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Mainstream continues to push “fake news” about red meat and dairy

I recently came across a news article about the Mediterranean diet and cognitive health among older adults. But the reporting was so full of errors, omissions, and misinformation, that I found it [...]

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Cardiologists still refuse to digest the health benefits of red meat

Two years ago, I first wrote about a massive analysis published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that looked at the connection between red meat and disease risk in 61 previously published [...]

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Your body’s clear signal that it’s time to lighten up your exercise regimen

Remember those terrible side pains called “side stitches” that you got as a kid when you ran too hard? (They can also occur when you laugh long and hard. After all, humor can be “side-splitting” [...]

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These two science-backed supplements can help boost your mood 

Since the onset of the coronavirus shutdowns last March, depression rates in this country have soared by 300 percent. And that’s understandable, given all the economic, social, and [...]

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[REVEALED] Why you shouldn’t ignore those depressive symptoms

For centuries, mental illnesses—like depression—were thought to be caused by moral failing, curses, or even demonic possession.   And in some ways, these unusual theories make sense.   Because if [...]

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Nearly 1 in 5 breast cancer victims face another deadly health danger

Last month, I told you about how mainstream medicine still relies heavily—and often inappropriately—on radical surgery to treat (or even help prevent) breast cancer in women.   In fact, the rates [...]

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Toast to summer and good health with a tall, cold, frosty beer

When experts talk about the health benefits of alcohol, red wine typically tops the list. But beer should get a lot of attention, too, since it has a lower concentration of alcohol compared [...]

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