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New prostate cancer screening could be a real game-changer for men

This week, I’ve been reporting on some common health issues men face as they get older. And today, I’m talking specifically about prostate cancer—which will strike one out of every nine men at [...]

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Doctor-recommended treatment skyrockets Alzheimer’s risk in men

As you know, most men who get prostate cancer as they get older die with it, not because of it. But overtreatment is a massive problem in today’s world. And men diagnosed with even the typical, [...]

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6 ways to combat BPH without resorting to drugs

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Which you may or may not be aware of, given the fact that prostate cancer and prostate health get far less attention from the media than the [...]

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Neo-prohibitionists decry supposed “secondhand harms” of alcohol

I recently came across a bogus, new study about the so-called “secondhand harms” of alcohol—that is, the harms caused to others by all people who drink alcohol. And if the term “secondhand” [...]

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Short bursts of activity linked to improved brain health

On Monday, I explained how you can offset the harmful health effects of prolonged sitting by adding just 2.5 hours of exercise weekly to your routine. Well, another recent study took a similar [...]

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The secret to lowering your high blood pressure lies in your gut

It astounds me that mainstream medicine continues to blame high blood pressure on salt. Especially when the science continues to point us in other directions. In fact, a new study has found that [...]

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Working long hours increases your stroke risk

Setting aside one day of the week to rest has Biblical origins. But in our modern, frenetic, never-unplugged world, that day of rest has all but disappeared. Many Americans work very long hours [...]

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