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Leftover turkey? Try this delicious taco recipe!

I hope you had a wonderful, healthy, and happy celebration yesterday with family and friends.  You probably look forward to enjoying the leftovers just as much as you do sitting down to the [...]

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Thanksgiving naturally presents us with THIS all-important gift

The ancient Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” And our understanding of its importance as a positive [...]

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Serve these 8 healthy, wholesome, DELICIOUS foods this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to celebrate healthy, wholesome, locally sourced foods. In fact, the more colors and flavors you feature at your Thanksgiving table…the healthier the meal! So, [...]

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Blame THIS (not turkey) for your after-dinner snooze on Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, most Americans will sit down with family and friends to enjoy a big turkey feast with all the trimmings. But are you familiar with HOW turkey became a mainstay at Thanksgiving [...]

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Protect your memory with a “cornucopia” of fruits and vegetables

Next week, perhaps you will display a traditional cornucopia at your Thanksgiving Day feast, as the pilgrims did.   But—here again—I hope you fill your plate year-round with lots of the orange, [...]

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Three healthy reasons to enjoy this Thanksgiving Day treat year-round

If you’re like me, then you’re already making some preparations for next week’s Thanksgiving Day feast.   I’m looking forward to serving locally grown, fresh, wholesome foods. [...]

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[SHOCKING] 91 percent of dementia cases go undiagnosed

According to a massive, new analysis, 91 percent of people over age 65 with clear cognitive impairment—consistent with clinical dementia—NEVER get diagnosed!  I suppose that when you think about [...]

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