Jumpstart your mental motor
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Feel alert and energized 16 hours a day…supercharge your metabolism…ease stress…and sleep like a baby with Core B Complex. It’s ONE essential supplement you need to power through your day. And refuel at night. 

B vitamins are essential to human life. And there are 8 of them. Each one has vital jobs to do, including:

  • Jumpstart your brain cell function
  • Help generate energy and hydration on a cellular level
  • Supercharge your metabolism
  • Support your normal sleep patterns
  • Optimize your digestion to get the most benefits from your diet
  • Protect nerve cells, so your senses stay sharp from head to toe
  • Balance your moods
  • Strengthen your hair and nails
  • Keep skin looking healthy and clear
  • Steel your immune system against daily stress
  • Support your overall heart health

The B vitamins help you make the most of each and every day. So, is it any wonder that men and women with higher levels of B vitamins in their blood live a lot longer, according to new research!?

In fact, in a recent study, researchers from the Republic of China (Taiwan) analyzed national data for more than 1,700 men and women ages 65 and over. Specifically, they looked at the participants’ blood levels for all 8 B vitamins.

They found that men and women with higher blood levels of three key B vitamins live longer… up to a whopping 10 years longer, on average…than their peers.

But there’s one major problem with B vitamins. They’re water-soluble. Which means you can’t store any in your tissues. (Like you can with certain fat-soluble vitamins.)

You have to replenish all 8 B vitamins each and every day.

And frankly, most of us don’t do that from diet alone.  

You see, B vitamins are found in mostly eggs, red meat, and whole-fat dairy. Basically, in all the foods that government and mainstream health “experts” have told us to avoid. So, millions of men and women think they’re eating right and following their doctors’ orders by limiting these “forbidden” foods. But they wind up deficient in B vitamins. In fact, as many as 16% of Americans may be outright deficient in vitamin B12 alone.

What we know about stress and B vitamin deficiency connects the two conditions at the seams. In fact, some of the signs of a B vitamin deficiency sound exactly like how you feel when you’re stressed: 

  • Anxious
  • Nervous
  • Irritable
  • Unable to fall asleep or stay asleep
  • Tired all the time
  • Lethargic & weak

We know that each B vitamin does slightly different jobs. Yet they work together in the body. And have related roles. So, if one gets low, the others can get out of balance too.

That’s why you should always try to take all the B vitamins together…as a “complex.” Complex means you get the whole family of vitamins.

Core B Complex contains all 8 vitamins in the B family at optimal levels, including:

With the exception of Folic Acid, Core B Complex gives you all the B vitamins at levels far beyond the USDA’s inadequate Daily Recommended Allowances (RDAs). Scientists designed these guidelines years ago to prevent outright nutritional deficiencies. In other words, the RDAs should help prevent you from getting sick…and developing a 19th century nutritional deficiency disease like beri beri.

But you won’t optimize your health with just the bare minimums.

Now, we have better science that shows both your body and brain work better with higher levels of B vitamins. And don’t forget all the men and women from the study who lived longer with higher levels of vitamin B.

You’ve seen friends get expensive facelifts and eyebrow lifts. With Core B Complex, you’ll get a life lift! You’ll power through your day, feeling energized and alert. You’ll sleep better. Feel smarter. And supercharge your metabolism. Simply by giving your body more of what it needs each and every day.

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