Mother Nature’s “secret weapon” for optimal health and longevity

One thing I learned early on about natural medicine is its ability to make the seemingly “impossible” possible. And there’s no better example of that concept than adaptogens.

Their potential is so tremendous, everyone should consider taking one every day — right along with essential nutrients like vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Let me explain…

Adaptogens are individual herbs that have the unique ability to help your body adapt (as suggested by their name) to changes, both internal and external. For example:

  • If you’re cold, they warm you up
  • If you’re hot, they cool you down
  • If you’re tired, they wake you up
  • If you need rest, they help you sleep

Adaptogens have more serious effects, too…

They help return abnormal cells to normal. Adaptogens also help promote healthy, balanced blood sugar. And they can help keep nerve cells and synapses in the brain firing on all cylinders.

There’s no single drug that can do all of that.

But the human body has many mechanisms to maintain homeostasis, a “constant” internal environment. And adaptogens work by activating all of those mechanisms.

Modern-day miracles steeped in tradition

While adaptogens are still a foreign concept in western medicine, they’re still well-known — and commonly used — in Chinese and Indian medicine.

In China, the classic adaptogen is ginseng.

In Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) medicine, ashwagandha is probably the best-known adaptogen. It’s used for general longevity in Ayurveda (which itself means the “science of life” or “long life”), as well as for a number of specific indications.

But I’ve recently discovered another extremely powerful, yet little-known adaptogen that’s been used in South Africa for centuries. And it’s still revered there for its role in a tremendous battle for independence…

In fact, in 1879, as part of its colonization of South Africa, the British army attacked an aging group of Zulu tribesmen. The aging tribesmen were armed only with short spears and crude cowhide shields. And the British army — regarded at the time as the strongest in the world — fully expected to overwhelm the Zulu in mere minutes and then move on easily to conquer the rest of South Africa.

But a mysterious thing happened…

Zulus stun the world with their energy and grit

After hours and hours of fighting, the Zulus never gave up, never retreated, and never tired. They kept fighting with the energy, strength, and focus of men half their age, until eventually they overpowered the British forces in a stunning victory in the famous Battle of Isandlwana.

The stunning defeat shocked the British — and rest of the world. But the Zulus weren’t surprised in the least. Because, before the battle, they relied on a coveted local herb to boost their strength and vitality to newfound heights.

As time went by, news of that fierce battle reached almost mythical proportions in the history books. Yet the Zulu’s legendary herb remained a puzzling medical mystery to the rest of the world.

After countless hours of research with some of South Africa’s brightest scientists and health professionals, I finally tracked down the answer to this legendary medical mystery…

It turns out the Zulu tribesmen took an adaptogen called Sutherlandia frutescens before the famous battle. And they also used it to calm their nerves and lighten their mood upon their return home.

But as I discovered in my research, that’s really just the beginning of Sutherlandia’s story…

And while this centuries-old legend is what first got my attention, the science on Sutherlandia is what really “sealed the deal” for me, so to speak.

Head aging off at the pass

As I often report, stress ages your body in many ways. Whether it’s physical stress caused by wear and tear on your joints and skin…or psychological stress caused by spending long, draining days at work…or environmental stress caused by the toxins you breathe, foods you eat, and water you drink.

Other “anti-aging” remedies claim to minimize the effects aging has already taken on your body. But Sutherlandia helps head-off aging at the pass by addressing subtle, stress-related changes that continually occur in your body on a cellular level.

In fact, when your body starts to sense these stressors, your cells shoot up tiny red flags — and that’s where Sutherlandia goes to work calming your joints, replenishing your energy, and supporting your immune system.

Overall, it helps your body adapt to the stress and bring it back into balance. And science continues to point to the fact that balance is the key to optimal health and longevity.

As it turns out, Mother Nature’s “secret weapon” for health and longevity is revered around the world…that is, everywhere except here in the U.S.

As usual, America is late to the party

Sutherlandia and other adaptogens have been studied and researched outside the U.S. for decades. And they’ve been used by Olympic athletes, soldiers, and even astronauts because of their amazing ability to protect and preserve the body’s youthful vitality.

In fact, during WWI, Sutherlandia was widely used in Europe to help support immune systems, boost energy, and help people cope with the stresses of wartime.

Today, Sutherlandia is known far and wide around most of the world. In fact, it’s so popular, it’s sought after like South African diamonds!

Yet it still remains virtually unknown — and hard to find — here in the U.S. So, a few years back, I began a long and arduous search for a way to bring Sutherlandia to the States.

And I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to obtain an exclusive, high-quality supply of Sutherlandia direct from South Africa. In fact, I’ve made it the cornerstone of my CoreCell Essentials formula.

Sutherlandia is, by far, one of the most exciting discoveries I’ve made in my years of researching medical anthropology. And adding it to my CoreCell Essentials has cemented it as one of the most innovative, promising formulas I’ve ever seen.

I encourage you to try CoreCell Essentials and see for yourself just how transformative Sutherlandia can be for your energy, mood, thinking, and overall well-being.