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The health risk hiding in your old report cards

Now that kids are back in school, I thought I’d share some recent research linking getting good grades in elementary school to significantly lower dementia risk later in life. It’s just more [...]

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Are you dangerously deficient in this key nutrient?

Yesterday, I reported on the failing New York Times’ latest hit job on vitamin D. Instead of addressing the actual science on vitamin D, the report personally attacked Michael Holick, M.D., a [...]

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New York Times ignores science behind this essential vitamin

On Tuesday, I warned you about a totally biased and ill-informed “hit job” on natural medicine that appeared in The New York Times. As I said before, the Times used to publish some decent medical [...]

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New York Times’ hit job on wellness misses the mark

On August 1st, The New York Times ran a pseudo-science piece by OB/GYN Jen Gunter, M.D., called, “Worshiping the false idols of wellness.” In it, Dr. Gunter railed against some of the most [...]

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Prohibitionist “zero alcohol” study falls flat

You probably saw the headlines last month claiming: “No amount of alcohol is safe.” This neo-prohibitionist drivel dominated the news for 24 hours. Of course, August is a slow news month, which [...]

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Study of Native Americans sheds light on REAL cause of obesity

My daughter, Alicia M. Micozzi, is a certified Emergency Management Technician (EMT), Firefighter, and Wilderness Medicine responder. She just completed her Master of Science in Environmental [...]

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Eye-opening dangers linked to this commonly used device

Much of the nation mourned the passing of John McCain, who had consulted with me about healthcare reform when he first ran for President during 1999 to 2000. Many experts are raising the [...]

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