“Black Dragon” secret for lasting, pill-free pain relief

Back in 1987, when I was working in China with a senior researcher from Heilongjiang (Black Dragon) province, I began researching a little-known technique for relieving — and even reversing — arthritis pain. In one study, which I’ll tell you more about in a moment, this technique was so effective, it worked twice as well as physical therapy for lower back pain.

I first learned about this technique from a journalist at The New York Times. He came upon it while on assignment with President Richard Nixon in China when he suddenly fell ill with appendicitis. It was so bad, he needed to have emergency surgery that day. The procedure went without a hitch, but an hour later he was wracked with pain.

Instead of loading my colleague full of pills or pumping him with morphine, the doctor treated him with a simple, all-natural technique that soothed his pain within an hour.

My colleague was so impressed, he wrote and published a two-page article about the “Black Dragon” secret in the next edition of The New York Times.

The discovery went largely ignored by mainstream doctors, but I saw its enormous potential and got to work. I went to China to work with a senior researcher to study this “Black Dragon” secret for pain relief and with foremost Chinese medical experts using this treatment. I spent months there — and years more extensively researching the topic. I found that hospitals all across China actually use the technique. And its success rate was off the charts — at over 90 percent!

Plus, Chinese doctors didn’t just use the technique to ease post-op pain. They also use it to perform miracles for people with arthritis. And as I dug deeper, I found study after study showed eye-opening results for pain of all kinds.

For example, a German study published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism involved 3,553 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip. Two-thirds of patients received the “Black Dragon” secret, while the rest received no treatment at all.

After three months, the treated patients were all experiencing better quality of life — with less pain and stiffness. In fact, they were doing so well, the doctors must have felt bad for the control group…they went back and treated them as well. And by the end of the study, they also experienced the same relief.

In another study out of Taiwan, researchers compared the “Black Dragon” secret against physical therapy on patients with lower back pain, the most common cause of disability in the U.S. They found that patients treated with the “Black Dragon” secret experienced a whopping 89 percent improvement in stiffness and mobility, which was double the relief from physical therapy.

Safely put an end to needless suffering

I have simply never seen a safer, more effective way to treat arthritis pain. That’s why I feature the “Black Dragon” secret prominently in my new Arthritis Relief & Reversal Protocol. This new protocol is a step-by-step guide with targeted advice for halting years of needless pain and suffering due to arthritis and other painful conditions.

As you know, I have researched and studied countless debilitating conditions — including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, degenerative and herniated spinal discs and fibromyalgia. And each one presents a different, complex problem when it comes to pain.

Mainstream medicine offers you three one-size-fits all “solutions” to these complex kinds of pain: drugs, injections, or surgery. But each solution is fraught with escalating rates of risks and failures.

My research shows in order to experience complete pain relief you need to pinpoint the treatment that’s right for you personally. So in my Arthritis Relief & Reversal Protocol, you’ll hear about many other safe, effective pain solutions in addition to the “Black Dragon” secret.

For example, you’ll also hear about my research into the triple-herb combo that destroys inflammation and allows your joints to heal themselves. For years, I lived with chronic knee pain. But just weeks after trying this three-herb combo, my knee began to do just what I expected it would…it started healing itself. I can now bend my knee further, extend it more fully, and walk farther than I had in years…all without the constant pain and stiffness that had slowed me down.

Step-by-step support to halt pain

So whether you have arthritis pain in your hands, neck, back, knees or feet…this protocol will give you step-by-step advice for how to support, repair and enhance your joint health.

I also review the causes of pain, stiffness, swelling, and lack of mobility (many of which will likely surprise you).

And I promise you, if you follow the steps as I lay them out for you in my Arthritis Relief & Reversal Protocol, it will change your life. Please take a moment to check it out now, to find out how you can halt years of suffering, avoid potentially dangerous arthritis pain drugs, injections, and surgery — and start living pain-free today.