Flu vaccines increase airborne flu transmission by more than 600 percent

A disturbing, new study from the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health suggests that the flu vaccine actually fuels the spread of the flu virus. It’s too bad this shocking knowledge won’t benefit this year’s near-record influenza epidemic, which is finally winding down. But it certainly sheds another damning light on one of the government’s favorite propaganda points.

Of course, public health experts have always told us the flu spreads by direct contact. And they denied it could spread by breathing in the air released by people infected with influenza.

But, between my natural skepticism of public health “experts” and a healthy dose of common sense, I just never bought into the party-line about the flu spreading exclusively through direct contact.

That’s why I’ve always advised you to avoid crowds…especially crowds in indoor spaces…because I sensed there was more to transmission than just direct contact.

Turns out, I was right.

Flu spreads through airborne transmission

For the new study, researchers screened 355 volunteers with acute respiratory infections and found 142 cases with confirmed influenza infection.

And they found direct evidence the flu virus can — and does — spread through the air.

My question is: How is this study the first to uncover how the flu spreads?

We may never know the answer to that question.

“Aerosol shedding” blasts active flu into the air

It turns out, when you get the flu, something called “aerosol shedding” sends little bits of the active, infectious virus into the air when you breathe. And you don’t have to sneeze or cough to blast the particles into the air or onto surfaces. Just regular breathing releases them.

Which means you can contract the flu just by breathing the air of someone who’s got the virus. (So, maybe it’s not so crazy to wear face masks when out in public, like they do in Asia.)

Plus, here’s the real kick in the teeth…

Getting the flu vaccine increases “aerosol shedding” by more than 600 percent

The researchers found that repeated flu vaccinations lead to increased generation of infectious aerosols into the air. In fact, participants who received flu vaccinations in the current year and previous year had 6.3-times more aerosol shedding than those who didn’t get the vaccines. In other words, they released 6.3-times more flu particles into the air than those who didn’t get the flu vaccine!

This finding is ironic in two ways…

First, why did people who got the flu vaccination get the flu in the first place? Isn’t the vaccine supposed to protect you against the flu? (We already knew it didn’t.)

Second, it appears that current and/or prior vaccinations increase your contagious transmission rate if you do get the flu!

The researchers suggested that vaccinations might promote lung inflammation, closure of airways in the lungs, and generation of more airborne flu particles, which all lead to increased aerosol shedding.

But here’s the real problem…it now looks like the government’s massive vaccine propaganda machine is actually increasing the flu’s transmission. Plus, as I’ve previously reported, many other studies show people who get annual flu vaccines run a greater risk of contracting the flu in subsequent years.

Maybe that’s why this year’s influenza epidemic was the worst in recent memory — brought to you by the government’s ineffective influenza vaccine program.

Of course, at this point, we’re past the worst of the 2017-2018 flu season. But there are still a lot of other viral infections floating around. So, for a reminder on some common-sense approaches to avoiding them, refer to my e-letter archives for the “9 tips for surviving winter’s worst.”




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