In 1931, two relentless researchers toppled the
very first domino in a LONG chain to conquering pain…

Today—their hard work is finally being fulfilled with…

The Prometheus
Pain Cure

Why does this simple substance relieve
arthritis pain when others can’t?

Scientists finally know why!

How can it go to work on lower back pain—
not on the first day, but within the first few MINUTES?
The answer was literally unheard of until this moment…

And why is a revelation this significant still a secret?
If you’ve paid for a pricey prescription lately
you can probably take a good guess!

He’s known as the greatest thief in all of humanity’s myths.

Prometheus—the ancient mortal who stole fire from the gods, delivered it to the masses…and was sentenced to everlasting torment for doing so.

The incredible scientific breakthrough I want to share with you today shares one important characteristic with this mythological martyr—

It’s a thief through and through.

But unlike the tale of Prometheus—this story doesn’t end with more pain. In fact—

It’s the breakthrough that could finally end years of pain—in ONE FELL SWOOP

Hello, my name is Katherine Wheeler. What you’re about to hear is not a “trick.” I would never demean this breakthrough by calling it “weird” or “strange.” You’ve heard all of that before.

This is the result of over 80 years’ worth of scientific grind and grit—and it was relayed to me by one of the most respected medical researchers of our time. I’ll introduce him in a moment. But first…

I want you to know I hear from folks every day asking, can you help me with my pain?

Their knees are popping, their fingers are burning and their backs are throbbing—and modern medicine doesn’t have the slightest clue on how to solve it.

Sound familiar?

Our doctors and our government have us trapped in something I call, “the endless pain cycle.”

They peddle prescriptions that mask our aches, our pains, our arthritis and more—but that’s it. It’s a mirage which lasts for a few short hours—and then you need more, as if you were addicted.

And in fact, you might just be.

But what you’re about to hear is different. Because…

This RELIEF “steals” pain’s power

In 1931, two researchers, Ulf von Euler and Sir John H. Gaddum made a fortunate discovery. To be honest, I can’t say for sure that they even knew exactly what they had stumbled upon.

From the spinal cord of a potbellied pig, they isolated a substance known to this day as substance P. It’s a unique chemical in your body—and perhaps the very origin of pain as we know it.

At the time, the only thing these two scientists knew about was that it causes smooth muscle tissue to contract…

Now, 80 years later, we can finally look back on their discovery and say…

That was the BIG BANG moment
in conquering pain for good!

Over the last 80 years, we’ve learned a lot about this simple substance—but most importantly…

It’s the messaging substance between the cause of pain and the brain.

Let’s say you scrape your knee. The actual laceration is NOT what makes you experience pain. It’s substance P racing to your brain, triggering your body to experience pain and take action.

It’s obviously a useful signal that something is wrong, right? But when it comes to arthritis and inflammation—your brain is being flooded with substance P constantly—putting you in chronic, crippling pain.

But what if a SECRET could “steal”
substance P from your body—
RIDDING you of pain’s power source?

Then you could “unplug” pain from your body. You could strip pain of its power. You could regain the upper hand from pain!

Allow me to introduce you to the “Prometheus” Pain Cure and the man who first brought it to my attention (along with an arsenal of remedies for all types of pain…from a sore back, to arthritis—all the way up to cancer).

But first, let me make one thing clear, the Prometheus pain cure is natural—but it is powerful.

That’s because it’s the most readily available secret I could find that can enter your body—and specifically interfere with or even all-out deplete substance P!

As it was told to me—this makes the Prometheus Pain Cure perfect for those suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or even diabetic neuropathy!

And it’s already working wonders.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis (the BIG BAD’s) rubbed the Prometheus Pain Cure on their knees four times a day for four weeks…

But just after two weeks 80% of patients who used the Prometheus Pain Cure reported significant pain relief!

And its list of superpowers goes on and on…

It can work with your body to increase “feel good” endorphins to smother out pain…

It’s used for neuropathic pain and dermatologic conditions like psoriasis to decrease itching and inflammation…

It’s so powerful—some doctors claim it can help stop heart attacks in their tracks! That’s right, recent research published in the journal, Circulation found an amazing 85% reduction in cardiac cell death when the Prometheus cure was applied. This also gives it the most cardio-protective effect ever recorded!

And the best part?

The Prometheus Pain Cure is as natural as water…and nearly as affordable.

That’s a BIG reason why you haven’t heard of it until now. And you may never have…had it not been for one man.

I want to introduce you to one of America’s foremost experts in pain care—a man who has worked behind some of the medical community’s most tightly shut doors…

And now he wants to give you all of the details on the Prometheus Pain Cure and 14 other ways to defeat your pain for good.

Dear Friend,

It’s outrageous. One of the 20th century’s most pioneering pain heroes is now turning into…

A 21st century catastrophe

And the very men and women charged with protecting you and your family from a medical mistake this big—are doing nothing to fix it.

It’s the mother’s “go-to” pain remedy for her sick child…

It’s the father’s “on-the-job” secret to making it to 5pm with an aching back and shoulders…

It’s freely handed out in nursing homes, elementary schools and even hospital nurseries and yet…

This one substance is solely responsible for—

100,000 calls to poison control centers each year…

56,000 trips to the Emergency Room every year…

26,000 hospital stays every year…

And sadly…over 450 deaths annually.

And I can’t say it enough—many of these incidents are people like you and me…

…Using this potent pain medication “AS DIRECTED”

Hello, my name is Katherine Wheeler and as a mother—it outrages me to know one of my children could “accidentally overdose” on this all-too-common pain reliever.

And it’s not just a child’s mistake.

Millions of Americans are unknowingly taking multiple versions and combinations with the same dangerous drug, acetaminophen…and it all adds up to a catastrophic cocktail.

TYLENOL? That’s right. Every one of these nightmarish statistics hang solely on the head of America’s trusted Tylenol.

In a moment, I’ll show how a “simple” treatment for that bad back, hip, and arthritis can put you on the road to ruin.

But one doctor has seen the catastrophe we’re creating…and has a bold, “common sense” idea on how to stop it.

From a SCREAMING back to arthriticknees—
a HIDDEN WORLD of pain relief is unearthed!

“Pain is a natural process within the body—therefore a NATURAL approach to relief is the safest and most effective method available.”
                             -Marc S. Micozzi, M.D, PhD.

It’s time to readjust methods for treating your pain…and one man is already off and running.

Now one of America’s most renowned doctors is unleashing his findings to the public including secrets like…

The time-tested, non-invasive pain method that actually teaches your body to heal itself.

The “arthritis answer” already changing lives in India—and is about to explode in the U.S. It’s natural…it works especially well for arthritis and…it tastes delectable?

The 100% “WOW!” factor ridding patients of their knee pain—all without a single scalpel! It’s true—in one study, out of 30 patients who tried this simple substance for their arthritic knees—all 30 experienced a significant difference in less than 8 weeks!

Real pain relief is out there—
And you don’t have to sacrifice your body to get it!

While battling one of the world’s most painful diseases as a senior investigator at the National Cancer Institute…

While researching pristine pain relief at Walter Reed Army Medical Centers
for fallen war heroes…

And while authoring dozens of medical books and medical journal articles addressing the subject of pain and painful chronic conditions…

Dr. Marc S. Micozzi has gained more unique insights into the art and science of pain relief than most doctors currently practicing in the U.S. today.

Finally—all of his research has been gathered into one breathtaking compendium and is being released—FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME.

Now you can sigh with sweet relief
without the warnings, without the prescriptions,
even without the waiting!

You don’t need a note from your doctor…

You don’t need to spend endless amounts of money or hound your insurance company day and in and day out just to get reimbursed…

And you definitely don’t need to “roll the dice” with your liver, your mental faculty, or as you’re about to see, even your manhood…

Just to feel some honest-to-goodness RELIEF!

Dr. Micozzi is not afraid of a little confrontation (and he’s sure to get it with this truth-telling exposé)—but the fact is, you’re playing a risky game of Russian roulette with every prescription pill you pop…

Here are just a few of the bullets in the deadly chamber…

Wipe out your pain and your manhood all at once! It’s true—one study has already shown three-quarters of men on “preferred” long-acting pain medications have low testosterone.

More overdose deaths than cocaine and heroin combined! Almost15,000 people die from drugs like Codeine, Vicodin, Oxycodone and other opiates every year—and yet they’re still the most commonly prescribed pain reliever in America.

The Devil’s Deal you MUST resist—pain relief for a heart attack. NSAIDs (like Advil, Aleve and Motrin) have been shown to increase the risk of death and heart attacks in patients with heart conditions. In fact—NSAIDS cause more than nearly 15,000 deaths a year!

The Russian Roulette of pain relief—While studying the VERY popular pain reliever Celebrex as a possible cancer treatment—researchers at the National Cancer Institute discovered those patients taking 400 mg had a 250 percent greater risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke!

The FDA and Big Pharma LOVE that you’re in pain.

WHY? Because they love money even more!

Their “answers” won’t cure your pain. You’ll keep shoveling out money, you’ll keep experiencing knee pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and you’ll keep being dependent upon those prescription bottles. And if you resort to certain kinds of surgery for neck or back pain, you have a good chance of spending the rest of your life disabled with permanent, intractable pain.

But Dr. Micozzi wants to show you exactly how you can HEAL yourself from the source of your pain for good. That way, you enjoy your life—get lost in the day without worrying about a flare up or missing another dose.

Once you see and feel the powerful ways in which your body can take action and remove the actual source of your pain for good—

You’ll finally experience LONG-LASTING RELIEF—not the 4-6 hour pain masquerade you’re currently accustomed to.

The year—1981.
The place—Tufts University, Boston.
The breakthrough?

Big Pharma LOVES to sell a “one-size-fits-all” approach to pain relief. But the truth is—the mechanisms for pain are different for everyone…

And SO is the best approach to relieving it.

This is a fact Dr. Micozzi has known for decades and that’s why he’s been able to pinpoint affective pain relief with such accuracy over his career.

It started with a revelation that turned his head and he’s never been able to look away since.

In 1981, researcher Ernest Hartmann theorized that individuals have unique means of processing their feelings.  Dr. Micozzi and colleagues extended this finding to how different individuals actually experience or “feel” pain as well.

Dr. Hartmann believed that certain types of personalities respond differently to feelings. And Micozzi extended those observations to better understand certain kinds of treatments— and by pinpointing your own personality type, you can find a remedy with unbelievable accuracy.

of powerful pain relief—
and most doctors never even consider it!

But when you do, you can put yourself on the most effective path to…

Walking, jumping, stretching and flexing FREE OF PAIN.

Over the last 10 years, together with psychometric researcher, Michael Jawer (of the American Association for Naturopathic Medicine), Dr. Micozzi has taken this priceless piece of information and developed a groundbreaking 18-point questionnaire to help you find out which personality trait you are.

He and Michael Jawer are now considered to be the foremost experts on this critical very first step to pain relief.

So today, instead of throwing the kitchen sink at your pain—you can conquer pain with the accuracy of a cruise missile.

Most doctors take the “shotgun” approach to pain relief—
and you end up


Modern medicine has trained doctors to run down a very narrow gauntlet for pain relief…

First, they’ll force feed you “preferred,” long-lasting opiates—An estimated 4.3 million prescriptions for opioids (like Oxycontin or Vicodin) were written in 2008. But, if your doctor writes you a prescription for one—make sure it’s a shortacting opioid!

Then, they’ll jab you with a shot of steroids—but again—your body produces  steroids naturally. Steroid drugs march in and turn your natural metabolic process upside down. Take too many of these shots and your body stops being to heal naturally by making its own cartilage, leaving you altogether dependent upon them for the rest of your life.

That is, if you’re alive to become dependent. Last year, steroid injections for neck and back pain resulted in an outbreak of fungal infections of the brain and spinal cord. This treatment killed more than a dozen patients and sickened hundreds more. And it’s still happening….

Imagine a loved one entering the clinic for a stiff neck, leaving on a stretcher or worse, a body bag.

And even if your doctor does think outside of the box for a moment to recommend acupuncture…BEWARE—You could end up wasting your time and money.

You may be throwing away money and hope by choosing “watered-down” western acupuncture. Many forms as currently practiced in the west only account for a tiny part of the rich body of knowledge available in the ancient Chinese classics.

But Dr. Micozzi wants to show you how easy it is to find a powerful acupuncturist in your area—one who is well versed in the most effective and time-tested form of pain relief known to man.

And that’s just the very beginning…

Until you discover the details on these
15 pain-soothers—you’ll forever be trapped in the vicious pain-cycle!

What would your day be like WITHOUT pain?

After a very refreshing night’s sleep—you could sit up, stand up and start your day WITHOUT performing a virtual “systems diagnostic” on your sore, stiff joints…

You could decide between running, swimming or gardening instead of which prescription pain pill you should try next (and which dangerous, uncomfortable side effects you can endure)…

You could march through your day without a single flare-up stopping you in your tracks…

You could have your friends asking you to “slow down” on your walks through the park…

And when nighttime comes—you could fall into your bed and drift off instantly—without a tight lower back screaming for your attention.

Wait—do you have to have a seven-figure salary or
know the right people to experience


It doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not—if you’re taking the mainstream path for pain relief—you’re needlessly wasting thousands of dollars.

And if a doctor convinces you to go under the knife—it’s more like tens of thousands.

But that’s one of the finest points about Dr. Micozzi’s methods of TRUE pain relief…

It’s honest-to-goodness affordable!


The “Parlor trick pain-relief” that’s been soothing aches since the 1700’s!

And it’s far from a “trick.” This incredibly easy method is completely non-invasive and harnesses your body’s own power to heal itself (a trait ALL good medicine should aim to accomplish).

Originally used to treat anxiety and phobias, this pain-reliever’s origins date all the way back to the 1700’s.

It was finally endorsed by the British Medical association in 1955.

Research performed at the College of Family Physicians of Canada by one of Dr. Micozzi’s medical professors showed this “parlor trick” can be helpful for acute or chronic pain in children with cancer..
Just imagine what it could do for your everyday aches and pains!

And still this powerful pain reliever is all out ignored by doctors across America.

Want to get the details? Dr. Micozzi will show you how it works, why it works and where you can try it for yourself in chapter 3 of his BRAND NEW exposé…

The Insider’s Ultimate Guide to PILL-FREE Pain Cures.

Dr. Micozzi is releasing his personal files on POWERFUL pain relief for the very first time.

Imagine—11 filled-to-the-brim chapters dedicated to freeing you from the vicious pain cycle you’re currently trapped in.

It’s your very first gateway to experiencing 15 separate sigh-of-relief soothers that can have a powerful impact in your life—starting on DAY ONE.

Just like…

The NATURAL “underdog” that TROUNCED a pharmaceutical GIANT.

Maybe you’ve tried natural remedies before and they just weren’t strong enough.

Dr. Micozzi would suggest you’re trying the wrong ones.

In 2009, researchers at the NIH, the University of Texas and nine separate rheumatology clinics around the country pitted one little-known, natural Chinese remedy against a prescription medication specifically designed for rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Keep in mind…patients either took a small dose of 60 mgs three times a day of the natural secret or one full gram of the prescription pill.

It seems like the odds are stacked, right? Not so fast…

Of the patients who finished the six-month study, 65% of the patients taking this one natural secret experienced improvements in joint pain, joint function and inflammation.

And guess what—only 36% of those taking this powerful, specifically-engineered, very high-dose arthritis drug experienced any improvements at all!

That’s what they call a spanking

And that’s just the beginning…

Tell him where you hurt and…
Dr. Micozzi will tell you where to find relief!

Are your stiff knees stopping you in your tracks?

Then you need to hear about the gift of the “Three Kings” healer receiving 100% POSITIVE results for osteoarthritis of the knee pain!

That’s right! 30 patients were randomly divided into two groups—one group took a placebo, the other took this natural “Three Kings” specialty. After eight weeks, the groups switched and continued for another eight weeks.

Were there some commonalities? OH YES. All of the patients reported decreases in knee pain when taking this “Three Kings” secret. They also increased their knee flexibility and walking distance.

You can learn all of the details—what it is and where to find it—in chapter four of your BRAND NEW pain relief compendium—The Insider’s Ultimate Guide to PILL-FREE Pain Cures.

Are your aching knuckles preventing you from dialing the phone, grasping the steering wheel or typing that email to a friend?

Reach out and reconnect. Dr. Micozzi is anxious to show you a little yellow POWERHOUSE that is perfect for arthritis pain.

And it’s virtually side-effect FREE!

It’s true. Patients who received just 500 mg of this little yellow secret showed the highest percentage of overall improvement for their arthritis pain—even more so than patients given this secret in combination with a “potent” prescription drug!

How do you explain those results? That’s the POWER of using healing pain relief instead of merely masking and tricking your body.

And it’s just one of 15 fantastic pain relief answers Dr Micozzi is anxious to reveal!

You’ll read about it and get the full details on this little yellow secret in chapter 8 of The Insider’s Ultimate Guide to PILL-FREE Pain Cures.

And if you’re depending on today’s “standard” joint supplements to help you scale the stairs like a mountaineer—be prepared!

Dr. Micozzi can’t wait to show you why the joint “darlings,” glucosamine and chondroitin JUST DON’T WORK.

That’s right—he’ll show the specific science that proves the most popular natural joint ingredients on the planet never even make it to your joints in the first place!

But the GOOD NEWS is…Dr. Micozzi has an army of natural remedies that do reach your joints and provide fast relief.

He’ll introduce you to every single one in his game-changing exposé…

The Insider’s Ultimate Guide to PILL-FREE Pain Cures.
And 15 sigh-of-relief soothers from Mother Nature’s ‘secret stash’

From a nagging neck to throbbing thighs—
and everything in between…
is completely laid out for you, starting HERE

Here’s just a sample of what’s inside your copy of The Insider’s Ultimate Guide to PILL-FREE Pain Cures

PILL-FREE Pain Cures
The ONE tactic preventing practitioners from prescribing REAL PAIN RELIEF to their patients. They say they’re “protecting” you, but as you’ll see, they’re hiding a world of true pain relievers in plain sight!


PILL-FREE Pain Cures
The best painkiller on Earth the government is DESPERATE to keep out of your hands. Dr. Micozzi will show you exactly why this painkiller is so effective in your body—and why our government has launched a decade’s long witch hunt against it.


PILL-FREE Pain Cures
The VERY FIRST STEP in pain relief—which most doctors have never heard of! I know I haven’t—but it’s hard to believe, because this one step could redefine just how effective your pain relief battle plan really is.


PILL-FREE Pain Cures
The ONE TOPICAL TREATMENT that’s as natural as water and can shut down the dreaded “substance p” within in your body. What’s that? The chemical that transmits pain impulses to your brain. It’s literally like pulling the plug on your pain!


PILL-FREE Pain Cures
The ONE secret you want by your bedside if you DO have to go under the knife. In fact, University of Arizona researchers found that injections of this surgical secret effectively prevented acute post-surgical pain. It EVEN prevented the development of chronic pain at the incision site.


PILL-FREE Pain Cures
The Nepalese back pain POWERHOUSE. This “top of the mountain” secret is commonly used to treat back pain in Nepal and has been doing so for centuries. Now modern day researchers are unwinding its secrets—nourishing muscles, revitalizing bone tissue and even relaxing the central nervous system. Why haven’t you heard about it for your back? YOU WILL.


PILL-FREE Pain Cures
The ONLY over-the-counter drug Dr. Micozzi will always recommend. If you’re in the drug store and have to have an OTC pain reliever—there’s ONE you can depend on—and it’s NOT Tylenol. In fact—it’s been used for hundreds of years already and has passed the test of time for public safety.


PILL-FREE Pain Cures
The VERY BEST way to stamp out back pain for good—it’s FREE, safe and takes as little as 40 minutes of your time PER WEEK.


PILL-FREE Pain Cures
The gift of the THREE WISE MEN pain miracle to snuffing out inflammation. Having walked hundreds of miles across the desert, they probably realized it even then—but now, one of the very gifts the newborn king received has been shown by modern science to slam the brakes on inflammation within your joints!


PILL-FREE Pain Cures


There are dozens of NEW IDEAS for your pain relief found within the pages of The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to PILL-FREE Pain Cures.

This is over 30 years’ worth of expertise—in one place.

And it’s being released for the very first time.


You might think the dozens of pain relief secrets found with this exposé could cost you a pretty penny.

It is after all, the result of thousands and thousands of hours spent within the halls of our most prestigious medical institutions, laboratories and libraries…

Truth be told, I recommended to Dr. Micozzi myself, that we set the price on this pain exposé to $49.95 because I thought it was worth it.

I couldn’t believe I had never heard of these results…these secrets…and certainly, the effectiveness of these time-tested techniques.

And it’s my job to know.

But Dr. Micozzi insisted…his exposé should be affordable to everyone.

Anyone who wants to BANISH PAIN should be able to

You do not have to be ram-shackled to a prescription pill for the rest of your days.

In fact, by taking a leap of faith today and spending a mere $19.95 (plus $3.00 shipping) you could literally SAVE yourself hundreds of dollars over the course of year.

That’s because the techniques, breakthroughs and secrets found within this masterpiece are designed to set you FREE from the pharmacy.

It’s just that simple!

Whether you have a creaky knee you want to lube up—or your back is bothering you so much, it’s preventing you from living your life—

Dr. Micozzi believes he has an answer that can help you.

But even better

Even with all of the secrets…

And even with the affordable price (you could easily spend more taking the grandkids out for ice cream cones)…

You STILL don’t have a single thing to risk today.

That’s because…

You have 12 FULL MONTHS to give
these secrets a chance

From the moment you receive your groundbreaking exposé—you have 12 FULL MONTHS to read it, digest it and even try every single secret within its pages.

And if you don’t find the relief you’re looking for from one of these secrets (which I’d be amazed if that were the case) you can still ask for a 100% refund of the purchase price (less shipping).

It’s that simple.

This means you can actually read and apply this knowledge to your body with ABSOULTELY NO RISK.

So what do you think? Are you ready to see what else the world has to offer for your pain relief…

It’s time to decide.

Stay in the vicious pain cycle you’re currently twisting in…

OR discover what life can be like when you start healing pain rather than masking it. If that sounds like hard work—you won’t believe how easy it actually is.

And it’s all absolutely RISK-FREE today.

You know there has to be something better than the side-effect laden pills they expect you to take for the rest of your life, right?

There is. And now it can be yours today for just $19.95.

Discover the side of pain relief they don’t want you to know. And what eliminating your pain for good actually feels like today. I can imagine the material found in this pain-relieving exposé is going to cause some kickback. I recommend picking up your copy as quickly as you can.

Don’t wait another minute.

Pain CurePrice: $19.95

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