CDC’s incompetence dates back much farther than its botched response to the coronavirus pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) should have been the U.S. agency leading the charge against coronavirus. But because of its sluggish and flawed response from the start of the pandemic, President Trump basically sidelined the agency and its director.

And, for one, I applaud the move.

The CDC is a bloated federal bureaucracy with a long, sorry history of corruption, fraud, incompetence, and secrecy. It’s gotten so bad, one political commentator recently called it the, “Centers for Damaged Credibility.”

Plus, although the institution is located in Atlanta, its deep-state bureaucrats are embedded and prospering among the unelected Washington beltway elites. And like the other unelected elites, they’re rabidly politically partisan and anti-Trump. In fact, the CDC Director publicly criticized republican politicians for accurately stating that the coronavirus had originated in Wuhan, China.

Of course, this latest series of missteps is nothing new. The CDC’s history of corruption and incompetence dates back much farther than the coronavirus pandemic. Consider this…

CDC oversteps its original mission

As its name suggests, the CDC was established in 1946 to control infectious diseases—such as malaria (and yes, coronavirus).

However, starting in the 1990s, it began seriously meddling in chronic diseases, too—making a complete mess of things, as you might expect. (This move allowed the money-grubbing organization to compete with the National Institutes of Health [NIH] for more and more federal funding.)

Specifically, the CDC began to urge Americans to cut out salt, cholesterol, and fats from their diets to reduce heart disease risk. As a result, millions of well-intentioned men and women began avoiding healthy, wholesome foods, like meat, seafood, eggs, and full-fat dairy. But we now know that advice was all wrong, all along…and it contributed to the epidemics of heart disease and Type II diabetes we now face as a country!

The CDC has also overstepped its mission by chasing politically correct causes—like gun confiscation and sex education. For example, a 2007 Senate fiscal audit found that the CDC had funded multiple “safe sex” events that featured porn stars, prostitutes, drag queens, and beach parties.

With all these distractions, it’s really no wonder the CDC stumbles when it must respond to its real mission of controlling an actual infectious disease when it does break out…

CDC budget should have been cut a long time ago

Recently, I’ve come across several “news” articles blaming the CDC’s lack of preparation and inept response to coronavirus on President Trump’s supposed “funding cuts” to the CDC. And these anti-Trump politicians even claim that these purported “Draconian cuts” put Americans at risk.

But these are bold-faced lies.

Trump’s proposal to reduce a small portion of CDC funding wasn’t even enacted! Instead, the CDC’s current bloated budget of $7 billion is bigger than ever—and more than double what it was just two decades ago! Plus, a smarmy, lobbying group called the “Corporate Friends of CDC” raises hundreds of millions more dollars. (It also raises serious conflicts of interest.)

So, the truth is, the CDC’s lack of preparation for and inept response to the coronavirus has nothing to do with budget cuts…and there weren’t any real cuts anyway. (Though their budget should have been cut long ago, in my opinion!)

Instead, it’s just par for the course. Now, let me refresh your memory of some other infamous missteps by the CDC…

Swine flu debacle No 1.

In 1976, the country experienced a small outbreak of the swine flu (H1N1). In an overt, zealous bid for more funding and power, the CDC recommended a new program to vaccine the entire U.S. population against the virus.

Over the next 10 months, about 45 million Americans (25 percent of the country) ended up getting this useless and dangerous vaccine.

But by the time the vaccine had been doled out, the swine flu had already gone away, all by itself. The virus was dubbed “the pandemic than never happened.”

There was one horrific outcome, however. The vaccine itself caused an “epidemic” of Guillain-Barré syndrome. (This rare disorder causes a crippling weakness, even paralysis of arms and legs.)

Swine flu debacle No. 2

Then, in 2009-2010, the country experienced another small outbreak of swine flu. And, again, big pharma developed a vaccine, which was given to children as young as six months old! This time though, the CDC had to recall more than one million doses of it, because they failed potency tests.

Hantavirus fraud

In 2000, the CDC alerted congress about a novel, mouse-borne virus called hantavirus. (Although, pathologists and lab scientists had known about it long before!) Congress gave the CDC up to $7.5 million a year to fight it. But instead of spending it on research into this new virus, they illegally spent much of it, year after year, on other pet projects!

Anthrax leaks

In 2012, the CDC’s main storage facility for deadly anthrax, SARS, monkeypox, and smallpox was found to be leaking—due to their negligence of the air handling system. (These same researchers operate the celebrated “P-4” deep containment labs. And if that doesn’t worry you, I don’t know what will…)

Ebola exposures

In 2014, the U.S. experienced an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus. But the CDC’s lax response allowed infected medical personnel to board commercial flights—which exposed unknown numbers of people to this deadly infection. All the while, costly, taxpayer-funded isolation chambers sat unused in its Georgia storage facility.

Annual flu vaccine

The annual influenza virus pandemic also falls under the CDC’s purview. That’s why each and every year, it mounts a campaign to promote their useless (and even dangerous) influenza vaccines. To develop their vaccines, they use flawed statistics and failed methods to try to “predict” which strains of the flu will be in circulation in the coming season.

But as I’ve reported before, their annual concoction reminds me of the brew made by Shakespeare’s three witches in Macbeth, “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.” (For more insight, take a look at the February 2019 issue of my monthly newsletter, Insiders’ Cures [“What’s more effective: Modern medicine’s flu shot, or the concoctions of Shakespeare’s witches?”]. Not yet a subscriber? All it takes is one click!)

Plus, as I reported yesterday, according to a brand new Department of Defense (DoD) study, there’s more trouble brewing for the CDC’s beloved influenza vaccine…

It turns out, men and women who get the annual flu vaccine have a much higher risk of developing an earlier version of the coronavirus.

So, as I also mentioned yesterday, just add that to my list of reasons why I always recommend avoiding the annual flu shot.

And, in any case, there are some practical steps you can take RIGHT NOW to boost your defenses, including supplementing with 10,000 IU of vitamin D daily.

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