How a dollop a day DROPS your blood pressure (amazing!)

Yesterday, I told you about a very important study linking the Mediterranean diet to a lower risk of dying from ANY cause. And I gave you a quick reminder about all the wholesome, satisfying foods included in this healthy diet.

But there’s one healthy staple of the diet that’s often ignored. (Probably because it doesn’t fit into the mainstream’s misguided “anti-fat” narrative.) And this food absolutely SHOULD have a spot in your refrigerator.

Indeed, people who live in the Mediterranean region eat it regularly.

And now, a new study shows even just “one dollop” could be instrumental in helping to manage high blood pressure as we age. (It could even shave SEVEN POINTS off your blood pressure reading!)

A delicious way to manage “high” blood pressure

Researchers looked at the connection between yogurt—an often-overlooked staple of the Mediterranean diet—and blood pressure in about 900 adults living in the northeastern part of the U.S.

Most of the men and women had “high” blood pressure (defined as 140/90 mm Hg or higher). The rest had “normal” readings.

Overall, they found that people in the high blood pressure group who consumed even small amounts of yogurt improved their readings. And for those who consumed it regularly, the results were even stronger…

In fact, the regular yogurt eaters had blood pressure readings 7 points lower than those who didn’t consume yogurt.

The researchers said there are two main reasons why dairy foods, especially yogurt, can lower blood pressure.

First, the calcium, magnesium, and potassium in yogurt are all intricately involved in the regulation of healthy blood pressure. In fact, studies show that getting more magnesium and potassium is more important for healthy blood pressure than consuming less sodium.

Second, the researchers said the healthy probiotic bacteria in yogurt promote the release of proteins that help lower blood pressure.

Be careful about choosing your yogurt

In the end, yogurt may help you avoid the need to take serious prescription drugs to control your high blood pressure. So, I encourage everyone to enjoy at least a dollop a day. But there is a catch…

You must be careful about choosing your yogurt.

Opt for full-fat, plain, Greek or Icelandic varieties. These yogurts make a great breakfast or snack…without the added sugars and artificial ingredients that can actually HARM your health, not help it. (When choosing yogurt at the grocery store, make sure to follow this simple checklist.)

Plus, I find this daily dose of yogurt soothes my stomach and boosts my digestion and metabolism. In fact, since incorporating it into my daily routine, I’ve lost about 35 pounds (and four or five notches on my belt) without even thinking about it! I also regularly enjoy yogurt with a few berries tossed on top.

You can learn more about the many benefits of eating yogurt, in addition to lowering blood pressure, in the March 2022 issue of Insiders’ Cures (“This tasty, indulgent breakfast food could knock 7 points off your blood pressure”). If you’re not yet a newsletter subscriber, I urge you to become one today. Click here now!