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Dollar-a-day supplement prevents heart attacks and hospitalizations

Heart failure, which is characterized by a long-term, chronic shortage of blood to the heart, is the leading cause of hospitalization among older adults in the U.S. And it’s particularly lethal. [...]

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Two common heart surgeries DON’T benefit patients

A massive, $100 million study recently looked at outcomes for men and women with blocked arteries who received two common, but highly invasive, surgical procedures. It turns out, they fare no [...]

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Even “minor” surgeries dramatically increase major mortality risk

As I often report, any and all types of surgeries have their risks. And it’s important to weigh those risks before making a decision to undergo a procedure—no matter how “common,” or even [...]

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BEWARE: Your doctor may rely on inaccurate reporting

I’ve been critical of “fake news” in mainstream health reporting for a long time. These news stories often contain “spin” and reflect biased reporting of scientific findings. Often—they [...]

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Prevent asthma attacks this winter without resorting to drugs or inhalers

Extreme cold is still hitting many parts of the United States, which isn’t good news if you suffer from asthma. Of course, most doctors only talk about different inhalers and drugs that you can [...]

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Three science-backed tips for getting over a cold or the flu

There are many theories circulating about how to shorten the duration of a cold or the flu. Some folks swear by the old adage, “feed a cold, starve a fever.” But instead of relying on some old [...]

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“Disarm” antibiotic-resistant superbugs with this ancient Indian spice

You may have seen more cases of the dangerous and potentially deadly methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus—more commonly known as MRSA—on the news lately. In fact, a healthy, high school [...]

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