Tiny amount kills cancer cells

Former insider at the National Cancer Institute reveals how THIS
ancient medicine could turn your “hopeless” cancer diagnosis into a triumphant survivor’s story…

If you or someone you love is battling cancer, please listen carefully to what I’m about to say…

Scientists in the U.K. have revealed a powerful cancer-fighting breakthrough with the potential to STOP the growth and spread of cancer cells—
Even when chemotherapy fails.
In fact, as the evidence grows, some experts believe this discovery marks…
The END of chemo-resistant cancer…

Researchers at the University of Leicester in the UK have been testing a compound called kBA for more than a year. They started where every medical breakthrough begins

Right here—

…in a petri dish. This dish holds some of the most virulent and deadly cancer cells on earth: chemo-resistant ovarian cancer cells.

In a series of tests, these cells—which had been strong enough to survive chemotherapy—were absolutely powerless against kBA. In fact…

The deadly cancer cells were
destroyed on contact.

Researchers were stunned. They’d never seen anything like this before. On a cold day shortly before Christmas, they stood in front of the medical community to do something they almost NEVER do—proclaim:

“This has enormous potential”
—Lead researcher and Lecturer,
Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine

They even said it could lead to:

“an improved survival rate for patients with late-stage ovarian cancer.”

Yes—that means a CURE
could be on the horizon

But here’s the most amazing part: kBA is NOT a new chemotherapy drug. It’s not even a prescription drug of any kind.

It’s a medicine that was trusted for generations in ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empire.

Its track record of safety goes back more than 3,000 years.

That’s right—this natural, safe, 3000-year-old secret did what the most powerful chemotherapy drugs simply can’t do.

When doctors run out of options, this is the solution you need to know about.

And that’s just the beginning.

Researchers rushed to test kBA in lab animals with one of the most aggressive cancers known to science…

And nobody in their wildest dreams
expected what happened next.

If you’re diagnosed with the malignant brain tumor known as glioblastoma, the somber truth is…

Modern medicine is lost on how to save you.

Your doctor will sit you down, close the door, and quietly deliver your death sentence:
“You have just months to live.”

That’s why a neurosurgical research team in Giessen, Germany, shocked the world by showing kBA…

DOUBLED the survival time
of mice with these brain tumors

But what makes kBA so effective?

Why does it work on cancers that are stronger than powerful chemo drugs?

The reason may shock you: Scientific evidence reveals brain cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, and even ovarian and breast cancer can all stem from the same lethal trigger.

It’s a trigger chemo and radiation can’t touch.

But now, medical research shows kBA has the power to:

Target and shut down this trigger
with pinpoint accuracy…
To stop cancer from growing

This hidden cancer trigger is a little-known enzyme that’s already in your body.

And the frightening fact is, it’s so easy for this enzyme to skyrocket out of control. Simple things like the change in seasons and even certain foods can send your levels of this enzyme soaring.

Once it floods your system, it triggers a never-ending cycle of massive DNA damage.

Mutated cells hijack your immune system so your body can’t fight them

And suddenly, a tumor is born.

That’s why the discovery of kBA’s cancer-killing power changes everything…

kBA stops this lethal enzyme in its tracks

…and this unique superpower is exactly how it targets and destroys cancer’s ability to grow and spread.

kBA has been studied for:

  • Brain cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Prostate cancer

Stunning reports on kBA have already been published by medical institutions all over the world. Switzerland, Germany, Italy, China, Singapore…and of course, here in the U.S.

And a little kBA goes a LONG way…

At the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, researchers demonstrated that even a tiny amount of kBA is a potent tumor-killer in cell studies.

This is unheard of—so many other potential breakthroughs FAIL because they only work at impossibly high doses.

While this works at a dose you could easily take each and every day.

And even better, it doesn’t matter where you are in your battle…

kBA could offer new hope even if you’re
facing a Stage IV diagnosis

At the famed MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, animal studies revealed this ancient medicine shuts down the spread of cancer—also called “metastasis.”

Plus, a neuro-oncology team studying brain cancer in Switzerland discovered kBA can kill cancer stem cells—the kind that drive metastasis.

And this ancient medicine is incredibly smart.

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma showed kBA actually differentiates between healthy cells and cancer cells—

Killing cancer cells within 12 hours, while having no effect on normal cells.

This confirms what ancient healers already knew centuries ago…

kBA’s healing power is safe
with virtually NO side effects

Can you imagine having access to THIS kind of cancer-crushing potential…without the brutal side effects of chemo and radiation?

As you’ll see in just a moment…YOU CAN.

But don’t expect to hear about it from your doctors. After mainstream treatments fail, their arsenals are empty.

The only “new treatments” they know about are the ones big pharma wants them to know about.

But today…FINALLY…one former expert at the National Cancer Institute is talking openly about what you can do when mainstream medicine isn’t enough…

When modern protocols leave you feeling sicker and weaker than you were before…

And when you need somewhere else to turn.

This former insider is on a mission to answer all the last resort questions you’re left with whendoctors say:

“Your treatment is over.”

“You’ll just have to live with it.”

“There are no guarantees.”

“Your cancer is incurable.”

Or even:

“There’s nothing else I can do for you.”

This expert spent more than 40 years inside the nation’s most prestigious medical organizations—including the National Institutes of Health, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the University of Pennsylvania, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

He’s worked with the brightest minds in science, medicine, and public policy, including the late Surgeon General C. Everett Koop and Attorney General Janet Reno.

His name is Marc Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. His mission has always been to follow the science, wherever it leads…even if it flies in the face of mainstream medical opinions.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the alarming rumors about “mainstream medicine” and wondered if they’re actually true—

Could there really be more to medicine
than doctors, government researchers,
and policy experts want you to know?

Dr. Micozzi can tell you: YES, THERE IS…

Because…he’s seen it firsthand. Countless breakthroughs have been swept under the rug by the most powerful names in science and government…and he can’t let them get away with it.

That’s why he’s putting the truth into your hands…

Starting with the cancer-crushing power of kBA.

Today this former government insider releases every detail in a brand-new book…

“Last Resort” Cures:
Healing Secrets That WORK
When Modern Medicine Fails

You’ll discover everything behind kBA’s anti-cancer power, including groundbreaking findings I don’t have enough time to cover here—and, most importantly—

This book reveals how you can use it yourself.

But that’s just the beginning…

If you feel abandoned by modern medicine…please do not give up.

This entire 537-page book unearths powerful healing secrets with the power to save your health and change your life…

Even when modern medicine says, “You’ve run out of options.”

Dr. Micozzi wrote this book because he believes you have a right to know what works—whether it’s natural or prescription, ancient or modern. The mainstream medical world shouldn’t decide for you.

That’s why, today only, you’ll have an opportunity to get your copy of “Last Resort” Cures FREE.

I’ll show you all the details in just a minute.

First you’ve got to see what else is waiting for you in this invaluable guide—because it’s designed to walk you through EVERY health concern you’re facing right now…

So you NEVER feel abandoned, even when modern medicine has turned its back on you.

For example…

What if you or a loved one receives
the devastating news you have
Alzheimer’s disease…

Would you know what to do?

Because big pharma doesn’t. It’s one of their biggest failures of all time.

They can’t stop this disease. They can’t even slow it down.

And yet—doctors have been writing prescriptions for useless Alzheimer’s drugs for 25 years.

Dr. Micozzi never stops asking “WHY?”

Because according to his research, there IS a way to heal the brain—even in the face of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

You see, while big pharma is so laser-focused on plaques and tangles in the brain…

They flat-out IGNORE the one thing that brings lost memory back.

It’s called neural plasticity, and Dr. Micozzi believes it is…

The key to reversing Alzheimer’s disease—

Neural plasticity makes it possible for your brain to change over time. Every day of your life, your brain “rewires” its network to help you think, learn, and remember.

Doctors and researchers assume that by the time symptoms of Alzheimer’s show up, the brain is already so damaged, it can no longer “rewire.”

But then how do they explain this:

A stunning report from the University of Alberta in Canada shows people with mild-to-moderate dementia CAN re-learn forgotten information—and even create new memories—in just one week.

Imagine what would happen if you kept improving this neural plasticity!

Big pharma can’t do it…
But THIS memory-saving secret can

It’s a combination of three nutrients nicknamed “Brain Builders.” They belong to the same group of nutrients Dr. Micozzi himself studied as a Senior Investigator at the National Institutes of Health. Working with USDA researchers, he helped discover their role in human nutrition nearly 30 years ago.

Evidence revealed these Brain Builders skyrocket neural plasticity in mice—helping them learn their way around a maze faster than ever before.

And now we finally have human studies to back it up.

Look at what women in their 60s, 70s, and 80s were able to do after taking just ONE of these Brain Builders for 4 months. They could:

  • Memorize details more efficiently
  • Boost word recall, for better conversation
  • And easily remember details like shopping lists

Plus, a study of some of the world’s longest-lived people reveals these Brain Builders are linked to better mental function AND a higher IQ…

Even at age 100!

But that’s not all.

Researchers at the University of South Florida Brain Repair Center in Tampa made a discovery that will bring you hope for saving your memory right now:

These powerful Brain Builders can combat 5 top causes of brain cell damage and memory loss

  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Antioxidant depletion
  • Toxic proteins

So you never get Alzheimer’s in the first place

In fact, two brand-new studies with more than 5,000 people reveal that with more of these memory powerhouses in your brain…

You’ll slash your risk of Alzheimer’s by 25%!

Plus, you’ll have:

  • Quicker thinking
  • Razor-sharp recall, and
  • A better brain for life

This is groundbreaking news. Not one of big pharma’s drugs can keep you from getting Alzheimer’s.

And they can’t promise you results anywhere CLOSE to this.

But these 3 Brain Builders continue to leave scientists speechless—because these healing wonders can target and travel to the most vulnerable areas of your brain, where you really need them.

You’d expect this to be the first thing out of your neurologist’s mouth, and yet…I can guarantee he won’t tell you about it.

Luckily, you can find every brain-healing, memory-saving detail in Dr. Micozzi’s new book:

“Last Resort” Cures:
Healing Secrets That WORK
When Modern Medicine Fails

This book will show you how the 3 Brain Builders work…and how much of them you need to start healing your brain right away.

Can you imagine how much better you’ll feel knowing your brain is protected?

Your spouse, your kids, your friends…they’ll all notice the difference when you go from “foggy-headed” and forgetful…to sharp, organized, and quick with a joke. Just like you used to be.

Now you don’t have to live with the fear of losing your memory or your independence, thanks to the secrets you’ll find in Dr. Marc Micozzi’s “Last Resort” Cures.

I’ll show you how to get your own first-edition copy FREE in just a moment.

Now when you hear,
“There’s nothing we can do for you…”

You’ll know exactly what to do.

I wish mainstream medicine’s failures ended here…

But the list keeps going.

Not only does modern medicine fail to save you…but if you have a heart condition, it often poisons you as well.

So please, before your next visit to the cardiologist, take a look at this. You can:

Easily save yourself from a fatal heart attack
with this 7-cent miracle 

Hearing your doctor talk about your heart like it’s a ticking time bomb is one of the most frightening experiences you can have…

Then they say that if you want to live, you “must”:

Throw out your salt shaker.
Say good-bye to steak dinners.
Run a marathon.
Pop a bunch of pills.

Living like that can hardly be called “living.”

But…did you know this mainstream advice is nothing but a web of lies?

In his groundbreaking book, “Last Resort” Cures, Dr. Micozzi debunks these outrageous lies, one by one…simply by following the research.

For starters…

  • Not a single clinical trial backs up the idea that cutting out fat can save you from heart disease.You heard that right: Not a single one.
  • Plus, multiple studies show marathon runners are MORE LIKELY to have dangerous plaque in their arteries. And, extreme exercisers are also MORE LIKELY to DIE of a heart attack when they finally quit their huffing and puffing!
  • As for the popular heart drugs—scientists discovered they can cause cancer, cataracts, diabetes, AND, you guessed it, heart damage!

The advice you’re getting from the mainstream isn’t just dangerous—it’s flat out DEADLY.

So, why take the risk? Especially since 9 clinical trials show there’s one easy thing you can do to stop a fatal heart attack or stroke—before it ever starts.

It’s safe.

It’s natural.

It’s free of side effects.

And it costs just 7 CENTS A DAY!

Dr. Micozzi calls it the…

7-cent Cardio Cure that
could save your life

This natural heart-saving miracle works by fighting two dangerous risk factors for a heart attack—at the same time.

Step #1 is lowering your high blood pressure.

That’s the single best way to avoid a heart attack or stroke…and this 7-cent Cardio Cure can do it so easily.

In a large-scale study, researchers measured blood levels of this 7-cent cure in 155,000 people—and the results were clear:

Getting MORE of this 7-cent cure can
lower your blood pressure naturally!

That alone is a miracle—but it’s just the beginning.

Step #2 is soothing the dangerous inflammation in your arteries.

One way your doctor can check for inflammation is by measuring a substance called homocysteine in a routine blood test. The more homocysteine you have, the more likely you are to have a severe cardiovascular MELTDOWN.

Doctors will tell you that giving up your steak is the only way out of this.

But an NIH-backed study revealed this 7-cent cure is all it takes to dramatically drop homocysteine!

Which makes you wonder…

Why isn’t every doctor in America
prescribing THIS?

Dr. Micozzi believes it’s a CRIME for cardiologists to withhold a heart disease cure so safe and effective.

That’s why you’ll find all the details on the powerful 7-cent Cardio Cure in your FREE copy of “Last Resort” Cures: Healing Secrets That WORK When Modern Medicine Fails.

When you receive your personal first-edition copy, turn right to page 245 for all the details on how you can use this cure to safely lower your blood pressure AND your homocysteine levels.

Dr. Micozzi will show you exactly how much to take and when, for the maximum effect.

And if you really can’t stand the thought of another pill, he’ll even show you a way to take advantage of this cure that’s pill-free and just as effective.

It’s all waiting for you in your FREE copy of “Last Resort” Cures: Healing Secrets That WORK When Modern Medicine Fails.

So, what else aren’t they telling you?

Well if you have diabetes, the “last resort” cure you’re about to see could help you get your needle-free, worry-free life back. It’s Dr. Micozzi’s solution that…

Reverses your diabetes in

Once your blood sugar numbers start creeping up…doctors flat-out give up on you.

They add you to their long list of patients who’ll get put on drugs and finger-pricking tests to “manage” your diabetes…

But they won’t breathe a word about the diabetes CURE you’re about to see.

The first report of this stunning diabetes-reversing breakthrough surfaced all the way back in 1972.

A doctor wrote in to a medical journal about a male patient who’d been struggling with diabetes for 16 long years.

But then he starting taking a single daily dose of a therapeutic herb we call “orange ginger,” and quickly realized it…

Slashes fasting blood sugar IN HALF

The doctor was shocked.

How could a diabetic patient drop his fasting blood sugar from 140 to 70—without the need for insulin?

But it kept working, as long as his patient took it every day. To test it out, the doctor had him stop for a week—only to watch his blood sugar skyrocket all over again.

Now, decades later, researchers have finally figured out how orange ginger works so well.

For starters, it makes insulin work better. In fact, it turned overweight, insulin-resistant, diabetic mice…

…into lean mice who could once again rely on their own insulin. Without any medication. They even had improved A1C scores!

That’s not only a miracle—it’s a CURE.

Imagine, you can control your blood sugar with your very own insulin again—and never need another diabetes medication in your life.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Because researchers went on to make the diabetes breakthrough of the decade—showing orange ginger…

Regenerates your worn-out pancreas—your
body’s key to healthy insulin levels

It works like nothing researchers have ever seen before. Not only can it improve insulin resistance…

But according to 13 reports

  • Orange ginger revitalizes and regenerates the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin—known as “B cells.”Doctors used to believe B cells were beyond repair by the time diabetes strikes… But animal studies show orange ginger keeps them working AND protects them from free radical attacks!
  • Orange ginger also works to move sugar OUT of the bloodstream, where it does damage…and INTO the cells, where it can be used. And it works 400x BETTER than big pharma’s leading diabetes drug.
  • It even repairs the entire metabolic system, by promoting:
    • Efficient digestion
    • Healthy insulin release
    • Lower post-meal blood sugar
    • And protects against the dangerous complications of diabetes, including damage to the kidneys, heart, eyes, and nerves

Just take it once a day, and…

You could be living DIABETES-FREE

Imagine the look on your doctor’s face when your lab results show a healthy A1C, right in the normal range…

And when he tells you you’re finally free of having to prick your fingers morning, noon, and night!

Imagine going out to dinner again and actually enjoying your meal with friends…instead of obsessing over every single bite you put into your mouth.

So if you’ve been worrying about what diabetes is doing to your body…don’t wait around for the other shoe to drop.

This powerful diabetes-reversing, pancreas-protecting breakthrough is inexpensive and so easy to find. You’ll wish you’d known about this sooner!

Get the facts about how you can REVERSE your diabetes in 60 days or less, with Dr. Micozzi’s life-changing book, “Last Resort” Cures: Healing Secrets That WORK When Modern Medicine Fails.

I’ll show you how to claim your FREE copy in just a minute.

But maybe diabetes isn’t your biggest challenge today. Maybe it’s crippling arthritis pain that stands between you and the healthy, fulfilling life you want to be living.

So what happens when your throbbing knees keep you up at night…and stiff, achy fingers slow you down?

Your doctor is probably quick to prescribe pain pills. And maybe they dull the pain for a few hours.

But when those pills wear off…oof, you’re back to hurting even worse than before. Pretty soon you’re popping pills around the clock just to get through the day.

If you go back to see your doctor, he’ll probably just shake his head:

“There’s no cure for arthritis…You’ll just have to live with it.”


Why doesn’t he know about Dr. Micozzi’s pain-erasing secret that makes inflamed arthritic joints feel like new?

This healing breakthrough, a plant extract known as Desert Cherry…

Erases YEARS of crippling arthritis
pain in just 28 DAYS

To find out how well it works, researchers asked 60 brave individuals to give up their regular pain pills and take a dose of Desert Cherry…or a dose of placebo…twice a day.

It was a 3-month study, but they didn’t have to wait that long to see results. In just 28 days, the group who got Desert Cherry already had:

  • Reduced knee swelling
  • Improved walking ability
  • And less pain!

By the end, the Desert Cherry group had taken 40% LESS Tylenol as “rescue medication” than the placebo group.

And after years of suffering, feeling relief after 28 days is pretty amazing. But there have been reports that Desert Cherry can knock out pain even QUICKER than that!

Just ask Irene Johnson. Her severe knee pain started to melt away after just 2 DAYS!

She was so stunned, she wrote, “I’ve been taking this now for a week, and the pain is almost completely gone…”

“I’ve never had anything make
such a difference so fast!”

So let me ask you – what will you do first when you finally leave pain behind?

Will you take your dog out on a hike? Ride your bike with the grandkids? Enjoy a weekend getaway at the lake?

With Desert Cherry, you can.

But remember, you won’t find this pain-fighting miracle behind the counter at any pharmacy. And there’s a good chance your doctor’s never even heard of it.

But you can get it yourself, over the counter, for less than most insurance co-pays.

Dr. Micozzi shows you how in his brand-new book, “Last Resort” Cures: Healing Secrets That WORK When Modern Medicine Fails.”

Plus, you’ll also discover Dr. Micozzi’s secret for getting even better results from Desert Cherry.

It’s so powerful, it can put even the most
agonizing arthritis pain into remission!

78-year-old William Burns of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, tried it and said:

“I’d been living for four years with constant pain in both knees. Sometimes I couldn’t even bend to get into my car to drive. Then came Dr. Micozzi’s cure.

“After only two months, I cancelled a planned knee replacement surgery. It was like the ligaments in my knee had been restored. Thank you Dr. Micozzi!”

When’s the last time you heard a success story like THAT from someone coming out of a doctor’s or surgeon’s office?

So the next time a doctor shrugs and tells you you’ll “just have to live with it…”

“There’s no cure…”

Or, “There’s nothing else we can do…”

Grab your copy of “Last Resort” Cures and try the natural healing secrets that WORK.

But these powerful, drug-free miracles
are only the beginning…

 Dr. Micozzi has uncovered hundreds of safe, effective cures and natural healing secrets that doctors aren’t talking about…or don’t know about.

Finally, you can get your hands on ALL of them in “Last Resort” Cures.

This invaluable medical guidebook compiles the greatest discoveries Dr. Micozzi has uncovered throughout his 40-year career…and he put it all together for you in one place.

Here are just a few of the life-changing secrets you’ll have access to when you claim your FREE copy now…

  • Wipe out chronic back pain WITHOUT surgery! Doctors are so lost on how to “fix” low back pain, they’ve created two new problems: opioid addiction and “failed back syndrome.” That’s why Dr. Micozzi worked with a dozen universities to review every study on low back pain worldwide—and the results are clear. The most beneficial, cost-effective therapy on the planet for CURING low-back pain is revealed on page 123.
  • REVERSE hearing loss in 5 simple steps. This natural solution restores and protects the nerves that transmit sound to your ear! Stop turning up the TV volume…and turn to page 390 instead.
  • Trim away your belly fat naturally! This overlooked nutrient flushes fat right out of your cells and helps you keep it off for good. No calorie cutting required! (page 336).

And what about the:

  • DRUG-FREE depression cure that outperforms Prozacwithout any of the terrifying (and sometimes deadly) side effects. No matter how long you’ve been struggling, don’t give up hope. You CAN knock out depression and reclaim joy in your life with the safe secret on page 431.
  • Pain relief for a lifetime—in just 3 DAYS! This pain relief miracle needs no special equipment, and you can learn to do it at home! You’ll be stunned to see how easy it is to turn off pain in just 72 hours…without a single pill. (page 161)
  • 1 saturated fat that HEALS high cholesterol! Your cardiologist will cringe at the words “saturated fat,” but that’s because he or she doesn’t know about the one healing fat that lowers the risk of a heart attack. But Dr. Micozzi does—and he reveals every last detail on page 199.
  • Fall asleep FASTER with Dr. Micozzi’s “hot-and-cold” insomnia cure. This science-based solution for perfect sleep is free, easy, and it takes about 60 seconds to do. Turn to page 307 to sleep better tonight!
  • Age-defying secret hiding in plain sight on your kitchen counter. Eating this delicious food activates the “youth gene” in your brain, for a younger memory, better coordination, healthy bones, and a youthful heart. Details are on page 388.
  • Eat THIS to save yourself from a stroke. The powerful nutrient found in 5 delicious foods can cut your risk of stroke IN HALF. Your neurologist doesn’t know about this, but you can show him the remarkable evidence on page 108.
  • Flu-proof” your immune system without a prescription. Try the healing herbal combo that’s clinically proven to be just as effective as big pharma’s expensive, dangerous drug Tamiflu. Turn to page 453 to feel better fast.

And don’t miss…

  • The single most important thing you can do to SAVE your life in a health crisis. Mainstream doctors have no idea about this…but you can’t argue with the research: Doing this 1 thing makes you more likely to beat cancer, escape heart failure, survive respiratory disease, AND live longer! The proof is on page 494.

Every time mainstream medicine turns its back on you—you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in “Last Resort” Cures.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Parkinson’s, chronic migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, cataracts… It’s all in there, and more.

And we’ve still only scratched the surface.

“Last Resort” Cures” also shows you how to save yourself from…

7 White-Coat Killers You MUST Avoid…

I’m talking about medical treatments killing or permanently maiming tens of thousands of healthy people every year.

These tests and treatments are so common, doctors order them without batting an eye—and reassure patients that they’re “perfectly safe.”

But the statistics paint a darker, much more disturbing picture. You’ll get the truth in “Last Resort” Cures and discover how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from these potentially deadly “treatments” and “routine tests”…including:

  • The grisly truth about colonoscopies: As many as 70,000 Americans are killed or seriously maimed by this procedure every year—and it’s never been shown to actually save lives. Find out how to cancel your “routine” colonoscopy and choose one of 3 safe, effective colon cancer screenings instead. (page 73)
  • The deadly mammogram sham: See why this “life-saving” test misses about 17% of cancers…increases your cancer risk…and harms up to 50 times more women than it helps. Plus, find out the painless alternative Dr. Micozzi has been recommending for years. (page 69)
  • The wildly misunderstood PSA test: Discover why this test is more likely to cause disability and death than it is to save your life from prostate cancer. (page 66)
  • Plus 4 more “white coat killers” you MUST avoid (pages 143, 161, 395, 408)

You can’t let another day go by without knowing ALL of your alternatives. After all…

Your life could depend on you saying
“NO!” to these 7 killer treatments

Why take the risk, when you can get effective results with the SAFE, noninvasive screening tests—and natural alternatives to prescription drugs—revealed in Dr. Marc Micozzi’s “Last Resort” Cures.

It’s time to find out what it means to live withoutpain…
Without fear of your diagnosis…
And without accepting your suffering as “just the way things are.”

It’s time to get the answers you deserve

Because the truth is, conventional doctors DON’T have all the answers. And it’s not even their fault: Dr. Micozzi has seen the mainstream medical-political machine suppress life-saving breakthroughs…

He’s been in the room when government “public health officials” blatantly pushed aside groundbreaking science that could change the lives of MILLIONS of Americans…in favor of a politically motivated agenda.

Most doctors never have any idea this is happening. It’s not because they don’t care. They’re just too overwhelmed by the sea of sick patients in their waiting rooms…always scrambling to prop up a broken healthcare system that’s run by profit-hungry insurance companies.

They don’t have time to comb through cutting-edge research and challenge the mainstream medical opinion…

But Dr. Micozzi does.

And he’s putting it all in your hands, with “Last Resort” Cures: Healing Secrets That WORK When Modern Medicine Fails.

But there’s just one more thing you should know.

This priceless book is not available for sale. You can’t buy it in any store…at any price…anywhere in the world.

Dr. Micozzi is giving it away absolutely FREE to members of his monthly health newsletter service, Insiders’ Cures.

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No other voice in natural medicine can match Dr. Micozzi’s insight and experience. He’s been a leader in some of the nation’s biggest, most respected health organizations—all the way up to the National Institutes of Health.

He’s searched tirelessly for breakthrough natural cures and treatments in 42 countries on 6 continents around the globe.

He’s published more than 300 articles in the medical literature, and authored or edited more than 40 books.

And it all adds up to powerful healing breakthroughs you just won’t find anywhere else.

Just ask the tens of thousands of people
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Memory improved!
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Getting better with age!
“Dr. Marc, I appreciate your knowledge, wisdom and advice. I have changed so many things in my life ‘medically’ speaking because of you…and I have not been this healthy in many years. Thank you.”
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Thanks for the Truth!
“Dr. Micozzi, thank you so much for the Truth and diligence.”
—Elaine F., Portland, ME

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