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Savor the last bit of summer with this tasty, picnic staple

Every September, our family tries to savor the last few moments of summertime by preparing a few of our favorite seasonal dishes. So, we’ll fire up the grill, make a seafood boil, or pack a [...]

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Five lesser-known, but important heart disease risk factors

As I discussed on Tuesday, science has shown that most of the mainstream’s favorite targets—such as cholesterol, fats, salt, smoking, and alcohol—do not increase heart disease risk. In addition, [...]

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Five real risk factors for heart disease

For decades, government health “experts” have been promoting politically correct, pet theories about the causes of heart disease. They tried to blame cholesterol, eggs, meat, saturated fats, [...]

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We can’t trust the American Cancer Society’s judgement about alcohol

Back in January 2019, I described how the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO)—an organization that represents our nation’s cancer doctors—wanted us to ring in the New Year by adopting [...]

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This type of breast “cancer” may NOT need immediate, aggressive surgery with radiation

I just came across an important, new study that every woman in America should hear about…especially those over the age of 60. It found that women diagnosed with an early form of breast “cancer” [...]

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The simple cognitive screening test you can do at home

Mainstream medical research has thrown billions of dollars into two failed “decades of the brain.” Yet, they still have no standard, affordable test to screen for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or [...]

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Do children’s multivitamins do more harm than good?

I often advise you against taking the popular “multivitamins” found online and in big box stores and grocery stores. Manufacturers aggressively market them to older adults—using catchy terms [...]

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