Devastating new research finally prompts mainstream doctors to speak out against HPV vaccines

I often warn about the dangers of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine pushed by mainstream medicine and the public school system onto innocent children. And now — a group of mainstream doctors is finally speaking out about its dangers. So what happened to cause this sudden turn around?

These other doctors aren’t the “natural know-it-alls” who never recommend any vaccine or drug. And they aren’t the vigorous “anti-vaxers” the mainstream government-industrial-medical complex likes to ridicule.

I am talking about the American College of Pediatricians (ACP), which represents pediatric physicians who provide routine health care for our children and grandchildren. The ACP’s mission is to protect and preserve the health and well-being of children, including prevention of disease by vaccines.

The group addressed new concerns about the HPV vaccine in a statement published in January 2016. The statement used guarded, “medical-eze” language in the way it attempts to present a balanced view of a terrible vaccine. But still — the facts are clear. And absolutely devastating.

HPV vaccine linked to more serious health problems

Research links the vaccine with premature ovarian failure (POF) or premature menopause. This diagnosis means permanent failure of the ovaries, infertility, and all the medical problems associated with menopause in older women. But thanks to the HPV vaccine, it’s occurring in young girls.

I recently addressed the problems that happen when, instead of advising abstinence, doctors prescribe birth control pills to innocent young girls prior to the “age of consent.” These drugs disrupt the normal beginning of a healthy menstrual cycle — with lifelong adverse consequences for health. But at least a young woman can stop taking birth control drugs once she learns the truth. By comparison, once a young girl receives the HPV vaccine, it’s too late to prevent the lifelong complications and consequences.

The ACP statement cited two case reports since 2013 in which girls developed documented POF. But if you read closely, as I did, you see each of these “two” case reports actually involved three girls, for a total of six actual cases.

Of course, the government “approved” these vaccines. (And, as you know, the Director of CDC at the time went on to get a lavish compensation package and “pay-off” from the manufacturer of this vaccine, as I have also reported.)

Number of cases probably far higher than reported

The original research studies on the HPV vaccine submitted to the government never included long-term effects on the ovaries. They weren’t included in the pre-clinical lab studies on safety. Nor were they included in the human clinical trials, which in my experience is contrary to what the FDA typically requires.

Plus, since doctors were never alerted to ovarian complications, the ACP is concerned that pediatricians aren’t reporting all the ovarian failures (such as missing menstrual periods) they observe in young girls who got the vaccine to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).


Since both doctors and patients have been kept in the dark about the potential side effects of the vaccine, there are probably many more cases of this disastrous vaccine complication.

At least the ACP is stepping forward to warn us.

Since the approval of this awful vaccine in 2006, there have actually been 214 reports to VAERS of missed menstrual periods, nearly 90 percent due to Gardasil (the four-strain HPV vaccine). And we do know about the vaccine’s all-important “mechanism of action,” which explains how the vaccine causes ovarian failure.

First, the vaccine contains polysorbate 80, a chemical that causes autoimmune reactions. Previous laboratory studies show polysorbate 80 also causes ovarian toxicity. Yet somehow the government didn’t require, and manufacturers didn’t provide, any data showing the safety of this vaccine for the ovaries (contrary to government law and FDA regulations). A few other vaccines administered to adolescents (besides Gardasil) also contain polysorbate 80.

Second, the HPV vaccine contains aluminum adjuvant. An adjuvant is supposed to “stabilize” the vaccine. But big pharma and the government continue to assure the public that toxic metal adjuvants, such as aluminum, have been removed from new vaccines. So how come we still find aluminum in Gardasil?

As one whistleblower stated, it’s the “medical scandal of the century.”

We should promote one simple, vaccine-free approach to prevent HPV

The ACP says these doctors probably didn’t detect these problems right away because of the wide-spread (and wildly inappropriate) use of hormonal contraceptives (birth control pills) in girls, which can mask the ovarian failure caused by the vaccine. So, as I said earlier, if the drugs aren’t already causing enough long-term ovarian hormonal problems, then they give a vaccine that causes lifelong ovarian failure.  If they are trying to achieve “zero population growth,” this is a nefarious way to achieve it.

What are the mainstream big pharma, government public health experts, and government public schools doing to these poor children? All in the name of “protecting” them against sexually-transmitted diseases and pregnancy — when they should be protecting our children and our society from premature sexual activity itself.

The ACP contacted the FDA about these serious concerns. They want “more research,” now presumably publicly funded, while the manufacturers continue to rake in more ill-begotten profits.

Thankfully, the new ACP statement also contains some common sense. It warns actual doctors to make sure to consider the consequences for their patients and their parents. Real doctors caring for real children with their parents can still take back the health of our children and grandchildren from the nefarious government-industrial-medical complex, which wants to “provide” everything to our children — except safety during their youth and innocence.


“New Concerns about the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine,” American College of Pediatrics ( January 2016