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Researchers find powerful healing potential in seaweed and ocean fungi

The author Isak Dinesen, who traveled the world over and is perhaps best-known for her memoir Out of Africa, grew up in a small, seacoast town in Denmark on the Baltic Sea. And she once wrote [...]

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MEN: Eating like an Italian mobster may help save your prostate

The mainstream cancer industry spends billions of dollars studying breast cancer. (Even if they are largely barking up the wrong tree.) But research into prostate cancer has been abysmal by [...]

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Even genetically susceptible women CAN reduce their breast cancer risk

One of the strongest risk factors for developing breast cancer is having one or more close family members—such as a mother, sister, or aunt—with history of the disease. Of course, there’s not [...]

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EXPOSED: The hidden environmental disaster of plant-based diets

It’s been quite astonishing to witness how big food manufacturers have somehow faked-out millions of Americans into believing the new “plant-based” foods—like processed veggie burgers and [...]

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The “controversial” secret to better brain health as you age

Your high school Driver’s Ed instructor probably warned you that drinking alcohol destroys “millions” of brains cells. But a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association [...]

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Non-meat eaters suffer higher rates of anxiety, depression, and self-harm

A good, balanced diet is a basic tenet of good physical health. And it always has been, for as long as humans have walked the Earth. So, when you start eliminating whole categories of foods—such [...]

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Moderate exercise helps prevent the leading cause of vision loss in older adults

Last month, I discussed how experiencing vision problems as you get older isn’t “normal” or unavoidable. In fact, even serious vision problems can be treated (if you catch them early)—or even [...]

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