in the conference’s 77-year history.

And only one man had earned the right—and the respect—to be invited to stand before mainstream medicine’s most stalwart doctors and proclaim:

“There’s more to medicine than you realize—
and I have proven it.”

His name is Marc S. Micozzi, MD, PhD

And as you’ll see, it’s fair to say he is the most important pioneer in complementary and alternative medicine in our modern world

And what separates Dr. Micozzi from every other M.D. you’ve come across—without exception?

Dr. Micozzi has one of the most unique careers of any medical practitioner alive today. Why?

Because he was the NATURAL AUTHORITY at some of the world’s most powerful medical institutions. Including…

  • The National Institutes of Health
  • The National Cancer
  • Institute The Armed Forces
  • Institute of Pathology Walter Reed Army Medical
  • Center The College of Physicians of Philadelphia
And others.

For over 30 years—Dr. Micozzi has been natural medicine’s most important advocate—

Spreading the word and presenting the proof in a lion’s den of “mainstream non-believers.”

As you can imagine—some of his greatest breakthroughs were met with cold silence.

But because of his relentless spirit and his dedication to the truth in science—and the health of millions—the world now has proof that…

If you REALLY want to protect your body from cancer, eating cancer-fighting whole foods is far more powerful than isolated nutrients…

You can beat heart disease without a single dangerous statin drug…

Avoiding the horrors of cancer can be as simple as eating more broccoli and other key vegetables

Dr. Micozzi was actually in the room for some of the greatest breakthroughs in natural medicine history…

He’s the author of the 700-page “Bible of alternative medicine,” The Fundamentals of Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Which is used in medical schools around the globe—including most mainstream medical institutions.

And his research has never stopped.

Today—Dr. Marc S. Micozzi’s unleashing
his greatest findings yet.

Hi. My name is Katherine Wheeler. I have the privilege of editing the most important publication in the natural health world—

Dr. Micozzi’s…INSIDERS’ CURES.

It’s the only publication I know where you can hear from a man who has seen it all, firsthand—

Amazing stories, controversial cover-ups and most importantly…

Hidden, long-ignored CURES and healing breakthroughs to some of today’s most dangerous diseases.

That’s why I’m here today with this special presentation showcasing Dr. Micozzi’s latest, researched bombshell—the centerpiece of a NEW HORIZON of healing.

Imagine—Alzheimer’s Disease was first observed well over 100 years ago and yet…

Modern medicine is constantly balking about making its next move for treating this heartbreaking disease. What’s the problem?

Few doctors think back to square one. They get lost in piles of new data and technology and soon enough—can’t see the forest for the trees.

But here’s another area of Dr. Micozzi’s expertise he’s also earned his Ph.D. in anthropology—

His style of investigation helps him keep the origins of his subject matter constantly in mind.

And that’s how Dr. Micozzi has found…

The “Alzheimer’s Answer”
no one is talking about!

This is the kind of medical “connect the dots” that not every doctor has the ability or the patience to put together…

But when you have a deeper understanding of the origins of Alzheimer’s disease…

Suddenly NEW research makes your ears perk up and say…“I think I see a link.”

In fact some of the world’s greatest medical discoveries were born the same way—a lot of knowledge…mixed with a little luck.

  • The discovery ofinsulin…
  • The birth of penicillin…
  • Even the invention of the X-ray—

it eventually changed the world, but years went by before Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen figured out the potential for what he had done…(And he ended up winning the first Nobel Prize for it).

But now is it Dr. Micozzi’s turn?

Dr. Micozzi wants to introduce you
to what scientists have discovered may be…

The origin of Alzheimer’s.

It’s called, amyloid-beta peptide. Abeta for short.

Accumulation of Abeta creates a thick plaque that builds and builds in the brain and can affect the hippocampus—the memory center of your mind.

While Abeta could be the original culprit as many scientists think—it needs a little help to form in the first place.

Abeta forms when strands of precursor proteins in your body are chopped in half by chemical enzymes.

Imagine you have a single spaghetti noodle—that’s your precursor protein. 

Your knife represents chemical enzymes. When you cut that noodle in half…and then those pieces in half again your protein has turned into peptides.

In this case you’re left with Abeta…

And when Abeta peptides clump together, they form hard plaques that get lodged in your brain’s cells damaging your memory and putting your brain at risk.

But what if you could fine tune those precursor proteins…What if you could take that strand of protein and make it as strong as iron?

That could prevent the brain-damaging Abeta from forming in the first place, right?

Then—you could feel confident your memory is intact, dependable, and as sturdy as the Hoover dam.

You could help those loved ones already battling this agonizing disease ensure that it won’t get any worse…

And even better—this breakthrough idea could possibly lead to a cure…wiping out Alzheimer’s in our lifetime.

Of course, you’d never know where to look if you don’t truly understand the origins of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Micozzi does—And when he saw the latest study regarding a natural “diabetes darling…”

He wasn’t thinking about blood sugar…He was thinking…

We’re about to get the
Alzheimer’s Announcement of a lifetime!

The news shot across the Pacific from the Saitama Medical University in Japan…

An isolated alkaloid from the widely used Chinese herb, Coptidis rhizome, performed a feat that no one saw coming…Now here’s the rub…

This herb is very popular around the world and even here in the U.S.

Resveratrol--The Medical "Darling" of the natural world is nothing but a S-C-A-M!

For the past 10 years, few natural wonders have made as big of a splash as resveratrol. Featured on 60 Minutes, this "anti-aging" miracle is touted as the secret behind red wine and can go for as much as $50 a bottle!

Here’s a secret--you're better off using that money on a nice bottle of merlot. It's true--resveratrol is in red wine, but it works together (and better!) with the other phytochemicals found in wine like quercetin, catechins, and anthocyanins.

Plus, a nice glass of wine is a fantastic stress-reducer, which is good for heart health, hypertension and anxiety. So why would you strip away red wine's many health benefits just for the latest 15-minute fad?
  • It’s already been touted as a natural “cholesterol buster”…

  • A natural “diabetes darling”…

  • It’s even been noted for its ability to protect and better serve your liver.

However…as any doctor who is really paying attention should tell you—

It’s the results from THIS study that may write this breakthrough’s legacy in medical history.

What these Japanese researchers discovered is that this isolated alkaloid has the ability to strengthen those precursor proteins in your body…

So while it doesn’t affect the memory-destroying abeta

It can help stop it from being formed in the first place.

And that’s an Alzheimer’s announcement worth posting to every primetime network around the country!

But this Alzheimer’s natural alkaloid doesn’t stop there…

Aside from reducing levels of the substance that starts this horrific disease process in the first place…

It goes MUCH further to make it a prolific…


It SAFEGUARDS your brain from the dangerous oxidation damage that can “eat away” brain tissue…

It EVEN promotes healthy blood flow and can reduce cholesterol—and proper blood flow to the brain is an essential element to conquering this devastating disease.

And this is ALL done by just one, simple substance that is readily available to you…RIGHT NOW.

Why haven’t you heard of its
brain-saving heroics until now?

As Dr. Micozzi sees it, there are 3 reasons…

  1. Everyone is focusing on its anti-diabetes, blood-sugar balancing qualities (which is a FANTASTIC side bonus, by the way)… while it’s mind and memory power is hiding in plain sight !

  2. This research finding is so revolutionary. Dr. Micozzi knows to pay attention because he’s been looking for a substance that can perform this feat—while most doctors just don’t know where to look.

  3. And most importantly—(and Dr. Micozzi has seen this happen time and time again in his long career on the “inside” of medicine…)

This is a 100% natural, safe substance and Alzheimer’s is a BIG disease.

No matter what the results—some institutions and agencies WILL NOT recognize natural substances as potent treatments. And drug companies won’t forgo the profits they can get from creating synthetic drugs.

No one knows this better than the natural nutritional authority for some of the world’s largest mainstream medical institutions.

And now you know it, too.

And as our nation’s leading pioneer in modern, natural medicine—Dr. Micozzi has plenty to tell you.

It’s all in your FREE BONUS Library of Confidential Cures. This is where he’ll show you these safe, simple natural breakthroughs and how you can get them. You’ll also learn about…

It's 8 of Dr. Micozzi's most prized INSIDER reports and it's FREE with your subscription to Dr. Micozzi's breakthrough newsletter, INSIDERS' CURES.

You'll also learn about a...

But Dr. Micozzi shows us a…

Bold, natural cancer answer that’s NEW to us…
and LEGENDARY to others

(As you’ll see—this is a breakthrough so BIG even the giants of mainstream medicine can’t ignore it…)

Plain and simple—this is a treatment that…

  • Has been shown to kill cancer cells.

  • Has the ability to sabotage one of cancer’s deadliest tricks.

  • And in human tumor cell lines—this one substance was able
    to halt the spread of breast cancer and leukemia cells by as much as 50%!

In just a few moments you’ll see Dr. Micozzi’s next wave of New Horizon Cures for yourself.

The best news is…they’re all available now…IF you know what to look for.

And today—you will be one of the first to know where you can get all the details.

Of course, you won’t see the huge marketing campaigns you see for the likes of Lipitor, Plavix, and Crestor telling you where to find them.

But today, you have the rare and unique opportunity to join forces with someone on the inside.

Someone who has found and even created the proof himself.

Many of these New Horizon cures are already working for thousands of people around the world right now.

And they can work for you, too.

They’re available to you, your loved ones, your friends in need…This very moment.

Starting with what Dr. Micozzi is calling…

The “Back from the Brink”Breakthrough
modern medicine has been clamoring for…

That’s not just a clever name.

When it seems as though a patient is in a tailspin they can’t pull out of—that’s when this treatment really goes to work…

In a moment I’ll show you how this substance can turn the tides on the devastating “wasting” process that you’ve no doubt seen in cancer patients.

But first, let me show you why the people of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Tshwane, South Africa are asking the rest of the medical world…

“What are you waiting for!?”

Dr. Micozzi has been listening. In fact, he’s studied and written about these very special kinds of plants for years. They’re called, adaptogens.

They have the amazing ability to enhance your immune system, helping your body to adapt to environmental stressors to achieve a better state of comfort and health…and even when faced with the world’s deadliest diseases.

But he’s never seen one like this.

This is a national postage stamp for South Africa.

Of all the plants in South Africa—this was chosen to represent the country, not for its striking appearance—

But because it’s been regarded as a “hometown” hero for hundreds of years.

It’s had many names in that time, but today the traditional Afrikaaners call it…Kankerbos

The translation? “Cancer Bush.”

Its legendary status around the continent of Africa is remarkable…

Ancient Zulu warriors of South Africa would use it immediately when returning home from battle to calm their bodies and minds.

Nearly 100 years ago, the horrifying 1918 Flu pandemic brutalized South Africa, killing over 140,000 people in seven weeks—

The country turned to this immune-enhancing hero to help finally put an end to the epidemic and panic.

In the last 10 years—This “Back from the Brink” breakthrough has shown promise in becoming an unbelievable FORCE in the fight against HIV and AIDS…

So it’s clearly respected in South Africa…

But here in the U.S.? It’s virtually UNHEARD OF…Dr. Micozzi plans to change that.

He’s already played a part in some of the biggest medical breakthroughs of the past quarter-century…helping thousands of people worldwide.

He’s personally worked alongside some of the country’s most respected medical heroes like former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop…

And he’s worked with medical innovators like Dr. Jerry Thornthwaite, the man who first discovered your body’s personal weapon against cancer, “natural killer cells.”

But it’s Dr. Micozzi’s belief that this South African cancer GIANT is about to crash into western medicine and play a BIG part in the New Horizon of healing.

That’s because his research has exposed…

The life-saving Signature Secret
of the kankerbos

If you’ve ever watched a loved one lose the long, hard-fought battle with cancer…

Then you’re likely familiar with the most visible physical side effect: a phenomenon doctors call… Cachexia, or the wasting process.

Unfortunately—it’s one of the last battles a cancer patient fights. It’s the process where your body refuses nutrients—

Almost like it’s willing to starve rather than supply the cancer with one more ounce of fuel.

Even when a patient eats—they can still lose dozens and dozens of pounds—leading the body to virtually hoist the white flag and surrender.

In fact—it’s been estimated that up to 1/3 of all cancer deaths are caused by this “wasting syndrome”—NOT the actual tumor mass.

It’s a mysterious process that Dr. Micozzi has noted ever since he served as a Senior Investigator at the National Cancer Institute…

But finding the true cause and the solution seemed impossible…

Until his attention turned to one famous African physician. Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Credo Mutwa.

Just as Dr. Micozzi has been a pioneer for natural medicine within America’s medical institutions…

Dr. Mutwa has been advancing natural medicine within his own country—and Dr. Micozzi has been eagerly keeping track of his progress.

Kankerbos is Dr. Mutwa’s greatest triumph.

And when he gets the rare chance to share it with the world—he doesn’t hold back.

As he told BBC News, “I’ve treated people who were told by their doctors at the hospital, ‘go home and die…’”

But with kankerbos on their side, “They are still alive today—3 years after they should have died.”

Clinics in South Africa have begun using kankerbos and the results are staggering…

It’s hard to think about—but imagine…

A grown adult patient, weighing just 57 lbs…

A patient who is close to death and unable to gain a single pound no matter how much she eats…

Takes this African legend and in 5 months’ time…

Weighs nearly 100 lbs and has enough strength to
help run the very clinic she was treated in!

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A "diabetes darling?" A "cholesterol buster?"
One leading M.D. thinks we're missing the point entirely...
This could be the Alzheimer's Answer of a lifetime--
and no one's talking about it!