Komen breast cancer foundation does more harm than good

Last fall, women battling deadly, metastatic breast cancer protested at the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” in New York City. Some women even came to the race wearing hospital gowns and rolling IV poles.

As you may know, this foundation is the largest breast cancer organization in the U.S. But I have a real problem with how it conducts business and its lack of support of the women dying from this brutal disease.

So, today, let’s talk about my five major criticisms of this unethical, money-grubbing organization…

1.) It perpetuates an idea that mammograms could be “the most effective screening tool used to find breast cancer in most women.”

But as I explained last week, the cancer industry is diagnosing more and more “fake” cancers. And thanks to the latest, high-tech 3-D mammograms being used today, breast cancer is no exception. In fact, tiny lesions of questionable cells often end up being diagnosed as “cancer.”

But in many cases, these questionable cells might not have shortened a woman’s lifespan if completely left alone.

Nevertheless, the industry might pressure women diagnosed with these “fake” cancers to undergo brutal, disfiguring surgeries, toxic chemotherapy, and painful radiation. Then, when the women somehow survive this whole ordeal, the cancer industry might take credit…perhaps even claim that the mammogram somehow saved their lives.

But the science suggests a far different story…

In fact, a major, 25-year-long Canadian clinical trial found no difference in death rates from breast cancer among younger woman who had regular mammograms and those who did not. In other words, annual mammograms for women between the ages of 40 and 59 do not reduce death rates any better than breast physical exams do.

2.) It might celebrate “fake” victories

The vast majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer don’t have metastases to other parts of the body, meaning the cancer hasn’t spread to other organs outside the breast. In fact, many women have stage zero ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which are growths located entirely within their breast ducts. And some experts question whether these internal growths should even be classified as cancers.

Yet, when women with these stage zero cancers make it through the industry’s brutal, toxic treatments, Komen might not know and may celebrate them as “survivors”. But what if these women were never at risk of dying in the first place?

Here’s a statistic that tells the real story…

More women may be diagnosed with breast cancer than ever before, thanks to more aggressive screenings. But the annual number of breast cancer deaths has not changed in 40 years!

And, as I’ve explained many times before, the death rate is the one statistic we should pay attention to, as statisticians can’t manipulate it. Plus, it’s the ultimate measure of whether a screening program (or treatment) is working or not.

So, clearly, despite all the pink ribbon propaganda, we’re still losing the same number of women each year to breast cancer as we did 40 years ago. Which brings me to my next point…

3.) It ignores women with deadly metastatic breast cancer

The average three-year survival rate of women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer—the deadly kind of cancer that spreads and kills؅—has not improved one iota in the last 40 years.

But instead of focusing on these real victims, Komen and the entire industry wants to keep the public focused on the superficial, “feel-good” antics involved in dressing up a deadly disease in pink ribbons, so that it seems oh-so-cute…and oh-so-curable.

Here’s another grim statistic that points out the reality of this situation…

Only 7 percent of all breast cancer funding goes to researching metastatic disease. Even though metastatic disease accounts for up to 20 percent of breast cancer diagnoses. And nearly 100 percent of all breast cancer deaths!

Which brings me to my next point about Komen’s support of research in general…

4.) It doesn’t spend nearly enough on real research

Many well-respected breast cancer groups channel 80 to 90 percent of their donations into important research.

But Komen spends just a puny 19 percent of its money on research. (And that’s up from 15 percent a few years ago!) The other 81 percent goes to “public health education,” which largely consists of publicity stunts that don’t serve women actually battling this disease. In my view, that’s just tragically unacceptable.

5.) It forges unethical partnerships

As I’ve reported before, the Susan G. Komen Foundation marches with a pretty motley crew to line its coffers. In fact, in 2014, the foundation partnered with a major fracking company called Baker Hughes.

As you may know, fracking utilizes known carcinogens, such as benzene and formaldehyde. But as long as they get their check, the Komen folks apparently don’t give a rip where the money comes from…even if it’s from a company that uses materials known to cause breast cancer!

We’ve had enough of the pink ribbons

Thankfully, many folks are catching on to Komen’s shenanigans. In fact, according to Susan Rahn, the acting president of the activist group MET UP, which helped organize the protest, “It’s research that’s going to save lives…not awareness, not public health education.”

Rahn is also battling metastatic breast cancer herself. So, she knows all too well how worthless these races and pep rallies could be.

Komen has held so many races over the years, it’s anthem could be an adaptation of the song Dust in the Wind by Bob Dylan, “How many roads must a woman walk down before she can call it a cure?”

Sadly, even after 40 years and billions of dollars spent on breast cancer research, the answer, my friends, is still blowin’ in the wind.

But the good news is…

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