Why I STILL won’t get the flu vaccine

Government health officials have led a huge campaign to develop and administer the COVID-19 vaccine to anyone and everyone—any time of year.

And around this time each year, there’s always another HUGE push…to get the influenza vaccine.

Unlike the COVID-19 vaccine, which at least uses newer mRNA technology, the annual flu vaccine is a complete crapshoot.

So, before rushing off to get jabbed with the government’s latest and greatest failure, check this out…

Last year’s vaccine was “essentially ineffective”

Year after year, the evidence clearly shows that the flu vaccine is a complete failure. And last year was a particularly dreadful waste…

In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the 2021-2022 flu vaccine only reduced your risk of getting the flu by about 16 percent. Meaning it was “essentially ineffective,” says Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

And I quite agree.

Plus, as I’ve reported before, some very strong research suggests that the annual flu vaccine actually fuels the flames of contagion

Annual flu vaccine may fuel contagion

Back in 2018, researchers with the University of Maryland found that participants who received flu vaccinations in the current and previous year had 6.3-times more “shedding” of flu particles into the air than those who didn’t get the vaccine.

This finding is ironic in two ways…

First, why did vaccinated people get the flu in the first place? Isn’t the vaccine supposed to protect you against the flu? (We already knew it didn’t.)

Second, it appears that getting the current and/or prior vaccinations increases your transmission rate if you do get the flu!

Ironically, despite the ineffective vaccine, actual cases of the flu were still much lower over the last two years.

That’s mainly because almost everyone adopted better personal hygiene habits to ward off COVID-19. And, clearly, those highly effective measures also protected against other infections, including the flu!

My advice?

Skip the annual flu vaccine—you just don’t need it.

Instead, continue to make regular hand-washing with plain, old soap and water a part of your daily routine…and especially after you’ve been out in public. Make sure to wash gently for at least 15 seconds in warm water. You can even submerge your face in warm water to release and remove germs.

(This is the same recommendation I’ve been making for years… and way before COVID-19 came on scene.)

For more common-sense approaches to avoiding the flu and other viruses, including which supplements you should start taking TODAY to prime your immune system, check out my special report: 9 Tips for Surviving Winter’s Worst.


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