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What color is your cheese?

The color of the foods we eat can reveal a great deal about how they may benefit our health. And in some cases, it gives us a peek into the history of certain foods Today, I pose a question that [...]

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This Wisconsin staple can slash your Type II diabetes risk

I recently reported on new scientific evidence about the importance of eating full-fat dairy to support your breast, heart, and prostate health. And now, a new study has found that eating [...]

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The deadly chronic disease triggered by nixing salt

Type II diabetes is a massive problem in the U.S. And — as I’ve been saying for years — faulty diabetes dietary recommendations to eliminate whole grains, fruit, and even meat are only making [...]

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Your all-natural remedies for fending off cold and flu viruses

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently announced that the death toll from last year’s influenza virus was the highest in 40 years. Yet each year, more and more people are bullied into [...]

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[BREAKING NEWS] New research shows two simple nutrients can CURE heart disease

According to a new study, two remarkable supplements can protect you from dying of a heart attack, nearly a decade after you stop taking them! According to a new study, this could be “a major [...]

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The “off-limits” food that can reduce your risk of Type II diabetes

I always advise you to cut out sugars and reduce carbs (such as refined, white flour) to help keep your blood sugar under control. But with the holidays coming up, it can be quite a challenge to [...]

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Four reasons why I dish so much about vitamin D

I probably talk more about vitamin D than any other vitamin. But the way I see it, there are four important reasons to make it a top priority in your health care regimen… Vitamin D deficiency is [...]

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