Meditation for the 21st Century:

Who says you have to “slow down”
to take care of yourself?!

Now you can beat the stress and anxiety of today’s fast-paced,
ever-changing world—without having to take yourself out of it!

Dear friend,

We’re all busy–and we all long for quiet and connection.

But in today’s world…it’s often just not possible. The hectic pace of modern life leaves little time to devote to meditation, relaxation, or contemplation. Despite the fact that we know how important to our health—and sanity—it can be.

And the thought of taking time out to learn some form of exotic meditation just isn’t practical.  

But now you have another option. A way to beat stress, anxiety, and even depression…as well as to cope with serious illness and major life changes…in a way that fits into your day-to-day. Essentially “on the go.”

It’s a technique called “mindfulness.” And while it may still sound a bit exotic and “new-age”…it’s incredibly simple and practical. And you can make it work for you even in the mix of all the demands and the crazy pace of real life.

Now you can “get a grip” while you’re “on the go!”

With the simple techniques of mindfulness at the ready, you can rediscover your ability to be physically and more whole-heartedly present in the moment.

You won’t believe the impact just having a higher sense of awareness can have on your state of mind, and emotion.

In New World Mindfulness, Dr. Marc S. Micozzi and mindfulness teacher, therapist and pioneer Donald McCown provide techniques to successfully incorporate mindfulness into real life.

So you can finally rise above the stress of work, family, and community that can easily pull you out of the moment and into states of tension, anxiety, or even depression.

It’s not exotic, and it definitely won’t require you to “slow down and find more time.” In fact, with New world Mindfulness, you’ll learn how to work with your awareness in any moment, in any posture or action–whether you’re reclining, sitting, standing, or walking. 

It’s not about being silent or alone…

Mindfulness can even be practiced as a family or with community.

It offers a positive, self-empowering, and promising new direction for meditation and relaxation. And can help you find the innate source of wisdom and sanity that lies inside each one of us.

Like a compass, mindfulness offers a helpful tool to navigate more effectively through the many challenges that life serves up. It shows us that through a practice of deepening our awareness and sensitivity, we can reduce many of our bad habits and dysfunctional attitudes and enjoy a healthier life more fully grounded in the present.

The more we can sense what is happening in the here and now, the more each moment becomes more freshly alive and the more we can become our more authentic selves. Through continued practice in this way, our many modern, neurotic, ego-driven insecurities and vanities can fall away and we can rediscover our own true nature waiting to unfold.


The key to success is Sensory Awareness—being fully aware of
what is happening moment to moment.

 For example…

If you are sitting right now, is it possible to be more mindful of what you are sitting on? Take your time and allow yourself to settle. Is it possible to be a little more “friendly” with what you’re sitting on? What can you feel of the quality of your contact where you are sitting?

What changes do you notice when you feel more sensitively connected to what you are sitting on? Notice if anything changes in your breathing or your posture when you sense more connection with how you are being supported in three-dimensional space. What does it feel like to simply just be more fully with what you are sitting on right now?

New World Mindfulness reveals a
high-speed form of contemplation
ideal for even the busiest lives.

 This book connects Western no-nonsense, get-it-done pragmatism with the yearning for beauty and balance that makes a full life truly fulfilled.

With New World Mindfulness, you’ll also discover…

  • Our often-overlooked relationship to gravity, the way the earth holds us close in a wonderful and inexorable way.
  • How breath is the animating force of the world and a stabilizing power in the turmoil and flux of our inner and outer lives.
  • How our inner and outer attitudes affect our experience in each arising moment

 This book is designed to support and guide you through exploring, experimenting, and building a mindfulness practice that fits your own life and personality.

  • Learn how to “respond” instead of “react”…

  • Learn how to allow the things you can’t change to “just be there” as an ongoing element of your experience

  • Learn how to find the insights and the energy that help you make the changes you wish to make

Praise for New World Mindfulness

“The book is a multi-layered, stress-reduction gold mine.”
Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insights, October 2011

“McCown and Micozzi also explore the history of mindfulness in this country in a tone at once scholarly and accessible, using the evocative stories of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau as exemplars of the practice. Quotes from other mindfulness practitioners, both ancient and modern, are woven throughout the book, allowing readers to understand the concept from multiple perspectives and reinforcing the author’s idea that mindfulness is multifaceted.”
Jill Allen, Foreword Magazine

“…for those who’ve thought mindfulness is just too ‘foreign’ or who need that extra push to give it a try, this book might just do it for you. After all, if Jefferson and Thoreau tried it, it can’t be all bad.”
Greater Good

“In New World Mindfulness therapist Donald McCown and physician Marc Micozzi show how to integrate the seemingly difficult process of mindfulness into real life. History comes alive with insights from the American founding fathers, Thoreau and other mindfulness pioneers, helping you to create a high-speed form of contemplation.”
New Connexion

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This insightful book will help you overcome the stress of today’s modern world—without having to slow down, make time, or practice to do it. 

With your own style of mindfulness, you can overcome anything!

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Katherine Wheeler

Publisher, Dr. Micozzi’s Insiders’ Cures

P.S. We’ve all heard the many health benefits of meditation and relaxation…but finding the time to do it, or the patience to practice or learn some “exotic” techniques are too hard to come by. Now, with New World Mindfulness, you can restore a healthy balance and bliss to your hectic life…with thoughtful ease and efficiency. Don’t hesitate to secure your risk-free copy of New World Mindfulness today.

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