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Almost all new drugs offer NO benefit to patients

Well, what a surprise. A large German study has found that very few new prescription drugs that enter the market actually help the patient. Clearly, as I’ve said all along, the real reason why [...]

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This “forbidden” complex starch saved the world from starvation

Last week, in anticipation of Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day, I explained how the discovery of key foods in the Americas helped transform nutrition, cuisine, and health throughout [...]

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The hidden dangers of your green tea addiction

To round out this week of “New World” discoveries, let’s talk about a beverage that’s hit the mainstream in recent years. I’m talking about green tea, of course. In fact, I recently read that [...]

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The small food that packs a big nutritional and environmental punch

As we approach Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day, I’m continuing my series on foods that came from the “New World.” And today, I’m focusing on yet another plant crop that’s good for you and [...]

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This old, cultivated vegetable offers more than just nutrition

In anticipation of Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day, let’s continue looking at foods from the Americas that transformed the world’s nutrition, health, cuisine, and economies. Today, we’ll [...]

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The dark little treat that changed the world

A week from today is Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day. So, in this week’s Daily Dispatches, I’ll be discussing important foods originally cultivated by the indigenous peoples of the [...]

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Minerals are a gold mine for lowering your blood pressure

I’d like to round out this week with yet another way to support your cardiovascular health and manage your blood pressure without taking drugs. We’ve already looked at food and nutrients [...]

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