Dr. Micozzi’s Heart Attack Prevention & Repair Protocol

Dr. Micozzi’s Heart Attack Prevention & Repair Protocol

This first-of-its kind course includes natural medicine’s most cutting-edge techniques for avoiding heart attacks and stroke, clearing your arteries, lowering your blood pressure and more. Including…

  • The “CDC Secret” for slashing your heart disease risk up to 80%
  • The “Tribal Secret” to dropping blood pressure naturally
  • One vitamin that helps you survive heart attack and stroke
  • One strange spice that slashes your heart attack risk by 56%
  • The Mediterranean miracle that improves heart markers in hours
  • And so much more…

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Recent Dispatches

Does your multivitamin contain this hidden carcinogen?

Two iron compounds, commonly found in supplements and various foods, have been found to increase the formation of a known biomarker for cancer, according to a new study. We’ve actually known [...]

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Blockbuster drugs and vaccines linked to Alzheimer’s disease

On Tuesday, I reported on a groundbreaking, new study conducted by U.S. researchers that nails down five real risk factors for developing cognitive decline. But in my view, the researchers missed [...]

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Three major risk factors for cognitive decline you can control — starting today

Older adults fear Alzheimer’s disease (AD) more than almost any other condition (outranked only by cancer). And a lot of that fear stems from the great unknown. Mainstream medicine simply hasn’t [...]

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Government food guidelines continue to fail us

Americans are eating more nuts and less sugar today than they did in 1970. But that’s about the only portion of good news in a new government report from the United States Department of [...]

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Three “smart” brain foods disguised as decadent “vices”

Today, I’m continuing my series about “smart” foods that boost brain health. Yesterday, I covered fish, berries, herbs and spices, and nuts. And today, I’ll tell you about three more. [...]

In Daily Dispatch, Nutrition

Dr. Micozzi’s Complete Alzheimer’s Cure

Dr. Micozzi's Complete Alzheimer's Cure

This first-of-its kind course includes natural medicine’s most cutting-edge treatments for Alzheimer’s and complete brain recovery including…

  • The mind-mending mineral that actually makes your brain younger
  • How to avoid brain damage—from medical care!
  • The best herbs to guard and heal your amazing brain
  • How to defeat dementia, one deep breath at a time
  • The Complete Alzheimer’s Cure daily plan—your recipe for reversing memory loss
  • And so much more…

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Dr. Micozzi’s Arthritis Relief & Reversal Protocol

Dr. Micozzi's Arthritis Relief and Reversal Protocol

This first-of-its kind course includes natural medicine’s most cutting edge treatments for arthritis pain including…

  • The Inner Circle Pain Cure that reverses everything from nagging back pain to bone-on-bone arthritis
  • A triple-herb combo that soothes arthritis better than top-selling NSAIDs…without any of the dangerous side effects
  • A natural Asian pain treatment so powerful it’s used as a post-surgical pain killer in Chinese hospitals
  • The Boston University secret for slashing gout attacks
  • Two GIANT mistakes your doctor is making in treating your rheumatoid arthritis
  • And so much more…

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