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The doctor-recommended treatment killing half of cancer patients within 30 days

The remedy is worse than the disease. Scholars credit Sir Francis Bacon, the 17th-century English philosopher and “Renaissance Man,” with that keen observation. And after reading through the [...]

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Urgent alert for men: Routine prostate screening may increase risk of death

Albert Einstein is widely credited for saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” And that quip certainly reminds me of the [...]

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How well are you aging?

A major study recently took an interesting approach in assessing worldwide health and aging. And unfortunately, the U.S. didn’t fare well. In fact, it turns out we are much worse off than even [...]

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The powerful, FREE “cure-all” that can even reduce crime

I often talk about the many health benefits of spending time in Nature. And there’s no time like spring to heed “the call of the wild.” Spending time in Nature has always been a big part of the [...]

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One Asian spice provides countless benefits

It seems that new restaurants are always popping up here in Florida. Locals sometimes describe the scene as being “up for grabs.” Which can perhaps be traced back to the state’s land rush in the [...]

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5 tips for streamlining your vitamin regimen

I recently came across an article in The Washington Post about the best time of day to take supplements. I wasn’t expecting much, as it was written by a “registered dietician.” And I’ve yet to [...]

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Alzheimer’s disease linked to drugs doled out like candy to women

A new study published in the prestigious British Medical Journal has found a startling link between Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and drugs that were doled out like candy to unsuspecting women for [...]

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