Coronavirus panic caused a deadly backlog of cancer cases

Back in March, when the coronavirus began to rear its ugly head here in the U.S., I grew concerned that the borderline hysterical response from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) would wreak havoc on our floundering healthcare system.

And indeed, these unelected bureaucrats—with their faulty, theoretical, statistical “models”—insisted on shutting down all non-emergency medical care to focus almost exclusively on the coronavirus.

Now, it’s not that we shouldn’t take coronavirus seriously…we should.

But one has to question why the U.S. healthcare system couldn’t “walk and chew gum at the same time”? In other words, was it really necessary to cripple our entire healthcare system (and our entire economy) because we couldn’t fight a germ war on two fronts?

In my view, the months-long, almost-complete lockdown of our medical system was a huge, tragic, short-sighted mistake. And it will likely have some very dire consequences for people suffering from a condition that’s far deadlier than COVID-19…

Real cancer is far deadlier than coronavirus

As I previously reported, one of the most significant effects of the coronavirus crisis is that it almost completely shut down all the cancer pathology work in the U.S., along with routine cancer screenings—like colonoscopies, mammograms, and pap smears.

While this temporary halt of routine cancer screenings may have curtailed the problem of finding “fake cancers”…it also delayed diagnosis and treatment of real, aggressive cancers.

And remember, real cancers, especially when left undetected and untreated, have a far greater fatality rate than COVID-19 (which only has a 1 percent fatality rate right now, and will probably turn out to be a lot lower when all the numbers are in).

Patients with real cancers too afraid to seek treatment

Now that some medical practices and routine screenings are back up and running at almost-normal capacity, we’re starting to see all the cancer cases that had been neglected for months due to our single-minded pre-occupation with coronavirus. And, tragically, they now aren’t just undetected new cancers, but advanced cancers with higher malignancy and fatality rates because of the screening delays.

In fact, a cancer specialist in Cleveland just wrote a compelling report about a young women who had not been feeling well for weeks, but delayed going to see a doctor. She was afraid that emergency rooms and urgent care facilities were coronavirus “hot zones,” so she stayed away.

When she finally decided to go to the ER, she presented with a cough, fever, and fatigue—among other symptoms. So, of course, the hospital staff whisked her away to the isolation ward for COVID-19 testing, instead of immediately getting blood counts done—as they normally would have.

It turns out, the woman did not have COVID-19. Instead, she had leukemia—a life-threatening blood cancer in which fatality rates can double every two to three days, when left untreated.

Eventually, she was referred to the famed Cleveland Cancer Clinic. But by then, sadly, it was too late. She had developed terminal bleeding and pneumonia, and they could not save her from what otherwise is an example of a highly treatable cancer.

We must find a way forward for cancer patients

As COVID-19 cases in certain parts of the country are beginning to rise again sharply, we must find a way, going forward, to “walk and chew gum at the same time.” In other words, we must continue to work to contain the virus sensibly…but we cannot let the practice of medicine in other critical fields grind back to a complete halt.

Plus, when the corona pandemic inevitably dies down, the epidemic of cancer will remain at full strength…or, perhaps, it will be worse than ever. Indeed, some oncologists worry that we’re losing any ground against cancer that we may have gained in recent years. All because we let a handful of government, political-science bureaucrats dictate it all.

I guess I’ve just been around long enough to notice that each time the government steps in to “take action” during a crisis, there are significant, unintended consequences. And I’m also quite uneasy that there was a serious element of deception to much of what was done and what we were told.

As Sir Walter Scott wrote in his epic 1808 poem Marmion:

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!

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