Medical errors are deadly distress signals from a sinking ship

Yesterday, I reported on the new analysis by Johns Hopkins University researchers that shows medical error is the No. 3 cause of death in the United States. Each year, medical errors cause more deaths than Alzheimer’s disease, accidents, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and stroke!

This disturbing analysis shows medical errors in hospitals and healthcare facilities are far more common than had been thought, and three times more than just back in 1999. And way too common by any count! (And those are just the mistakes to which they admit. There are probably plenty of mistakes brushed under the rug that contribute to even more deaths.)

Plus, I find it interesting the JHU researchers chose to publish their results in the British Medical Journal. Once again, we have another critical study done on American soil, about American medicine published in the British medical literature, not the U.S. literature. I heard the lead researcher, Dr. Makary, explain on national TV how editors at leading U.S. medical journals rejected his critical findings because they were “not relevant to readers.” Or, more likely, the U.S. editors rejected the study because half of them would have to give up the treatments, on which they make careers, killing patients. I suppose we are fortunate that Great Britain and the U.S. remain two countries separated by a common language — otherwise we might never even know about findings like these!

Of course, in Great Britain they offer incentives, in a roundabout way, for doctors and hospitals to NOT provide unnecessary and inappropriate medical care, which produces a different mindset.

In the U.S., crony capitalist big government now forces taxpayers to subsidize a “health” care system through the Affordable Care Act, which is actually unaffordable to both our fiscal and physical well being.

The previous failed attempt to “reform” health care by Hillary Clinton 25 years ago just rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic. But this time around it’s more tragic because the Affordable Care Act forced all of us to buy a ticket on this sinking ship in a looming catastrophe of truly titanic dimensions. Some still can’t believe the Supreme Court of the U.S. declared this monstrosity law to be constitutional, myself included.

The Affordable Care Act still offers too many incentives for the wrong kind of care, for all the wrong reasons. In fact, I can barely keep up with all the stupid uses and abuses of high-cost, invasive medical therapies when scientific evidence shows they don’t work.

Mainstream medical experts demand “evidence-based” medicine for everything else. So why not when it comes to their own drugs and treatments?

Perhaps because the evidence shows we should be using all kinds of safe and effective natural approaches instead of, or at least before, resorting to the drastic drugs and medical procedures that represent “first line” medical care.

Is anyone listening to the distress signals?

The same administration that brought us the failed Affordable Care Act wants us to look away from all these painfully obvious distress signals from the sinking SS Titanic of modern U.S. healthcare. Instead, they want us to focus our attention and resources to eliminate the miniscule proportion of accidents caused by the lawful use of guns as our number one “public health” issue. They also want to spend tens of billions, bankrupt industries, and eliminate thousands of well-paying jobs for political, half-cocked pseudo-scientific theories.

As you know, the Affordable Care Act, gun “safety,” and many costly “environmental” regulations stem from a clear political agenda. More of the same — big government control over the population and the economy.

Those who want to “fundamentally transform America” hijacked the good intentions of many honest citizens simply by twisting (or ignoring) the science to suit their defunct ideologies, without any regard for the real science and the actual wellbeing of the citizens. In the process, they gained even more power over the American people. That is always the way of political science rather than real science.