[MEN] Five foods SLASH your risk of prostate cancer DEATH

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As you know, diet plays a big role in the development of certain types of cancer.

When it comes to prostate cancer, the No. 1 cancer in men, research shows diet and nutrition are especially important.

So, let’s direct our attention to FIVE delicious foods shown to significantly lower this cancer risk. And for men already battling prostate cancer…adding these foods to your plate can even SLASH your risk of DYING from it.

Here’s everything you need to know…

FIVE foods to protect your prostate

First and foremost, everyone—especially men concerned about prostate cancer— should strive to cut out all ultra-processed foods. Research links these dietary disasters with higher cancer rates as well as decreased longevity.

Instead, focus on filling up with all the delicious, wholesome foods found in the Mediterranean-type diet. This sensible diet includes lots of free-range, organic meats; wild-caught seafood and fish; fruits and vegetables; full-fat dairy and cheeses; nuts and seeds; and even alcohol in moderation.

Now, with that basic understanding about overall diet, let’s move on to discuss the FIVE powerful foods you should add to your plate weekly…or even DAILY…to help protect your prostate.

1.) Tomatoes. Tomatoes sit at the very top of the list because they’re packed with a carotenoid called lycopene. It turns out, lycopene is a powerhouse for prostate health.

In fact, an analysis of 11 studies showed that men who ate more tomatoes and tomato-based products (such as tomato sauce and tomato paste) are far less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Other research shows that blood and tissue levels of lycopene are significantly higher among men who were diagnosed with less-aggressive forms of prostate neoplasia (a precursor to prostate cancer) compared to men diagnosed with aggressive, fatal prostate cancer. This suggests lycopene helps protect against the truly deadly type of prostate cancer.

Your body absorbs the most lycopene from cooked, concentrated forms of tomatoes—such as organic, sugar-free ketchup, tomato sauce, or tomato paste. I suggest you make a big batch of tomato sauce on Sunday and enjoy it all week. Just beware of BPA-lined cans, as the acid in tomatoes can leach this chemical toxin into the contents.

2.) Broccoli. This cruciferous vegetable contains potent, cancer-fighting constituents—including sulforaphane, which targets prostate cancer cells. Of course, some “experts” recommend eating vegetables like broccoli raw. But to get the most nutrients into your tissues, you should actually prepare most vegetables, including broccoli, like this. (And remember, eat organic produce whenever you can to avoid cancer-causing pesticides and genetically modified organisms.)

3.) Fatty fish. Fatty fish—such as salmon, herring, mackerel, and sardines—contain the most omega-3 fatty acids, which have potent, anti-inflammatory effects that help protect against prostate cancer.

In fact, a recent analysis found that men who eat more fish (with omega-3s) had a 63 percent lower risk of dying from prostate cancer. Plus, a 2013 Harvard study of more than 293,000 men found a link between increased omega-3 fatty acid intake and a significantly lower rate of fatal prostate cancer.

As always, look for fresh, wild-caught seafood whenever possible…especially when it comes to salmon. It should say “wild caught” on the package. Otherwise, you can assume the fish comes from a farm. Then, aim to consume this fresh seafood at least three times per week.

(If you have a hard time hitting that target, I recommend taking a high-quality fish oil supplement daily. You can learn all about quality, forms, and dosages of fish oil in the June 2018 issue of my Insiders’ Cures newsletter [“Why I’m upping my recommendations for this ‘controversial’ supplement”]. Not a subscriber? Click here to learn more or become one today.)

4.) Legumes. These powerhouses include beans, lentils, and peanuts. And they contain potent, cancer-fighting compounds called isoflavones.

In fact, a recent meta-analysis found a strong link between higher legume consumption and lower prostate cancer incidence. Plus, there was a dose-response effect. Which means the more legumes consumed, the greater the benefit.

5.) Blueberries. I’ve seen a lot of hype about antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice as some kind of “miracle” food for prostate cancer. But many other fruits contain these same antioxidants—at a fraction of the cost!

In fact, I highly recommend eating antioxidant-rich blueberries. Half a cup of blueberries will offer numerous health benefits—at just 40 calories.

I also like to keep water-soluble, powdered blueberry extract in the house for times when I don’t have fresh blueberries. You can now find powered blueberry extract made with aspal (rooibos), rose hips, and baobab.

Of course, there are dozens more science-backed approaches to preventing—and even reversing—prostate cancer. I’ve put them all together in my online prostate protocol, the Insider’s Ultimate Guide to Perfect Prostate Health. To learn more about this innovative learning protocol, or to sign up today, click here now!