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This hidden factor increases stroke risk by a staggering 54 percent

While there are many well-established risk factors for suffering a stroke (or any other type of cardiovascular disease event), we still don’t know what causes roughly 25 to 30 percent of ischemic [...]

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Take supplements to optimize—not replace—a healthy, balanced diet

I recently received a question from a concerned reader about the effectiveness of taking a nutritional supplement as a replacement for eating real, whole fruits and vegetables.  It’s an important [...]

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Little-known cancer screening test reduces death rates by 16 percent

For the most part, the massive cancer screening industry is a failed and flawed enterprise—relentlessly pushing costly, dangerous, inappropriate, and ineffective screenings for breast, [...]

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More than 1 in 3 U.S. seniors prescribed “inappropriate” drugs

All too often, when an older person visits a doctor with any kind of health concern, they walk away with nothing more than a prescription for a toxic, ineffective drug. And as the coronavirus [...]

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Coronavirus shutdowns may have caused major backslide in “war on cancer”

Last year, I grew gravely concerned about our public health experts’ hysterical overreaction to the “novel” coronavirus. I predicted that their months-long, almost-complete lockdown of [...]

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Wipe away arthritis pain in just 4 weeks with this botanical trio

Yesterday, I explained how mainstream medicine pours its time and money into researching drug treatments for deadly diseases—such as cancer and heart disease. And it woefully neglects chronic [...]

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Four non-drug options for effectively combatting lower back pain

As I often report, mainstream medicine pours most of its attention and funding into research and treatment (but, really, management) of “fatal” diseases—such as cancer and heart disease.  But it [...]

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