CANCER COVER-UP?! This common health problem is linked to 12 types of cancer!  

We know a lot more about what causes cancer than people think.  

In fact, a brand-new study just uncovered a MASSIVE link between 12 types of cancer and one common health problem.  

But as far as I can tell, I’m the only one talking about this disturbing link…and the likely culprit behind it! 

Instead, the mainstream continues to look in all the wrong places, including where the “war on cancer” went wrong in the first place… 

Looking in all the wrong places…for decades! 

The government has spent decades—and billions of dollars—fighting the so-called “war on cancer.” And for the most part, they’ve been barking up the wrong tree from the get-go… 

For example, for years, they wrongly blamed many types of cancer on dietary factors like full-fat dairy, eggs, meats, and even certain kinds of seafood. Meanwhile, the sugar in ultra-processed foods—the real culprit all along—basically got a “free pass” from many “experts.”  

In fact, when I started working on research on diet and chronic diseases, back in the mid-1980s, the 700-plus page report on diet and cancer by the National Academy of Sciences only included ONE paragraph on sugar. 

As it turns out, the big sugar industry had been paying off researchers to basically cover up the role sugar plays in the development of diseases like cancer, heart disease, and Type II diabetes. 

What a shameful, shocking waste of time, resources, and lives!  

Of course, after a short time, I noticed something wasn’t right with the pet theories the National Institutes of Health (NIH) so vigorously pursued. And I, personally, acted along with other researchers to show that processed sugars and carbs ARE a major risk factors for cancer and other chronic diseases.  

We also learned that people with cancer tend to have a much higher risk of developing heart disease than the rest of the population, in the first place. And, after a diagnosis of cancer, toxic chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer damage the heart! 

And now…the new study shows it happens the other way around, too… 

In fact, researchers just discovered that people with heart failure also run a much higher risk of developing 12 types of cancer! Yet, here again, they IGNORED the most obvious reason why… 

Heart disease patients run MUCH higher risk of at least 12 types of cancer 

For this new study, German researchers looked at more than 100,000 people with heart failure and compared them to 100,000 people without heart failure. The participants had an average age of 72 years. And they were all free of cancer at the start of the study.  

After 10 years, 26 percent of the heart failure patients had been diagnosed with cancer, compared to only 16 percent of the patients with normal heart health.   

And it turns out, men and women with heart failure had a MUCH higher risk of developing at least 12 different types of cancer compared to people with normal heart health. Specifically, compared to people with a healthy heart, people with heart failure had a: 

  • More than 200 percent higher risk of cancers of the lip, oral cavity, and pharynx 
  • 91 percent higher risk for lung and other respiratory cancers 
  • 86 percent higher risk for female genital cancers 
  • 83 percent higher risk for skin cancer 
  • 76 percent higher risk for colon, stomach, and other cancers of the digestive system 
  • 67 percent higher risk for breast cancer  
  • 52 percent higher risk for cancer of the genital organs

After seeing those striking results, the researchers immediately began speculating that there may be a “causal” relationship between heart failure and an increased risk of cancer. (In other words, that heart failure itself somehow causes cancer.) They actually think this link is biologically plausible—as they cite experimental evidence that “factors” secreted by a failing heart may stimulate cancer growth!  

They also said that, “It’s common practice for cancer patients who have received heart-damaging drugs to be monitored for heart failure.” And they suggested that we closely watch out for the reverse action as well…that we more closely monitor heart patients for cancer, too.  

So, this would mean that cardiologists and oncologists must work closely together—two of the worst purveyors of dangerous and toxic treatments on the planet!  

But here’s an idea…  

How about they take a cue from the fact that cancer drugs cause heart disease…and consider the other possibility that heart drugs can cause cancer, too!?   

We already know heart drugs can be carcinogenic 

All patients with heart disease and high blood pressure get hit with a bevy of drugs—with big pharma introducing new and dangerous drugs to the market all the time.  

But many of these heart drugs are probably carcinogenic! 

In fact, two years ago, there were repeated reports about common (even generic) drugs for blood pressure being contaminated with carcinogens. And I, personally, had even been taking one of the prescription drugs that kept coming up on the warning list. (After all, I do believe it’s necessary to manage high blood pressure.) =

So, I kept checking with my pharmacist and with my doctor, asking them what to do about this recurring problem of cancer-causing contaminants in the blood pressure drugs.  

Finally, my internal medicine physician (for the past 30 years) honestly just threw up his hands. That’s when I declared my own independence from blood pressure drugs on July 4, 2019 and decided to stick exclusively with my dietary supplement regimen for blood pressure and heart health, instead. (The science on the heart and blood pressure benefits of dietary supplements keeps increasing, as I regularly report in my Insiders’ Cures newsletter.) 

With that said, it’s truly astounding to me that in this new study, the researchers never once considered the possibility that it’s blood pressure and heart drugs that are at least part of the problem!  

The depth and darkness of the medical myth rabbit holes are truly astounding and costly. And the blindness is so bad, one is tempted to think it must be intentional. 

That’s why I encourage you to become your own advocate…and take control of your own health. Of course, that starts with a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity and movement (preferably outdoors in Nature). But I also urge you to take steps to protect your cardiovascular health before you experience a serious condition like heart failure.  

Indeed, there are many natural approaches to preventing and fighting heart disease. And you can learn all about them in my Heart Attack Prevention and Repair Protocol. For more information, or to enroll today, click here now.  

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