EXPOSED: The clear cause of breast cancer

Throughout my 40-year career, I’ve witnessed how mainstream medicine has tried to blame breast cancer in women on everything from alcohol to obesity to dietary fat to red meat. But there’s never been any real evidence to back up these ridiculous claims.

Meanwhile, they’ve brushed aside—and even tried to cover up—the clear and irrefutable science about the hormonal causes of breast cancer.

Thankfully, a group of researchers and clinicians recently tackled this important issue. And they even presented some eye-opening findings about the link between artificial hormones and breast cancer—which they uncovered by performing a new analysis on data from the historic Women’s Health Initiative.

Let’s jump right in…

We’ve known about the dangers of hormones for decades

When I worked at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) during the mid-1980s, I actually began organizing a large study to look at the factors that caused all chronic diseases—including cancer—in women. (Women’s health was a woefully understudied topic at that time.)

Eventually, my original work turned into the massive Women’s Health Initiative, which officially launched in 1991 and enrolled more than 160,000 women between the ages of 50 and 77. (By then, I had moved onto other endeavors.)

For one arm of the Initiative, researchers either gave hormone pills or a placebo to a subgroup of about 16,000 women, to analyze bone loss, heart disease, and other conditions.

But that arm of the study came to a halt, mid-course, in 2002 when they realized that women taking the hormone pills developed MORE breast cancers (and heart disease)! Researchers immediately took the women off the pills. And they continued to monitor them over the next nearly 20 years.

It turns out, the women who took estrogen-plus-progestin hormone pills had a 29 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer than those who didn’t take the pills. Worse yet, this risk persisted for decades…long after the women stopped taking the drugs!

Initially, doctors believed that prescribing hormones in combination would be fine. But clearly, that assumption was wrong.

Dr. Rowan Chlebowski, who led the new analysis, stated, “The message is probably not clear” that even short-term use of artificial hormones may have lasting effects.

(A finding that is not at all surprising…at least, not in my view.)

But I’d wager that most of the six million women in the U.S. who currently take estrogen-plus-progestin hormonal therapy during menopause do NOT know about these significant risks. Because if they did, they wouldn’t be taking it!

Dr. Chlebowski and the other doctors who presented these new findings concluded that women shouldn’t take hormones to try to prevent breast cancer. But that’s a bit ridiculous, considering their analysis found that these hormones actually increase the risk of breast cancer!

Why not just suggest that no woman should ever take them?!

Hormones SHOULD be allowed to naturally decline in older women

As this new analysis shows, women who take artificial hormones as they get older have a higher risk of developing breast cancer—by almost one-third! And that risk persists even after they stop taking the hormones.

But really, none of this should come as a great surprise. As I’ve always said, hormones can stimulate cells to grow. In fact, cancer researchers call it, “cancer promotion.”

For this reason, sex hormones SHOULD simply be allowed to naturally decline as women (and men) get older. For example, when estrogen naturally declines in older women, it appears to protect them against breast and other cancers. And when testosterone naturally declines in older men, it protects them from prostate cancer and heart disease.

So, by adding artificial hormones back into an aging woman’s (or man’s) body, you’re only asking for trouble!

Furthermore, as I often report, other strong risk factors for breast cancer also relate to hormones. They include:

  • Hitting puberty at an early age
  • Going through menopause at a late age
  • Having no or late pregnancies (over age 30)
  • Having fewer pregnancies overall
  • Lack of breastfeeding
  • Taking birth control pills

Clearly, the real reason behind the skyrocketing increases in breast cancer relates to hormonal factors. But in the quest to pin breast cancer on their made-up targets, the political science bureaucrats at the NCI have manipulated these basic, biological facts throughout their entire careers.

Fortunately, there are many steps a woman can take to reduce her breast cancer risk, including sunbathing. And there are many natural and botanical remedies for helping with menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms.

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