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Medicare can and must change to survive

In advance of next year’s presidential election, we’re hearing a lot of campaign rhetoric about making changes to Medicare. Some candidates are even promoting something called “Medicare for all.” [...]

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The truth behind the headlines on this critical heart health vitamin

Vitamin D is critical for normal heart function and heart health. In fact, studies consistently show that low vitamin D increases the risk of blood clots, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and [...]

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Skimping on these foods could kill you faster than eating the occasional fast food burger

Mainstream dietary experts love to tell you what NOT to eat. In fact, for decades they wrongly recommended: “Don’t eat foods with fat and cholesterol, like dairy, meat, and seafood.” Of course, [...]

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Should you become an organ donor? Read THIS first…

At times, it seems as though I’m one of just a few voices in medicine expressing concerns about the organ transplant industry. So, I was pleased to come across a very insightful article recently [...]

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Natural approaches provide relief from these common women’s health problems

Last week, I took some time to talk about men’s health. So today, I want to direct your attention to a few health concerns that women commonly experience. Let’s start with a nagging problem that [...]

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6 places where germs lurk at all times

Most microbes that cause colds, viruses, and infections actually prefer warmer temperatures. In fact, the only reason people tend to pick up more bugs in the winter is because they spend more [...]

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Genetic links to this common cancer ignored for decades

According to a new analysis published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, more never-smokers than ever are getting lung cancer. And we can thank the political science bureaucrats at [...]

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