10 foods for strength (and virility)

Men know we need to keep up our strength as we age. But dangerous Low-T drugs aren’t the answer, as I often report.

Instead of resorting to dangerous drugs, you should consider adding 10 key foods for strength — and virility — to your diet. Of course, if you follow the government’s all-wrong, outdated dietary advice, you will miss out on many of these important foods.

Here’s a list of foods you should strive to eat regularly:

Beans are high in both protein and vitamin D. They are heart-healthy and help to maintain testosterone levels (without the dangerous drugs). Eat them in soups, salads or as a side dish.

Cauliflower controls estrogen levels and supports testosterone. Adding even a small amount to your daily diet helps give you a boost. I recommend using it as a substitute for potatoes, baked, steamed, sautéed in garlic and olive oil, or mashed.

Eggs are rich in vitamin D and other nutrients that support testosterone. Don’t worry about outdated recommendations to avoid egg yolks. They’re the most nutritious part of the egg.

Garlic has many health benefits as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral agent. As many men from eastern and southern Europe will attest, garlic also helps maintain virility. You can add it to almost any dish. It’s especially delicious when sautéed in olive oil or grass-fed, organic butter.

Grapes contain nutrients that help support testosterone levels and the activity of sperm (motility) in men. You can eat them off the vine or add them to salads and even some fish or meat dishes. They are high in sugar (which is why fermenting them makes wine), so just a handful a day is sufficient. (Or get many of the same nutrients in one or two daily glasses of wine.)

Honey is a natural sweetener that also contains many nutrients. It’s high in “anti-aging” antioxidants and helps support a healthy immune system. If you want to sweeten any dish or beverage, use honey instead of table sugar (sucrose or cane sugar).

Meat is a key source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It also helps support healthy testosterone levels. Eat grass-fed, organic meat as part of a balanced diet.

Oysters are also rich in vitamins and minerals that support immune system and heart health. They have also earned a popular reputation as an aphrodisiac that supports virility. Add some lemon juice, vinegar or hot red pepper sauce, which will help preserve the potency of fresh, raw oysters.

Tuna is low in calories but rich in protein, omega-3s and vitamin D, which make it heart-healthy. Know the source in terms of limiting mercury exposure, as I’ve reported in my Insiders’ Cures newsletter.

Watermelon is a summer treat that helps support blood circulation, which is also key to virility. It also contains healthy carotenoids that support the prostate gland.  It is relatively high in natural sugars, so limit to moderate consumption. Add some watermelon to salads or to frozen sorbet.

By eating these foods regularly, as part of a balanced diet, you should feel good enough to skip the Low-T drug scam and get many other health benefits besides.

Remember you also need sufficient protein to maintain muscle mass, especially as you age. Beans, eggs, fish, meat and oysters should be on your list. (Even if the government and mainstream “dieticians” and “nutritionists” have not caught up with the science, if they ever had it.)