Ancient spice compound shown to regenerate brain cells

A recent lab study finding again squashes the old medical myth that nerves and brain cells can’t regrow. Researchers found that a phytochemical called Ar-tumerone in the ancient spice turmeric helps regenerate nerve and brain cells. It also caused neural stem cells to multiply.

The researchers were so excited about this discovery, they concluded that the compound will make a “promising future drug candidate” for treating neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Well, of course that was their conclusion.

Despite spending billions, big pharma has yet to produce a single drug that can prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Unfortunately, isolating this photochemical from turmeric will lead researchers down a dead-end road. I’ve seen it time and time again when big pharma tries to isolate the one supposedly “active ingredient” magic bullet from a natural substance just so they can turn it into a profitable drug.

Natural substances just don’t work that way in the human body. You should always take them whole, when you can, to harness their full healing potential.

Indeed, turmeric is probably the world’s most versatile healing spice. It’s been featured in more than 6,000 scientific studies and has been shown to have over 600 benefits. Isolating just one “magic bullet” phytochemical will only unleash a mere fraction of turmeric’s benefits.

For instance, in addition to the recently-tested phytochemical, Ar-tumerone, turmeric also contains the potent polyphenol curcumin.

Even the supplement super-star curcumin doesn’t supply all of turmeric’s healing benefits

Curcumin gives turmeric its golden yellow hue. As elsewhere in botanical medicine, brightly colored pigments typically signal a plant’s powerful biological activities. In other words, the more vibrant a plant’s color, the stronger its health benefits.

Mind you, many natural products contain only isolated curcumin. But here again, isolated curcumin only delivers a small fraction of turmeric’s benefits. And it leaves all the other beneficial parts of the spice “on the table.”

Many other studies, over several decades, show that whole turmeric has some pretty hefty health benefits, including its ability to:

  • prevent and reverse dementia
  • prevent and reverse cancer
  • act as an antioxidant
  • act as an anti-inflammatory
  • balance the immune system

The delicious way to unleash turmeric’s full potential

To get the full brain and health benefits of turmeric (or any spice/herb/plant), I recommend using the whole spice, as it’s found in Nature.

You can find fresh turmeric roots in most health food stores or grow your own indoors. They just need a large pot and sunny spot to thrive, as they’re tropical and can grow to be three feet tall.

You can enjoy the spice’s full benefits by eating curry dishes which contain ground turmeric together with cumin, coriander and occasionally chili pepper.

Plus, when you eat the whole plant root, you can get a “dose” of 1,000 to 2,000 mg (1 or 2 grams) and beyond. By comparison, supplements typically contain just 200 to 400 mg. And studies on supplements typically test at this amount (at least when they are trying to get it right). Supplement makers may like to add more, but there are practical limitations on how much of an ingredient can go into a capsule. (As well as limitations about how many capsules you can reasonably take in a day.)

Whenever possible, use healthy spices like turmeric liberally in cooking. Strive to develop this “good taste” for healthy spices in foods and beverages.

In an era when “good taste” appears to have gone the way of the dodo, you can still listen to your taste buds. They will tell you what your body (and mind) need most.

Furthermore, while big pharma continues to waste time and money going down research rabbit holes, you can learn about natural medicine’s most cutting-edge treatments, like turmeric, to treat Alzheimer’s and ensure complete brain recovery. It’s all in my comprehensive online learning protocol, the Complete Alzheimer’s CureClick here to learn more.

In addition, I will report on more of the many benefits of turmeric for joint pain and weight loss in the January 2018 issue of my Insiders’ Cures newsletter. Stay tuned!




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