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This simple habit helps ward off infections, heart palpitations, and much more

Dehydration is a serious problem that can affect anyone…at any age…at any time of year. And it’s especially common among older adults.   Plus, when dehydration strikes an older person, it’s often [...]

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This pennies-a-day supplement offers optimal heart protection

Year after year, heart disease causes one in every four deaths in the United States. And in my view, much of this dreadful, stagnant statistic relates to the fact that most Americans don’t eat [...]

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Ancient flower extract offers “significant” relief from anxiety and depression

Anxiety disorders affect about 40 million people—20 percent of the population—in the United States. And during unsettling times like these, those figures are much higher.   To make matters worse, [...]

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The supposedly “healthy” diet that can increase your heart disease risk

In recent years, big business has somehow managed to convince millions of Americans that they need to follow a strictly plant-based diet to support their health.   But, as an anthropologist, [...]

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These drugs increase your risk of suffering a “diabetic emergency” by 300 percent

As I often say, newer prescription drugs aren’t always better. In fact, they’re rarely better.  And that’s certainly the case with a new class of oral Type II diabetes drugs, which were found in [...]

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Lower your blood sugar without drugs or injections

As I expressed last week, I’m not a big fan of grand, sweeping New Year’s resolutions that you can’t keep up past the first week in February. I’d rather see you make small, sensible changes that [...]

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How “happy hour” helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Despite spending billions of dollars on two, massive “Decades of the Brain” research projects, mainstream medicine still has no idea what really causes Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and dementia—much [...]

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