A health decision President Trump got 100 percent right

President Trump has gone on record saying that he doesn’t get the flu shot — ever. And he’s never gotten the flu.

So, since today is President’s Day, I thought we’d take some time to celebrate the President’s common sense and clarity on this issue…

Even though we should normally be nearing the end of the season, national flu hysteria still persists. And granted, this season has been particularly bad — with record-breaking outbreak numbers reported from coast to coast.

Health officials are predicting, when all is said and done, this year’s flu virus may eventually cause more than 56,000 deaths, proving to be the worst influenza epidemic since the “Spanish flu” of 1918-1919 following WW I.

Of course, the “lamestream” media still urge to you run out and get a flu vaccine if you haven’t done so already. It seems, even here in February, almost every single health news report is about the flu. And almost every single one ends with a reminder to get your flu shot. (It’s almost akin to the “Amen” at the end of a sermon.)

But that recommendation just does not hold water…

Flu vaccine ineffective in best of years

As you’ll recall, this year’s flu vaccine protects only 10 out of every 100 people who get it.

In fact, scientists at University of Pennsylvania, my alma mater, figured out exactly why this year’s flu vaccine (as well as last year’s) has such dreadfully low effectiveness rates. Of course, you’ll rarely hear about the vaccine’s ineffectiveness from mainstream media.

I did come across some good reporting recently by investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, who posed some important questions about this year’s outbreak…

Rappoport wonders if doctors are really testing every patient they see for the flu? (Of course, they don’t.) And — therefore — do people with supposed “flu” symptoms really have this year’s specific influenza virus?

He also criticized the media hype, labeling it as more of a PR campaign than a legitimate public health warning.

He added, “When health officials begin waving red flags and raising alarms about a current viral flu outbreak, it would be more than reasonable to demand they answer questions about their past lies and deceptions.”

And there have been plenty of deceptions…

Vaccine industry rife with conflicts of interest

I’ve always held strong suspicions about the connections among government public health officials, regulators, and the vaccine industry.

In fact, back in 1999, when I was providing testimony to the Congressional Committee on Government Reform, the Committee initiated an investigation into federal vaccine policy. The investigation focused on conflicts of interest on the part of the CDC and FDA.

Turns out, many individuals serving on two key government advisory committees had financial ties to the big pharma companies that manufactured vaccines.

Guidelines should have prevented these individuals from serving on the committees, but they were granted waivers to fully participate in recommendations to license and add more vaccines to the Childhood Immunization Schedule.

The bottom line is, the influenza vaccine has just a 50:50 effectiveness rate in the best of years. Plus, other data show the vaccine doesn’t really protect those who need it the most — like older adults and young children.

I find it very distressing that we never hear about so many of the scientific facts concerning vaccines. Perhaps they think we can’t handle the truth? Because the truth isn’t pretty…

The human body’s tolerance to multiple vaccines

The United States has one of the most aggressive vaccination programs in the world. But I’m cautious about recommending more and more vaccines — even for infectious diseases like the mumps. And I certainly don’t recommend them for the flu or even the human papillomavirus (HPV).

As I always say, we just don’t know enough about how these vaccines affect the immune system over the long-term. Plus, in the case of the flu vaccine, studies show that children and adults who get it are more susceptible to other respiratory infections. Furthermore, flu vaccines may contain other hazardous ingredients, such as detergents, formaldehyde, mercury, and others — often used as vaccination preservatives and stabilizers.

Fortunately, I seem to come across more and more experts who agree with me. And President Trump even seems to be on the same page…

New sheriff in the government’s crony capitalist “swamp”

Back in 2015, President Trump was a guest on the “Opie and Jim Norton” SiriusXM radio show when the hosts asked him whether or not he gets a flu shot.

Here’s what the now-commander-in-chief had to say about the flu vaccine:

“I’ve never had one. And thus far I’ve never had the flu. I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into [my] body…I’ve seen a lot of reports that the last flu shot is virtually totally ineffective.” He continued, “I have friends that [sic] religiously get the flu shot and they get the flu.”

Finally — some pure common sense and straight thinking, straight from the top.

Yet — the entire crony capitalist academic-government-industrial-medical complex stands firmly in favor of the flu vaccine and a proliferating number of other vaccines. Big pharma spends a fortune on advertising, both with paid commercials and relentless warnings by “objective” journalists.

This year, of all years, I hope you weren’t one of the unsuspecting victims of this government-sanctioned health scam.

As I’ve written before, what you really need to do is practice good hygiene in order to protect yourself from the flu.

For a reminder on some common-sense approaches for avoiding viral infections —whether from the flu or common colds — refer to my article from earlier this winter, “9 tips for surviving winter’s worst.”


P.S. – In an upcoming Daily Dispatch, I’ll reveal the one critical nutrient you need in protecting you against the flu. Stay tuned!




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