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This once “off-limits” food is key for heart attack prevention

For decades, the government-industrial-medical complex didn’t just warn us to avoid eating this food — they vilified it. Despite the fact that it comes from Nature, they claimed it was terrible [...]

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Wipe out heart disease by eating MORE of this

According to a new study, eating more protein can add years to your life — especially if you have heart disease. But before we get into the details of this recent study, let’s take a look at why [...]

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The nutritional deficiency plaguing elite NFL athletes

One of the biggest dangers elite NFL players face is something you might never suspect — a nutritional deficiency. In fact, a new study found that a shocking number of professional football [...]

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Prevent colon cancer by getting more of THIS

For once, some good news about vitamins was all over the mainstream media. A recent study showed that people with higher levels of one vital nutrient have a lower risk of colon cancer. Of course, [...]

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Improve COPD symptoms naturally in just 12 weeks

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) recently surpassed stroke as the No. 3 cause of death in the United States. And the COPD drug market is set to hit $14.1 billion in profits in 2025, [...]

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This summer veggie can help you cool down — and live longer

Beat the heat this summer by cooling down with this very unlikely summer vegetable. It goes great in homemade salsa, a colorful salad, or bowl of gazpacho. And research shows it not only helps to [...]

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The tragic depression trigger hiding in plain sight

Depression rates in the U.S. are skyrocketing. And what makes this situation even more tragic is that some of these cases could be prevented entirely — simply by avoiding big pharma’s “wonder [...]

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