How Dr. Fauci failed us once before…and is set to do it again!

According to a disturbing, new report, the world’s hysterical overreaction to the coronavirus pandemic has caused yet another tragic outcome 

It has imperiled important, global research and development (R&D) into other deadly diseases and infections.  

Resources are foolishly funneled solely into the coronavirus 

The Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC)an independent group of about 25 non-profits organizations, academic institutions, and businesses—compiled the new report. And thesay by shutting down labs and throwing every available resource into fighting the coronavirus, it has led to drastic, worldwide: 

  • Cuts to already stretched thin R&D budgets  
  • Increases in R&D operating costs 
  • Disruptions to day-to-day lab operations 
  • Reductions in personal protective equipment (PPE) 
  • Shortfalls in scientific expertise, staffing, and training 
  • Delays and disruptions to critical clinical trials 

The GHTC explains these disruptions will likely cause long-term and persistent harm to the field of research science and, thus, could even reshape the entire global health picture.  

And, ironically, the GHTC says that important research into global infectious disease threats is the area most severely impacted by pushing everything but coronavirus off the docket.  

Which means, by diverting resources and shutting everything else down due to the coronavirus pandemic panic, we may be setting ourselves up for an even bigger fall to more infectious disease pandemic in the years to come. (Government planning at its finest.) 

Furthermore, the political posturingfear-mongering, and deception about the coronavirus has eroded public trust in and support of real scientific research, as I explained last month. All because the government health officials here in the U.S. and around the world didn’t think the scientific community could walk and chew gum at the same time! 

History repeats itself 

It all reminds me of something I personally witnessed in the late1980s at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

I well remember how science bureaucrats at NIH suddenly shut down research (and facilities) into studying long-standing, neglected, autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, and Sjogren’s disease at their huge Clinical Center in Bethesda, MarylandAnd this political decision directly harmed one of my close family members. 

The agency shut these projects down to divert all of these resources to combatting Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). 

Of course, scientists already knew exactly how to prevent AIDS. There was no mystery about it. But they refused to implement and promote these targeted prevention measures. Instead, they decided to crack down on the entire population and economy 

(At least back then, they could correctly say that AIDS had a 100 percent mortality rate. In other words, if you caught it then, you would absolutely die from it. Unlike the “novel” coronavirus epidemic, which has a far, far lower mortality rate) 

Tragically, because of this politically driven decision, we lost decades of research into autoimmune diseases. And we still have no idea how to prevent or treat them(No wonder they’ve only become much more common since then!) 

Well, any guesses who was a key figure behind those unfair, misguided, and politically driven actions at NIH in the 1980s? 

YesDr. Anthony Fauci, today’s public health hero. 

It’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul 

In addition to jeopardizing critical, worldwide, scientific R&D, the government’s hysterical overreaction to the coronavirus pandemic also had many other unexpected and deadly I’ve been explaining in recent weeks. Including delays in detecting, diagnosing, and treating cancers, Type II diabetes, and heart disease. The shutdowns also denied access to hands-on, non-drug treatments for pain, all in the midst of a real opioid abuse epidemic(No wonder there was a spike in accidental and intentional drug overdoses…and even a record-breaking, nationwide increase in homicides.) 

Well, as I mentioned last Tuesday, my frustration with our broken healthcare system is exactly what led me to start writing my Daily Dispatches and monthly Insiders’ Curesnewsletter, nearly 10 years ago.  

In my analyses, I take aim at the junk science, the fake news, and the politics of healthcare and medicine. And I promise to provide you with the most in-depth information on new, well-designed scientific studies that don’t make it into the mainstream press—including natural approaches for healing everything from dementia to cancer to Type II diabetes. (If you’re not yet a newsletter subscriber, I urge you to become one today. All it takes is one click.)   

I don’t know when things will ever return to normal. But I do know this…we can’t rely on Dr. Fauci and the crony, corporatist, medical system to keep us safe and healthy. So, as always, I encourage you to become your own best advocate and to take your health into your own hands. 


“New report finds global health research infrastructure—a key force accelerating advances against COVID-19—now imperiled by the pandemic.” Global Health Technologies Coalition, 12/11/20. (