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The politically correct “darling” three times more dangerous than cigarettes

A new study from the University of California, San Francisco, found exposure to marijuana smoke is three times more dangerous than exposure to tobacco smoke. And they certainly know a thing or [...]

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Research ties this “technological advancement” to serious hearing loss

Hearing loss can be a major problem as you get older. In fact, one out of three older Americans experience it. But, it’s not just an “older person’s” problem anymore, due to the pervasive use of [...]

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Flu vaccines increase airborne flu transmission by more than 600 percent

A disturbing, new study from the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health suggests that the flu vaccine actually fuels the spread of the flu virus. It’s too bad this shocking knowledge [...]

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Slash your heart attack and stroke risk by one-third with this natural powerhouse

When it comes to cardiovascular disease risk, cardiologists only focus on the “fool’s gold” of cholesterol. (While big pharma gets the real gold from selling statin drugs.) Yet study after study [...]

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Unleash more of your vegetables’ disease-fighting power with this simple secret

Yesterday, I busted a popular myth that eating vegetables raw results in better nutrition. The science shows that this assumption isn’t always true. To recap, I discussed the science showing that [...]

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Three vegetables you should always cook for boosted nutrition

I recently read in the news a story about a woman who claimed her raw, vegan diet cured her breast cancer. Tragically, the cancer spread while she was on this extreme diet, and she eventually [...]

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The dangerous, unnecessary procedure putting 14 million Americans at risk each year

You may have seen the recent headlines proclaiming that colonoscopy prevents colorectal cancer deaths. But when you look closer, it’s obvious that behind all of these sensational headlines [...]

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