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Men: Consider a “manogram” for prostate cancer screening

Men’s health issues are underfunded and overlooked by mainstream medicine—especially prostate cancer. In fact, as I’ve written here before, the mainstream still relies on the flawed and outdated [...]

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Optimal levels of THIS vitamin can protect you against dementia and Type II diabetes

Yesterday, I wrote about the ability of vitamin D—at the right doses—to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), dementia, and Type II diabetes. And now, two [...]

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Common vitamin slashes your risk of dying from cancer

Supplementing daily with vitamin D is important year-round. But it’s especially important now as we head into winter, and the sun’s rays in most parts of the country aren’t strong enough to [...]

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Common over-the-counter and prescription drugs linked to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Yesterday, I reported how certain prescription drugs can increase the risk of suffering a debilitating fall, even among middle-aged adults. But really—that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it [...]

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The surprising culprit behind debilitating falls—and 4 ways to avoid them

Today, on Veteran’s Day, we honor the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. And many actually continue serving our country, even long after they leave active duty, by [...]

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Snowbirds protect their hearts by going south

Scientists have known for a long time that heart attacks increase in frequency during the dark, cold winter months—and decrease during the bright, warm summer months. What’s more, places that are [...]

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Prevent the flu with my tried-and-true “Lady Macbeth plan”

Last year, I went on Medicare. Which means I finally get to choose my own doctor. And I went right back to my old doctor, who I saw from 1984 to 2012. Thankfully, he keeps up with the science and [...]

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