Eye condition predicts an early death

Many would like to find ways enjoy a long, healthy life.

And research suggests your eye health could be a huge indicator of longevity.

In fact, this common eye condition has already been linked to a higher risk of developing dementia.

Now, a new study found it could also predict an early death.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Common eye problem could be fatal

Cataracts cloud your eye lens and can interfere with vision, reading, and driving—especially at night.

They’re very common as you get older. But they’re definitely NOT something you should shrug off.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne analyzed health information on nearly 15,000 men and women, ages 40 and older. Around 19 percent of the participants died during an average follow-up period of nearly 11 years.

But what really stood out was that people who’d had cataract surgery had a 13 percent higher mortality (death) risk than those who didn’t have cataract surgery.

And that’s not all…

They also had a staggering 36 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease, specifically.

The researchers think oxidative stress may be the ultimate culprit that causes BOTH conditions (cataracts and heart disease).

Indeed, previous research shows oxidative stress causes DNA damage that leads to both the formation of cataracts in the eye lens and the unhealthy narrowing of arteries that restricts blood flow.

Plus, even though surgeons don’t like to talk about it, I always wonder about the stress of any kind of surgery on cardiovascular health…

For example, we know that surgery of any kind can cause cardiovascular complications—such as blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, stroke, and heart attack. Heart surgery, specifically, can cause problems with the brain. And the consequences of cancer surgery are too numerous to list!

Clearly, we still have much to learn about the risks associated with undergoing any type of surgery…even a supposedly simple outpatient procedure, such as cataract surgery.

But in the meantime, it’s important to keep your eye health top of mind…

Your eyes are a “window” into your health

This study should serve as a reminder of the importance of having regular eye exams with your optometrist. Especially as you get older, or if you have certain medical conditions (like heart disease). Because remember, doctors consider your eyes a kind of “window” into your overall cardiovascular health.

You should also make sure to take steps to lower your body’s oxidative stress and inflammation. Start by cutting out ultra-processed foods and following a healthy, Mediterranean-type diet.

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