Real facts about breast cancer spoil the feel-good pink party

If you hadn’t noticed, we are in the middle of another ridiculous “pink-tober” celebration in what is otherwise a glorious month.  So I figured it was the right time to revisit the mainstream cancer industry’s scandalous approach to breast cancer prevention, screening and treatment.

The whole “pink-tober” marketing scam by the Komen Foundation and their crony capitalist co-dependents shamelessly appeals to the part of us that wants to think we’re helping others. It provides a cheap service to our consciences. By playing on emotions, the Komen Foundation gets a lot of people amped up on sentiment and “feel-good” rhetoric. And the science and wisdom go out the window — replaced by a lot of pink mush.

In Buddhist teachings, wisdom without compassion is cruelty. But compassion without wisdom is idiocy.

Indeed, compassionate idiocy fuels the politically correct passions behind pink-tober. And it makes money — hands-over-fists — for the Komen Foundation, the same-old cancer research establishment, and the National Football League itself.

(Apparently, the NFL needs the help after its own idiocy with Tom Brady and with the national anthem “sit-down” player strikes.)

This idiocy also includes selling pinked-up buckets of fried fast foods and cosmetics containing known breast carcinogens, as well promoting pink-colored drill bits for fracking.

Real facts about breast cancer spoil the feel-good pink-ribbon party

Unfortunately, the real problems of preventing, screening and treating breast cancer go beyond glib slogans, speeches and races for a cure. The cure they are racing for is like the carrot run in front of the (pink) rabbits that they never catch.

Breast cancer survival rates have NOT improved, despite all the pink football shoes and billions spent on cancer research. In fact, 30 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer already have metastatic disease. They are likely to die after an average survival time of 18 to 24 months.

Plus, since 1976, the rates of women under age 40 diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer have increased by about 2 percent per year.

Per year!

And how much breast cancer research funding goes toward this kind of deadly metastatic breast cancer?

About 2 percent total.

The irony of “catching it early”

The Komen Foundation likes to parade the breast cancer “survivors” in front of the pink-ribbon crowd. They say they “survived” breast cancer because they “caught the disease early.”

But research shows that most early stage breast “cancers” are not metastatic, the one truly deadly form.

In fact, new evidence suggests these “survivors” never had cancer in the first place. Their “cancer” diagnosis was based on the appearance of a cellular condition that does not extend beyond the interior of the breast ducts, does not invade, and does not metastasize. It was never even cancerous at all. And their lives weren’t “saved” because their lives were never in danger in the first place.

Never forget. Cancer is big business.

I recently read of a case of a woman who had a small cancer tumor removed from her breast. The surgeon told her all the surrounding tissue, including lymph nodes, were negative.

Yet the hospital oncologist hounded her for weeks, demanding she see him for a treatment plan involving toxic chemotherapy and radiation. Eventually, he billed her insurance company for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They told her chemotherapy works as a preventive measure against cancer.  What lunacy!

Let me be clear. Chemotherapy can kill just as surely as cancer can. And if the cancer didn’t kill her, the chemotherapy certainly could.

But when it is the chemotherapy poison itself that causes the death of a cancer patient, Medical Examiners, pathologists and other doctors must still list cancer as the cause on the death certificate.

False positives spiral out of control in effort to “catch it early”

Routine mammography results in an unconscionably high number of false positives. In fact, experts estimate routine mammograms harm 10 women for every one it may help.

Plus, there is no evidence that “routine” screenings decrease breast cancer mortality rates. Yet the American College of Radiology and the Society for Breast Imaging went ahead with recommendations that screening should begin at 40 or earlier.

I hear a lot of talk about the “war against women” during this election season. And I agree. Women’s health is being sabotaged. But not in the way one (female) candidate suggests.

The cancer industry wages the real war on women and women’s health. And the cheerleaders at the Komen Foundation facilitate it.

Turn to the true colors of fall for breast cancer prevention

October should be known for its beautiful autumn colors of yellow, orange and red — not polluted with pink. These colors represent Nature’s fall bounty, with savory, ripe fruits and vegetables full of vitamin A, anthocyanins, and carotenoids — which actively prevent and fight cancer.

Let the authentic colors of fall remind you about real breast cancer prevention. And follow this powerful, daily regimen for natural breast cancer prevention:

  1. A high-quality B vitamin complex
  2. 10 – 15 mg each of carotenoids lutein and lycopene
  3. 500 mg of vitamin C (in two divided doses)
  4. 10,000 IU of vitamin D
  5. 400 IU of vitamin E
  6. 400 mg of magnesium
  7. 200 micrograms of selenium

Also consider anti-cancer herbal remedies like curcumin (turmeric), ashwaganda, piperine, and others.

Take these supplements daily along with eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables.

In addition, perform regular breast self-examinations. Also, ask your partner and your doctor (if he or she still touches you) to perform them as well. Just don’t “fall” victim to pink-tober. Instead, keep your fall full of natural, authentic yellows, oranges and reds.