Coronavirus: Flawed strategy, not lack of supplies, hindering U.S. response

As I reported last week, the jury’s still out about the exact path the coronavirus will ultimately take in the U.S. in the coming months. And the total number of deaths will largely depend on a number of factors that are out of our control.

So, today, rather than postulate about new cases, new symptoms, potential treatments, or any of the other unknowns, let’s back up and put this virus into perspective…

With few exceptions, we weren’t overwhelmed

Back in early March, as the first cases of the novel coronavirus started to appear in the U.S., all the public health experts here assumed that our medical system would be completely “overwhelmed”—because European countries like Italy did not appear to manage it well.

So, they made the ill-fated decision to basically shut down the economy and entire American way of life. Including normal day-to-day operations within the medical world.

Well, frankly, the healthcare systems and doctors in socialist, European Union countries like Italy just aren’t as good as those here in the U.S. Plus, we had more than enough capacity to care for these coronavirus cases in the U.S. (With the exception of hospitals and nursing homes in a few places.)

For example, we sent military hospital ships to the major “epicenters,” but their medical berths sat almost empty. The U.S. Army Corps of engineers set up mobile hospitals that also sat empty. And many local community hospitals still remain silent because people are so afraid to go to the hospital for any kind of care besides coronavirus!

We even ramped up ventilator production to much more than what was really needed (and stridently demanded by nanny state politicians). And now, it turns out using ventilators may actually harm coronavirus patients, not help them.

But who gets the bill for all this wasted capacity and production? And who pays the price for basically shuttering the American economy for two months or more?

You and I do, of course!

Flawed strategy from the beginning

For the most part, the U.S.’ halting response to the coronavirus has not been a problem of capacity, supplies, or staffing.

Rather, it’s been a problem of flawed strategy. All because there is a general lack of understanding when it comes to the virus in the first place.

Indeed, when you listen to the many talking heads at the various federal health agencies, you see that it’s really been the blind leading the blind. (And really, they might as well be wearing those masks over their eyes!)

Here’s what I mean…

As I’ve explained before, both the common cold and influenza are basically upper respiratory infections. On occasion, these viruses develop into a more serious lower respiratory infection, called pneumonia.

Of course, when older people with chronic medical conditions—such as heart disease— develop pneumonia, it can take a heavy toll on their health…and even cause death.

In fact, years ago, doctors used to call pneumonia, “the old man’s friend,” because it hastens the dying process in older people with all kinds of chronic diseases.

And guess what? The coronavirus closely resembles this same pattern.

It starts as an upper respiratory infection. But for some, it can progress to pneumonia. And in vulnerable older adults with chronic medical conditions, it can hasten the dying process.

But when you hear the breathless (no pun intended) politicians and public health experts talk about the “novel” coronavirus, you would think they’d never heard of this classic pattern of progressive respiratory infections. (Some journalists can’t even pronounce the word “novel, which is simply a fancy way of saying it’s “new,” like the influenza is new each year.)

Furthermore, we’ve lived all these years without an effective “cure” or vaccine for other cold and flu viruses similar to coronavirus. So, in my view, spending massive amounts of time, money, and resources to find one for COVID-19 just seems like a colossal waste of time.

In fact, as I explained earlier this month, according to the latest news reports, they now think the coronavirus mutated in early March. And the much-ballyhooed vaccine that they’re currently working on was tested against the original virus…not a new, mutated virus now in circulation in the U.S. So, when they do finally finish testing it, will it even work?

The foolish shenanigans by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) actually remind me of an episode from the “Beverly Hillbillies” in which Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen) got their banker, Milburn Drysdale (Raymond Bailey), excited about investing in the herbal cold remedy, concocted by Granny (Irene Ryan).

After Mr. Drysdale took a dose of the awful-tasting elixir, he asked Granny, “Now, is it really going to work?” To which Granny replied, “It never fails—just give it no mor’en ten days…and you’ll be feeling fit as a fiddle agin.”

Now, consider this…

Real cancer is far deadlier than coronavirus

One of the biggest tragedies of the coronavirus crisis is that it’s shut down almost all the cancer pathology work in the U.S., together with many routine hospital procedures. And, as a result, it’s being estimated that it may lead to tens of thousands of missed or delayed diagnoses of real cancers during the three-month period from early March through early June.

And remember, real cancer, especially when left undetected and untreated, has a far greater fatality rate than COVID-19 (which only has a 1 to 2 percent fatality rate right now, and will probably turn out to be a lot lower when all the numbers are in).

Then, beyond the immediate medical problems, shutting down the economy has led to more dire financial problems, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, and increased domestic abuse and injuries. Then, there are tens of millions of people with chronic pain who can’t get non-drug treatments, in the middle of a real opioid drug epidemic. There have even been more traffic fatalities (although fewer accidents) because drivers, in whatever state of mind, took to the near-empty roads and sped along at double the speed limits.

We will achieve a victory against coronavirus—but at much too great a cost

When the coronavirus finally fizzles out, like all respiratory viruses do, how many innocent people will have lost their lives or their livelihoods because the politicians and public health experts decided we couldn’t effectively fight off this virus…without shutting down the entire American way of life?

In my view, our “battle” against coronavirus is adding up to be victory won at too great a cost.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a passive bystander as the politicians and health “experts” dicker about how to safely re-open the country. Because there are places to turn for the answers you need RIGHT NOW.

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