Thousands of patients around the globe are gladly hearing a BRAND NEW message about a "regular routine" from their family physician-
I want to...
Cancel your
REVEALED--why M.D.'s overseas are
crossing routine colonoscopies
OFF their calendars at a record pace--
and the reckless reason American doctors are still putting your life in danger.

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Why are American doctors ordering over twice as many colonoscopies a year than their European peers?

Before you assume this is a proud milestone in crushing out colon cancer, you must see why a few prominent fearless physicians are calling the routine colonoscopy...


They'll convince you it's worth the embarrassment. They'll tell you the pain is normal. If you try to question its value or safety, they'll call you "crazy." Millions of Americans have been dealt a crooked hand but faithfully keep playing this dangerous game.

And if the thought of finding a tiny polyp scares you enough to actually ask your doctor for a colonoscopy, then--

They have you right where they want you.

Hello, my name is Amanda Angelini. Today, with the help of one of America's most trusted medical heroes--I want to show you why this "simple routine" is...

Anything but safe.

And the frightening fact is...Americans are being led like lemmings off this colonoscopy cliff-- and seem happy to go!

Working alongside one of America's last medical legends, I want to show you why you don't always need a colonoscopy--no matter what your age.

I'll prove it to you in the next three minutes and even point you towards 3 easy alternatives that are effective, safer and in one case, can be performed from the comfort of your very own home.

And that's just the beginning. This medical insider has authored a BRAND NEW LIBRARY detailing over 80 shocking revelations regarding cancer, diabetes,

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But first, make no bones about it...

Why is our Gov't sitting on the sidelines?

(Because they were told to "sit still and stay quiet," of course!)

The colonoscopy is a risky procedure for your health and your bank account. So why is it one of the most "recommended" routine exams in America?

It's all by design.

The Washington Post recently reported on a secretive subcommittee designed to set prices for medical procedures. (In the free market, this would be called "price fixing" and would be illegal). There's little oversight and zero transparency in their figures--and which LARGER organization runs this committee? The American Medical Association.

And boy, do they know how to set those figures sky high! In fact, this subcommittee estimates a colonoscopy takes 75 minutes of a physician's time.

The fact is--it takes nowhere near that long. One Florida gastroenterologist said he performs 12 colonoscopies in a 9-10 hour day (including several other procedures). Well, according to the AMA, this work should take 16 hours!

It's just a small sampling of why Americans can pay over 500% more for this procedure than other nations!

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Skipping your next colonoscopy could SAVE YOUR LIFE

It's a scientific FACT, right? If you want save yourself from colon cancer--you must have a colonoscopy every year.

Says who? Not even the National Cancer Institute can agree with that claim!

As recently as 2011 The National Cancer Institute said, "it is not yet known for certain whether colonoscopies can help reduce the number of deaths from colorectal cancer."

The Cancer Journal for Clinicians reported, "there are no prospective randomized controlled trials of screening for colonoscopy for the reduction in incidence or mortality of colorectal cancer."

And even The New York Times recently questioned the colonoscopy's place in medicine. They reported that patients who had a polyp detected by a colonoscopy, "developed cancer in the next few years at the same rate as would be expected in the general population without a screening."

So why are American doctors so EAGER to bend you over again?

The New York Times and The Wall St. Journal recently ran eye-popping editorials splashing a spotlight on the real reason why colonoscopies are so often "recommended." Take a look at these tabs...

$6,385 for a woman from Long Island...

$7,563 for a New Hampshire man...

$9,142...for a woman from New York

And nearly $20,000 for a man from Durham, N.C.! All for a pointless probing!?

That's right, I said "pointless," and I mean it.

And guess what--American doctors order nearly twice as many colonoscopies than all of Europe--where a colonoscopy costs just a few hundred dollars.

Unbelievable prices mixed with a constant demand from frantic patients? KA-CHING! If you were a physician in America...

Wouldn't YOU do the same?

Hopefully NOT after seeing the horrifying risks involved...

Sure--colonoscopies have ballooned into a $10 billion industry--but they're by no means "simple procedures."

According to the National Cancer Institute, serious complications or even death from this procedure can be estimated at 70,000 patients a year!

These "complications" include--horrifying lacerations, perforated intestines, and massive bleedings. Not to mention a host of sickening bacteria which can be transmitted by the filthy endoscopes being used in the procedures.

(Oh yes...a disgusting 15% of flexible endoscopes harbor live cells and "bio dirt" from previously examined patients!)

In fact--given the adjoined side effects that can occur--like a heart attack...

Colonoscopies could cause more deaths annually than colon cancer itself!

So when you hear your doctor say...

Step back from the frenzy and witness for yourself... The great "RED SCARE" of modern medicine!

Ever since Katie Couric exposed all on NBC's The Today Show, by giving us a public viewing of her colonoscopy in 2000, patients have been demanding the procedure as if their lives depended on it.

And frankly, they don't.

Yes, colorectal cancer is dangerous. But the medical establishment wants you to think it's a "certain death" disease which will ruin you and your family...unless you have this "recommended" exam.

Here are the facts:

  • The average age for developing colorectal cancer is 71. Why then does the medical industry recommend annual exams starting at age 50 (and 45 for African Americans)?
  • It takes 15 years on average for a polyp to develop into full blown cancer. Given that fact, why are 85 year olds still subjected to this painful, dangerous and expensive procedure?
  • It is estimated a little over 50,000 Americans will die from colorectal cancer this year. With over 70,000 colonoscopy mishaps (including deaths) every year--what's the bigger threat here? Especially since you have a choice of safe, effective alternatives......

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"It's nothing to worry about...I wouldn't be concerned." DON'T BUY IT!

Knowingly or not--you are being scammed.

Worse than that, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and lobbyists--are putting your life on the line--

And they're charging up to $20,000 for the pleasure!

And remember, in case you think, "it's all worth the risk..."

Even the National Cancer Institute has said "it's not yet known whether colonoscopies can help reduce the number of deaths from colorectal cancer."

All that is known for certain is...

Your life is in danger by this sickening scam and many, MANY people are getting FILTHY RICH off of it!

But here's the good news: You can skip this swindle and its risks--and still be protected from colon cancer by following some safe, simple procedures.

One medical legend who has spent over 30 years working within the halls of our government's most famous research facilities and worked alongside some of American medicine's greatest heroes--wants to help.

He is considered a true maverick within our medical system--not because he is a "natural know-it-all" or a "johnny-come-lately" (with some "wild," "weird," or "strange" ideas)...

But because he follows crystal clear science INSTEAD of the greed, the profits and the power currently driving modern medicine.

Today--he's releasing his ENTIRE compendium of cures, secrets and myths that he has seen work firsthand. And he's giving it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Including...3 available, EASY, and effective alternatives to the colonoscopy scam.

  • One only needs to explore the lower portion of the colon, minimizing the pain, discomfort, danger and risk of injury--and get this--just ONE of these exams every 10 years can reduce the incidence of colon cancer mortality by 38%!

  • The next is completely non-invasive, pain-free and can detect polyps greater than one centimeter in 75-90% of cases.

  • And another non-invasive alternative is time-tested and can be performed yourself in the privacy and comfort of your own bathroom.

Yes--colon cancer is a REAL RISK. It's the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. But now you know the reckless reason physicians are piling on the risk with colonoscopies. GREED.

Someone has to speak out against this! Someone has to stop the scam! Dr. Marc S. Micozzi is ready to take the charge. And he's doing it by releasing over 30 years' worth of secrets, cures, and medical myths acquired during his career, starting as a senior investigator at the National Institutes of Health. It's all detailed in the FREE LIBRARY of over 80 cures called, The Micozzi Files.

Some of it will shock you. Some will inspire hope that your life can change today--no matter what disease you or your loved ones are battling.

But just imagine--if this is the state of colon health-- What about cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes... and every other preventable, CURABLE disease!?

If you've come this far--you're about to witness a side of medicine that is purposefully hidden from you.

It's frightening, it's outrageous, but as you're about to discover--it's also life-saving. With dozens and dozens of cures in Dr. Micozzi's breathtaking files--you can take your health back from the industrial-government-medical complex and put it firmly in your grasp.


that yanks the cord on cancer

(…and leaves your doctor dumbfounded)
This 40-years-in-the-making, $4 billion Bull’s-eye
has oncologists whispering behind closed doors…
but now Dr. Micozzi is unleashing every last detail for FREE!

If you’re in the middle of a face-to-face with your doctor and you mention this ONE WORD—he’s guaranteed to stop dead in his tracks.

Not because he doesn’t know what you’re talking about—but because he’s shocked that YOU know.

After all, how could any self-respecting doctor be unaware of a medical mind shift this monumental? With…

  • Tumor shrinkage in 86% of lung cancer patients…

  • Over 374 separate clinical trials already racing down the medical pipeline across the U.S. and—

  • Even regressing one of the most aggressive cancer cells known to man—when others just can’t—in 75% of patients!

Every oncologist is 100% aware of its power…

So why aren’t YOU?

That changes now—because one famous M.D. is about to unleash every last detail to you—absolutely FREE today.

When you look at the numbers—it’s easy to see why other doctors are desperate to keep it hidden. Your oncologist is handcuffed to chemo.

Though it’s hardly his or her fault, given the multi-billion dollar industry that chemotherapy has blown up to. It’s bigger than the GDP of over a dozen different countries…so chemo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

But this one word could launch a new industry twice that size.

Hello, my name is Katherine Wheeler. For the past 20 years, I have been a publisher of natural medicine breakthroughs. And in doing so—have had the privilege of working with some of our nation’s most revolutionary doctors and researchers.

Now, I’m excited to tell you about a revolutionary technique that’s changing the way doctors, researchers, and even Big Pharma approach the battle against cancer…

But you’re probably not going to hear about it from the mainstream media until all the patents have been bought up…all the pharmaceutical reps have been trained…and the marketing campaign has been thoroughly mapped out.

To be blunt—you’ll hear about it only when Big Pharma wants you to hear about it—however long that takes.

But today—you’re not only going to be empowered with the one word cure—you’re going to find out why you don’t need Big Pharma’s approval—and how you can get all of the details and more, for free.

From her first treatment—to her first car

If you don’t think Big Pharma would hold back this life-saving cancer treatment until they’re good and ready…

Just consider the story of young Kelley M., which was quietly reported on PBS’ NewsHour.

Kelley was just 11-years-old when she developed an aggressive form of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma.

She and her parents, like so many others, endured round after round of chemotherapy and radiation to the point where Kelley was ready to give up.

Luckily, her path crossed one of the few, bright M.D.’s paying attention to a NEW FORM of research— the ONE WORD CURE—and he wanted Kelley to take part in an experimental trial.

As this brave doctor put it, “I think the institutional review board thought I was crazy.


The change happened SO FAST

Just six weeks after she started this experimental treatment, Kelley came to her mom because something was different.

The spot right where the tumor was located on her leg had turned into a swollen boil. She was taken to the hospital immediately, fluid was extracted, and her doctor returned to the room absolutely stunned—as if he’d seen a ghost.

“It’s dead tissue. The tumor is gone.”

This cancer cell factory had been choked off, starved, and laid to rest in just 6 weeks!

That’s the power of this ONE WORD technique.

More research needed to be done, but Kelley was finally able to live like a normal child. She could walk, she could run, she was even able to get her first new car, a very well-deserved Christmas gift from her parents. You’d think these kinds of results would launch this technique into the forefront of medicine! But not so…

Kelley was given more time…but tragically, it wasn’t enough. The drug based on this new technique, the one that helped Kelley THRIVE, was pulled from the market by Big Pharma…due to “manufacturing difficulties.”

Four months after she stopped this one word treatment—her limp returned, the tumor returned, and her doctors couldn’t find any more of the one solution that had extended Kelley’s youth.

Kelley’s life—the tragedy and the success—should serve as a deafening lesson to Big Pharma and mainstream medicine…

A legion of Insiders are already finding BETTER OPTIONS FOR HEALING

Dan Carlson from Scottsdale, AZ writes: “I want to thank you for all of your pertinent information…and applaud your honesty about the medical profession... Please keep up the good work. You are making a difference in so many lives.”

Elaine Fisher writes in…
“Dr. Micozzi, thank you for the TRUTH and the diligence.”

And Marlene Hughes from Boulder, Colorado just wrote in to say…

“Dr. Micozzi, I’m a retired nutritional consultant and I just had to write in to tell you how FANTASTIC you are. My husband is in rehab for aorta replacement, so we need you now more than ever. I look forward to your posts like a bear to honey. Please keep up the good work and stay well. I treasure all of your information. Bless you.”


But they’re not going to stop until everything is set just right.  Just look at how much they’ve invested…

$4 billion and counting has already been spent—making it one of the largest medical research initiatives in the history of medicine.

The idea was proposed over 40 years ago…and in the time since, has swelled into a tidal wave of new ideas, clinical trials, and astounding results.

And they’re practically counting their future profits over the 50 drugs based on this new technique they currently have in clinical trials. 

But something has backfired in Big Pharma’s plan

With all of that time making sure the stage is set just right for maximum profits—with all of those billions of dollars already invested…hoping that it comes back a thousand-fold…

They didn’t count on THIS

The gigantic research initiative has uncovered a fact they don’t want you to know.

You can have the power behind this ONE WORD CUREnaturally…without a single prescription… and without the hefty bill they’re so eager to slap you with.

That’s right! The same ONE WORD technique that has shown results like these in pharmaceutical clinical trials…

Tumor shrinkage in 86% of lung cancer patients! And that’s with NO Chemo and NO radiation. The same technique that has given us…

A promising ANSWER against the most dangerous form of brain tumors. A 75% success rate in giving patients suffering from GBM tumors more time. Chemo has never come close to that!

The same technique that has a few brave doctors telling the New York Times this is…

“The most exciting treatment we have ever seen.”

While these results are amazing, you can put the same “one word” technique to work for yourself—all without a single doctor’s note!

In a few moments, you’ll see how nature puts this same power to use to stop tumors before they start.

You’ll find out how to access the incredible details—absolutely FREE. I’m just as eager as you are, because as you know…

Big Pharma has kept mainstream medicine on a very short leash.

It’s no surprise they’re waiting for their “big push” until the entire arsenal of over 50 drugs is through clinical trials.

But research already is showing that NATURE is able to deliver the same cancer-crushing, ONE WORD technique all on its own—and a few brave doctors aren’t waiting any longer.

The best part is you can use these natural cures every day to help prevent cancer from growing in the first place!

Today, I want to introduce you to the world-renowned physician who is most anxious to speak out—Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.

Among his many posts, Dr. Micozzi was an insider at the National Cancer Institute and has truly seen it all.

In fact, 15 years ago, he was already working to bring the creator of this revolutionary cancer treatment to the attention of some of the nation’s leading doctors—and after years of watching Big Pharma keep it under wraps…he’s had enough! And he’s ready to tell all…

Literally every form of this death-sentence
disease stands to be obliterated…

Breast cancer, lung cancer, colon, prostate and more…
And YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT for a doctor’s approval!

Dr. Micozzi is absolutely glued to the ongoing research regarding this one word cure.

Drug versions of this cure are being studied as we speak. Thirty-three studies of “incurable” brain cancers are in full swing. Sixty-seven breast cancer studies are taking place right now. Seventy-five lung cancer studies are active in U.S. hospitals. But one thing is clear…

You don’t have to wait any longer. There is a way you can have this bull’s-eye power all to yourself—without having to wait for Big Pharma to wrap up their decades-long clinical trials!

In a moment, you’re going to see just how you can SIDE STEP Big Pharma altogether.

While they hem, haw, and stall…Dr. Micozzi is ready to release all of the details to you—absolutely FREE.

Starting with the ONE word…

The one word that has drug companies keeping such tight lips…

The word your doctor is almost afraid to admit is a different, BETTERapproach…

The word that could either make Big Pharma fat cats rich beyond all belief…OR put the power to beat cancer squarely in your hands.

The one word… “Angiogenesis.”

Yank the cord on cancer—
without poison—without radiation

Let me explain…

There’s an astonishing fact about cancer that very few people realize—I was shocked when Dr. Micozzi told me about it himself…

Cancer requires this one specific process to grow, multiply, and kill. And believe it or not, your own body supplies the power source!

Cancer literally tricks your body into growing and spreading its disease.

And it all starts with the amazing process within your body—that ONE WORD that will drop your doctor’s jaw—angiogenesis.

What exactly is angiogenesis? Take a look…

Your body is packed with 19 billion capillary blood vessels. They supply blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the trillions of cells in your body.

If you ever need to grow NEW blood vessels (like in the case of a wound) your body sends out special proteins to grow capillaries for added and new blood supply…and when it’s done—it sends out another set of proteins to trim them back.

You never feel a thing. It’s a necessary process. But it can be hijacked...

 The laboratory REVELATION that’s changed everything

Nearly 40 years ago, one brilliant researcher named Dr.  Judah Folkman had an idea. He was a Naval Medical Institute researcher, Director of vascular biology at Boston Children’s Hospital, and his work captured the attention of Dr. Micozzi early on.

Dr. Folkman wanted to know—what’s the tipping point that turns microscopic cancer cells into softball-sized, life-draining tumors?

Because the truth is—cancer cells are everywhere. Women have cancer cells in their breast, men have them in their prostate, and nearly everyone by the age of 70 has them in their thyroid.

But how does cancer organize, grow, and kill? And if we found that…was there a way to slam the brakes on its plan?

That’s where angiogenesis comes into play.

Cancer is hijacking your body’s power supply

Dr. Folkman’s extensive research revealed that clusters of cancer cells won’t grow outside of the human body.

But within the body, cancer has a sinister trick.

It turns out tumors need blood to grow and eventually spread cancer cells—but how do they get it?


That’s right—cancer cells have the ability to send out the very proteins that activate capillary blood-vessel growth within your body.

Essentially hijacking your blood vessels and syphoning blood from your body.

It’s the ultimate sabotage—cancer hijacks your body and uses it to feed tumors and spread disease.

It’s a horrifying revelation—but there’s good news.

It can be stopped.

It’s a technique that even the mainstream medicine go-to publication Nature quietly claimed…

Will probably change the face of medicine in the next decade.”

And I can’t say it enough—you have this option available to you RIGHT NOW!

But Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know…

There are 70 natural, from-the-earth, anti-angiogenesis substances known at this very moment—and that number continues to grow! In a moment—you’ll see how you can get the details absolutely free today.

Unfortunately, Dr. Judah Folkman recently passed away at the age of 75…leaving the next phase of his revolutionary research highly in doubt.

But Dr. Marc Micozzi won’t allow his work and the work of his successors to be twisted and manipulated by the profit-driven interests of Big Pharma and Big Medicine.

So today he’s giving you access to full details on this ONE WORD CURE…and revealing the anti-angiogenesis weapons you can use right now to choke out cancer.

It’s all part of his seminal medical achievement—The Micozzi Files—An Insider’s Catalogue of Cures, Secrets and Cover-Ups I’m going to show you how you can have this 10-volume masterpiece absolutely FREE today.

But first, let me share just a few of the natural, anti-angiogenesis miracles you’ll find in this groundbreaking archive. Including…

The “Alligator Pear”—Asubstance within this special fruit is known to release anti-angiogenesis factors from the immune system and has been used to SLAM THE BRAKES on tumor growth in mice…

The SUN-MAID secret that contains a phytochemical known to choke out cancer by preventing its angiogenesis trick! Laboratory studies have already shown it can inhibit the growth of 12 different types of cancer cells—including prostate, colon, pancreas, and ovarian carcinomas! Or…

The SKIN CANCER SAVIOR found in the “international foods” aisle of every major grocery store! First reported in the Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research (a publication Big Pharma definitely doesn’t want you to see), this simple substance could wipe out skin cancer by blocking blood vessel formation in melanoma cells.

Each one is linked to that ONE WORD cancer revelation, angiogenesis—and there are SO MANY MORE.

And Dr. Micozzi is unleashing it all—the best natural, anti-angiogenesis revelations…and most importantly—where you can find them NOW. It’s all within the groundbreaking exposé, The “One Word” Battle Plan to Crushing Cancer. And it’s yours for FREE today.

WHY does Dr. Marc Micozzi know—
when other doctors DON’T?

The true pioneer in complementary and alternative medicine in our modern world.

Dr. Micozzi held true to his lessons at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (the nation’s first) and is a constant defender of “following the science” without being swayed by personal interests or political agendas. This philosophy led him to become the Nation’s foremost expert on the history and practical uses of alternative/natural medicine in our modern world and guided him through a prestigious career.

He helped spearhead original analyses on the largest study ever done in the U.S. on health and nutrition (the U.S. national health and nutrition examination survey).

He has published nearly 300 articles in the medical and scientific literature and is the author and/or editor of over 25 books, including the 700-page “Bible of alternative medicine,” The Fundamentals of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, used in medical schools around the country in five editions since 1995. He has worked closely with some of the greatest medical minds of our time, including the late U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop and Nobel Laureate Baruch Blumberg.

His astounding career includes posts as Senior Investigator for Cancer Prevention at the National Cancer Institute, Associate Director of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Director of the National Museum of Health and Medicine, Executive Director of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and Executive Director for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

He also served at the U.S. Air Force Academy and is a diplomat of the National Board of Medical Examiners. He’s taught at several prestigious medical schools and was even nominated to serve as the FDA Commissioner under President Bill Clinton by Iowa Senator Tom Harkin.

But his crowning achievement is opening the door to BETTER healing options and spreading the virtues and REWARDS of following good science, particularly when it comes to natural healing.

It’s the first volume within The Micozzi Files, but it’s the first of many. Dr. Micozzi has chronicled the cures, secrets and cover-ups that he has witnessed firsthand and filled 10 separate volumes for you today.

Including the second volume of The Micozzi FilesDr. Micozzi’s Classified Cancer Answers.

 While the anti-angiogenesis secrets might be at the top of Dr. Micozzi’s “For public release” list…

They’re not the only ones.

Dr. Micozzi wants to show you the result of a decades’ worth of underground research conducted in the labs of the National Cancer Institute.

So inside your FREE volume, Dr. Micozzi’s Confidential Cancer Answers, you’ll learn everything you need to know to help keep you and your loved ones cancer-free. Including…

 “The BACK FROM THE BRINK” healer that can lay waste to cancer. In South Africa they simply call it “cancer bush.” And it has the ability to halt the deadly “wasting” process known as cachexia. This wasting process often means the body is in a spiral from which it can’t recover. But this natural leaf extract can stimulate a patient’s appetite where others fail…with reports of patients who weighed as little as 57lbs. reaching 100lbs. in months.

The CANCER CURE that fueled a World War! German and British forces weren’t only engaged in a heated battle over European territory—both were fighting to be the premier medical powerhouse and finally put cancer to rest. You’ll never guess what they found along the way…

Plus DOZENS of other cures that prove YOU HAVE A CHOICE—Including…the Middle Eastern marvel that has been shown in a lab study to DESTROY pancreatic cancer cells…the Yellow Spice breakthrough that pounded a mainstream chemotherapy drug in an in vitro bladder cancer study…and a “Mother’s Day” miracle that is armed with 15 DIFFERENT anti-tumor ingredients!

Dr. Micozzi is giving you the all-access pass to everything he’s learned over his 30 years in medicine.
Regarded as having one of the highest scientific standards in the world, Dr. Micozzi WILL NOT present you with an alternative unless there is premium proof to back it up.

And it all starts with the FACTS about America’s deadliest disease.

Today, you can see why Big Pharma has taken such interest in anti-angiogenesis treatments and initiated the biggest medical research movement of our lifetime.

And you can learn HOW to get these simple substances for yourself—without having to wait for the medical mainstream to turn these natural cures into drugs and deem them “worthy enough”

And now, just like the ONE WORD CURE, you can learn exactly what to say the next time your doctor tells you—“I’m sorry, but you have no other choice…”

Because whether he knows it or not, you DO have choices for treating whatever ails you…

Here’s some FRESH AIR you won’t get from most doctors


Despite all of the technology, American medicine seems to be doing more harm than good. Even the routine yearly “checkup” often feels completely bogus, right?

Ever since he got out of medical school, the economic “incentives” for modern-day physicians has been blaringly obvious to Dr. Micozzi: the more tests, the more moo-lah.

Below is his list of 10 time-wasting, money-wasting, and often DANGEROUS modern tests…

Annual physical exam, Annual EKG, Annual “blood panel” tests, Annual cholesterol tests, Annual pap smear, Prostate Specific Antigen, Pre-op chest x-ray, Bone scans in women under 65, Radiologic tests for low back pain, and Radiological tests for headaches.

When you become an Insider—Dr. Micozzi will explain all of the details on why you can—and SHOULD— skip these roulette routines and which tests you absolutely need.

From the flu to an MRI…
BEFORE you talk to your doctor, know YOUR CHOICES

Modern medicine wants us to walk down a dark tunnel towards a very narrow definition of “health.”

Take heart health…

Nearly every doctor you come across will tell you the same thing when you’re sitting in his or her office…

Cholesterol is the culprit…we control it with statins…we eventually give you a stent…we eventually perform bypass surgery.

That’s the dark and narrow heart-health tunnel most doctors will slowly have you crawl through.

And it’s the same for dementia…diabetes…and as you’ve already seen—especially cancer.

But Dr. Micozzi is quick to point out that convicting cholesterol as a heart killer is 100% wrong.

In fact, there are…

3 CHOLESTEROL MYTHS that keep doctors among the “Rich & Famous”

MYTH #1: Cholesterol is toxic to your body.
Wrong. Your body LOVES cholesterol. In fact, when your body doesn’t have enough cholesterol it makes more. Tissues, especially the heart and muscles, can’t heal without cholesterol…and one of the first things the body does when its injured, is to make more cholesterol.

Myth #2: The HIGHER your cholesterol, the FASTER your heart gives out.
Doctors have known since the 1960’s that cholesterol in the blood only plays a small role in heart disease. Of course, you would never guess they knew that fact considering the avalanche of statin prescriptions written every year (over 1 million EACH WEEK!).

Myth #3: Stay below 200 or else you’re a ticking time bomb.
 Not true! Half or more of all individuals who die of heart disease have average or even low levels of cholesterol. And yet still, the NIH continues to lower their recommended levels of cholesterol. Curious isn’t it?

The worst part about these cholesterol myths is that THERE IS A SUBSTANCE YOU SHOULD AVOID in food, but everyone’s so focused on cholesterol—they’re missing the point! But you’ll learn about it all in volume #3 of The Micozzi Files.

Or what about another bank-rolling misconception like the flu? Everyone keeps talking about the flu shot (and how important it is to get), but Dr. Micozzi thinks it’s as unnecessary as a pool on the Titanic. Especially when there’s…

The Boy Scout Trick to beating the FLU—
year after year…

Dr. Micozzi knows how to plow through the flu season symptom-free—and it’s so much easier than hemming and hawing over whether or not to get the flu shot.

While directing the medical archives at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center—Dr. Micozzi studied the Spanish flu of 1918. It killed more than 50 million people and affected one-fifth of the world’s population.

It was there that he began to realize…the secret to skirting the flu has been hiding in the pages of the Boy Scouts of America Official Handbook for decades.

It’s proven to be 90% effective at killing the flu virus and there’s…

No slimy and toxic hand sanitizers…
No antibacterial soaps (which only serve to create superbugs!) and…
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Modern medicine has a very narrow path they want you to follow.

But when it comes to DEMENTIA and ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE…
They’re absolutely LOST in the woods

Of course they certainly don’t have to be. They’ve not only missed one, BUT TWO brain-health blockbusters that could finally move us forward in the fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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In his decades of research, TWO substances even made him stop and ask, “Is this it? Did we really find it?”

And the truth is—in both cases—medicine is completely overlooking their brainpower potential. Starting with…

The exact moment where nearly every other brain supporter falls flat …

You see, most “cures” never get past step one…

The complex system of junctions and capillaries that surrounds your brain, called the blood-brain barrier.

It’s the ultimate security guard—on full alert every millisecond of the day. In fact, it’s so good at keeping viruses, toxins, and pathogens out—it often keeps out medicine specifically designed to help your brain!

But this perfect pairing breezes right through as if they have a VIP pass.
This is amazing in and of its self, but wait until you see what they can do…
The first…

Sabotages the production of the deadly A-beta plaque, which many doctors believe is the origin of Alzheimer’s.

SAFEGUARDS your brain from the dangerous oxidation damage that can “eat away” brain tissue.

And EVEN BOOSTS healthy blood flow directly to the brain.

And the second is already famous around the world, but its unbelievable brain-boosting abilities are nearly all-out ignored. Which is a tragedy, because it’s…

A silver-tongue secret that can increase verbal fluency and memory retention…

A “Steve Jobs” brain booster that can improve brain and cognitive function…

And most importantly…

A dementia deterrent! Dementia incidence DECREASED in people with higher levels of this secret in their system!

And still another reason Dr. Micozzi is so excited about this secret is it’s been shown to improve memory in the general older population, too. Not just patients already in the throes of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

So this is really a secret everyone should be using to boost their brainpower…

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The vision of the modern mainstream physician has been clouded…by Big Pharma, money, politics…or simply because they’re used to the age-old excuse, “that’s how it’s always been.”

And the hunger to reach for new breakthroughs, truly innovative ways of thinking about today’s most menacing diseases, and safe, natural approaches (like the ONE WORD cancer breakthrough)…has been snuffed out.

But that’s exactly the kind of vision Dr. Micozzi has for our new era of modern medicine.

It’s a roadmap for your health that’s based on healing your body and helping your body heal itself, instead of just treating symptom after symptom. It’s a method of using science—and common sense—to conquer disease, often without involving a single prescription drug.

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So when your doctor says…

“Your only choice is chemo…” DON’T BUY IT. You know about the angiogenesis hijacking that’s taking place in your body—and now you know there’s something you can do about it that could pull the plug on cancer for good. (You’ll find the details in your FREE volume of The Micozzi FilesThe “One Word” Battle Plan to Crushing Cancer.)

“I’m going to get you scheduled for BACK SURGERY…” You can tell him to put away his date book!Back surgery should be your very last resort, but most doctors jump right in with both feet. After all, it’s a big money maker, too! But in reality—there’s a safe, effective method for lower back pain that doesn’t involve a scalpel. And countless studies prove its worth! (You’ll see what is as soon as you reserve your FREE copy of The Micozzi Files.)

It’s time to start insulin therapy…” Get that PUMP away from me! Diabetes is one of the biggest money-makers going right now (estimated to be a $35 billion industry). So it’s no wonder no one cares to tell you about “The Lunar Secret” to dropping your blood sugar by 24%! But you don’t need NASA to get it—instead you can get this secret in some of your favorite savory dishes, like chicken cacciatore, roasted turkey and gravy, or tuna salad. (Dr. Micozzi reported on the details in a brilliant October 2012 exposé. You’ll get that, too when you reserve your FREE copy of The Micozzi Files.)

Or you’ve just gotta love the…

Those special diseases (just like you’ve seen with Alzheimer’s) where doctors hoist up the white flag and proclaim…

“There’s nothing we can do.”

Sorry…nothing we can do about Irritable Bowel Syndrome—Not true! There’s a missing connection most doctors never consider. (You’ll get the facts on page 5 of How to Beat the Dirty Dozen—A guide to mainstream’s most puzzling illnesses—yet another FREE volume in The Micozzi Files.)

There’s nothing we can do about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome—They’re just giving up! This is another syndrome that few doctors respect. But Dr. Micozzi reveals a simple questionnaire that can give any CFS sufferer crucial information to get on the path to feeling energized and alive once again (located right in your FREE copy of The Micozzi Files).

There’s nothing we can do for Parkinson’s—Well what about THIS? A muscle-memory bombshell that’s been used by bodybuilders for decades. It’s starting to show its TRUE POWER for rewinding the clock for Parkinson’s patients! (See the results in the FREE volume, Insider’s Answers for Dodging Dementia.)

Every ILLNESS has a CURE—
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This is the kind of expertise you only get from a true health Insider—a medical legend who has seen the breakthroughs and the pitfalls of modern medicine first-hand.

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And a “single-trick technique” shown in the journal Rheumatology International to have significant benefits for fibromyalgia.

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