Can Joe Biden cure cancer?

Speaking of the pressure to pour endless streams of money into medical research…now our Vice President is upping the ante even further. Of course, once again, the motives are likely more personal than altruistic.

Don’t get me wrong…I always liked Joe Biden, and thought he was a good guy. We used to say hello on the train all the time when I was commuting from Washington to Philadelphia. (That’s one definition of being between a rock and hard place.)

But a few weeks ago, on June 4, 2012, he gave the commencement address at Cypress Bay High School in Miami. In it, he spoke about the future of medical technology. And he encouraged students to:

“Imagine a day within your lifetime when doctors can and will engineer your white blood cells to attack cancer cells, and leave healthy cells untouched, allowing cancer patients to live out a full life without undergoing the difficulties some of you observe—painful chemotherapy and radiation procedures.”

After more than 40 years fighting the misdirected “War on Cancer,” (America’s longest war, by the way), Biden believes we will finally engineer those cancer cells out of existence. (But only if we re-elect Obama-Biden…At least, that’s the underlying implication.)

And all this will be possible, presumably, because the government will continue to funnel even more tax dollars into the money pit of NIH.

If Mr. Biden had worked one day in his life in the real world, perhaps he wouldn’t have so much faith in the science bureaucrats in Washington. Nor be quite so willing to take them at their word that a cancer cure is “just around the corner.”

Perhaps Mr. Biden likes the idea of engineering because of all that time on the train. But what makes his empty promise even more maddening is that, like so many things science has yet to accomplish, Nature can already do this.

There are a number of natural substances that can help your immune system destroy cancer without harming healthy cells. Even return cancerous cells back to normal. And they’re readily available right now.

In the meantime, one thing you can be absolutely certain about is that the government science bureaucrats are no closer to “engineering” a cancer cure than they were 40 years ago. No matter who wins the election this November.