Breaking news for men: New dynamic duo for physical performance, vitality and longevity

There is a new epidemic running rampant in this country. But not the kind you might expect. No, this epidemic promises men everlasting youth…while putting them at serious risk for dangerous–even life-threatening–side effects.

I’m talking about the widespread use (and abuse) of “Low-T” treatments.

Last Friday, I told you about some breaking news from the FDA. The agency announced last week that there is little evidence that Low-T treatments actually work. Yet millions of men are currently taking testosterone, and testosterone replacement has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

It got so bad not long ago in New Jersey, for example, that Governor Chris Christie asked me to serve on an expert panel to reform medical prescribing guidelines for testosterone treatments. It turned out that perfectly healthy, young government employees such as police and firefighters were wasting millions of tax dollars on their generous health insurance by abusing prescriptions for testosterone, which they did not need (and which unscrupulous and unqualified physicians were prescribing anyway).

Our panel created new guidelines to put these charlatans out of business. And the State Attorney General worked with the State Medical Examiner to impose restrictions and sanctions on the medical licenses of abusive physicians. (And not a moment too soon…With what we are now seeing around the country among our newly para-militarized police, the last thing we need is young healthy officers with “roid rage.”)

These “Low-T” treatments may indeed make men feel artificially more virile. But at what cost? Even when testosterone replacement therapy is considered “medically appropriate,” the risks still loom overhead. Risks such as increased risk of cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer–two leading causes of death in men.  Even American Legion Magazine recently cautioned their readers as a public service to beware of these treatments.

The good news is that real, natural vitality is now available. And it does not involve risky and expensive hormone treatments for Low-T. You simply don’t need dangerous products that offer artificial “youth.” As I’ve asserted before, supporting healthy aging is far better–and safer–than “anti-aging.”

You see, energizing every cell in your body is what real vitality and healthy aging is all about. Not the relentless gimmicks you hear about every day from all the health hucksters–both mainstream and “anti-aging” alternatives. Real vitality comes from supporting your body’s natural hormone production (not “replacing” hormones with dangerous artificial analogs). And this real vitality goes hand in hand with proper hydration.

Energizing and hydrating every cell in the body is the key to physical performance–whether it’s your muscles, heart, blood, circulation, or sexual organs.

And in that respect, there has indeed been a gaping void where men’s health is concerned.

However, you may remember some research I found back in late 2013 on two natural ingredients that together have shown some remarkable benefits for men when it comes to healthy aging.

Brand new studies on a unique combination of two natural ingredients show that it supports natural testosterone production in cell studies and in animal lab models. Further, human clinical studies have shown that taking this potent combo for just two to three months leads to marked improvements in physical performance and especially in gait, or walking ability. (Which is consistent with improved natural production of testosterone as well.)

While the tunnel-vision lab researchers barely mentioned the beneficial effects on gait–almost as a side note–many other studies have consistently shown that quality of gait is the single best predictor of longevity. It all makes sense when you consider that simple walking ability brings together muscular-skeletal performance, sensory perception, nervous system function, and cognitive processing and co-ordination.

So, finally, research has uncovered a truly unique, natural way to help men achieve healthy aging. The only problem? Despite its remarkable safe and exciting potential benefits, this powerful combination of ingredients wasn’t available outside the lab. Men could read all about it…but not actually get it. At least not yet. In typical scientific speak, the researchers studying this combination always concluded their analyses by saying “more research is needed.”

But as it happens I had already been researching each of these ingredients for years, and I can say with complete confidence that there is absolutely NO reason men should have to wait to put this exciting breakthrough to use. So I went to work to secure quality sources of both these ingredients…and combined them into an exclusive new formula for my Smart Science Nutritionals line of supplements.

This formula is like nothing before it when it comes to helping men achieve improved physical performance, vitality and longevity in a completely safe, natural, and scientifically proven way. And I’m both proud and excited to bring out this solution for natural vitality, without any of the dangers of “Low-T” treatments, to my Smart Science line…and to you. I’ll give you all the details about this revolutionary formula this coming Wednesday, September 10–so stay tuned. This development is information no man should be without.