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THIS “traumatic” event increases your insomnia risk by 50 percent

If you’re like a lot of folks, you may find yourself struggling with sleep as you get older.   Of course, nowadays, it’s plausible to blame increasingly poor sleep on the ongoing pandemic [...]

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BANISH the “autumn blues” with these five tips

Earlier this week, I discussed how some humans enter into a kind of metabolic “hibernation” following the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere.   But as we move into these darker days and [...]

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One of my favorite nutrients could add YEARS to your life!

As the temperatures begin to cool across most parts of the country, I hope you find some time to get outside to enjoy all the beauty Nature has to offer.   But remember, after Wednesday (which [...]

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Is stress making you “hibernate”? (Surprising!)

This Wednesday marks the fall equinox.   And for some, this is welcome news because it heralds the arrival of shorter, cooler days and longer nights.  It also marks the time of year when many of [...]

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Prescription sleep aids don’t outperform doing NOTHING at all

If you’re one of the many people still struggling with sleep problems that emerged during the pandemic lockdowns, I urge you to avoid resorting to prescription drugs to help get you back on [...]

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“Turn off” this major risk factor for cognitive decline

The roll-out of the new fall TV season isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be, as many Americans “cut the cord” with cable TV years ago.   But even though you may save some money each month by [...]

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ELIMINATE dementia risk with this one simple fix

Researchers just made a HUGE discovery about something that happens to lots of people in middle age…but at the same time, causes dementia risk to SKYROCKET by up to 37 percent.   Fortunately, [...]

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