Special “Ask the Insider” Edition – Your Questions—Answered

I always appreciate getting good questions from thoughtful readers.

These insightful questions show me you are really paying attention. And, more importantly, you really care about what I have to say.

But I’m keenly aware that even my readers, astute as you are, have to fight their way through a morass of all kinds of information—and misinformation—regarding recommendations and advice from other internet sources, TV doctors, non-doctors, hucksters, and even well-meaning family and friends. Not to mention the relentless noise generated by “direct to consumer” advertising from almost every big pharma company on almost every evening news show almost every day.

It’s a shame.

In terms of topics, we now have three years under our belt. And the Insiders’ Cures archive has covered the waterfront of diet, nutrition and natural healing, and warning of the known hazards of modern, high-tech mainstream medicine. I always present any real breakthroughs or new dangers as they come to light. But I also make it a priority to tell you about new findings that further support recommendations I’ve been making all along. Conclusions that I reached and passed along to you long before the crowd finally catches on (if it ever does).

And you can rest assured that I never write down anything that does not make biologic sense and is not backed up by real science after 40 years of experience, studying the full range of human medical conditions in men, women, and children.  And reading and reviewing the medical and scientific literature, and dissecting all the statistical manipulations that occur in modern-day human studies.

So as Insiders’ Cures enters its fourth year of continuous publication, I am adding a new dimension to our focus. That is, more dissecting of where, why, and how misinformation continues to be inflicted on you—and the general public. That way, you will continue to receive all my information, which I always stand behind—along with the added benefit of heading off at the pass, and nipping in the bud, as much of the nonsense as we can expose. Before you have to even consider it.

There are lot of so-called experts out there that you can simply afford to just ignore.  In fact, for many, you can’t afford not to ignore them.

And with Insiders’ Cures, you will have even more tools to follow that time-tested advice to “consider the source.”