NIH Mandarins keep life-saving cancer screening a secret

We know how to cut death rates for the nation’s No. 1 cancer killer by a whopping 20 percent. In fact, if all at-risk patients got this simple procedure, we’d save thousands of lives. I believe it’s the best real advancement in cancer screening we’ve seen in the last 50 years. But despite solid evidence, government experts refuse to acknowledge it. So doctors don’t order it. And, as a result, you never hear about it.

Instead, you hear ad-nauseam about screening methods that aren’t nearly as effective.

Mammograms are a prime example. You hear plenty about them from government health “experts.” But routine mammograms can’t reduce cancer deaths by 20 percent. In fact, mammograms don’t reduce cancer deaths by even 10 percent! The sad truth is, mammograms reduce breast cancer deaths by exactly–zero.

As you’ll recall, a major, 25-year long Canadian clinical trial recently found that annual routine mammograms for women ages 40-59 do not reduce death rates any better than physical exams. Both groups have exactly the same death rates. Except women who get physical exams save themselves the cost, trouble, pain, false positives, and “cancer” scares. Not to mention the added risk of causing a real cancer.

And the government-industrial-medical complex is all too anxious to ram another questionable cancer screening procedure down our throats, so to speak–the colonoscopy.

Why don’t we ever hear about all the deadly complications of this costly procedure? Including intestinal tears, liver lacerations, internal bleeding, peritonitis, fatal shock, and death? I have personally witnessed too many cases as a former Medical Examiner. And why don’t we hear about other safer, less costly alternatives that are equally effective for many?

Then, there are all the ever-diligent thyroid “cancer” screenings. Yes, we are finding 8.8 percent MORE thyroid cancers each year among certain populations. But the rate of false findings has increased by 2,000 percent! Plus, the actual thyroid cancer death rate has remained unchanged over the past 30 years. So they are finding more thyroid “cancer”–radiologists everywhere, rejoice! But we’re not saving any more lives.

Now put it all together…

These ineffective screenings lead to the epidemic of over-diagnosis and overtreatment of fake “cancers.” None of them brings down death rates. But they do contribute to the cancer industry’s coffers.

The simple Pap smear test for cervical cancer is the only really safe, effective, and cost-effective routine cancer screening. It’s the one routine cancer screening I believe “ain’t broken.” But it’s rapidly being “fixed” anyway. The heavy-handed government-industrial-medical complex, in the guise of public health, now insists young girls need the dangerous HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

So, what if we had a real breakthrough cancer screening…with none of the problems associated with grisly colonoscopies, meaningless mammographies, virulent vaccines, or wasted thyroid screenings? And what if the screening worked for the nation’s No. 1 cancer killer? Shouldn’t all the experts shout about it from the rooftops?

Well, that cancer screening exists. It’s safe, effective, and proven to save lives. But you probably haven’t heard about it. (Unless you read my Daily Dispatch from about a year ago called, Chest physicians stick their chests (and necks) out.)

It’s rather ironic…

A year ago, the multi-billion dollar Mandarins of cancer at NIH dithered and cried wolf about a temporary government shutdown. (The shutdown was really part of a “showdown” over the government’s constant spending, waste, fraud, and abuse.)

They tried to claim we somehow “lost” a cancer cure because the government temporarily closed its doors for a few days.

Of course, this claim was pure nonsense. Do you really believe the cures that eluded the NIH for decades were suddenly going to emerge during a few days of shutdown? And were they really going to evaporate into thin air–never to be found again–during a temporary government shutdown?

Of course, not.

(But remember, not one government worker lost a job during this time. Nor did they lose one dollar in government “pay.” Ultimately, only the taxpayers lost out.)

The government scientists are far too busy ignoring the real solutions right in front of them. In fact, they act as if the real, proven cancer-screening tool for the No. 1 cancer killer in this country doesn’t exist.

Of course, I’m talking about giving CAT scans to smokers.

Two full years ago, researchers wrapped up the half-billion dollar National Lung Cancer Screening Trial. They found that screening high-risk smokers and ex-smokers with annual CAT scans would prevent 12,000 lung cancer deaths per year. These high-resolution x-rays can spot suspicious lung nodules.

One “expert” at the National Cancer Institute, charged with cancer prevention and screening, dismissed the new breakthrough. He said men and women at risk for lung cancer won’t take the test because they supposedly don’t care about their health. He then trundled out all the “problems” with CAT scan screenings, such as false positives.

Yet, these exact limitations apply to every cancer screening. Including all the ones promoted by the government-industrial-medical complex!

Truthfully, CAT scans for lung cancer have far fewer screening glitches. Especially compared to other, favored cancer screenings, such as mammograms and colonoscopies. The numbers of false positives and false negatives were no higher than other types of screening for breast, colon or prostate cancer.

Plus, the politically correct NCI “expert” is just plain wrong–and downright offensive–about the mindset regarding current and former smokers. According to the data, the patients showed great compliance. In other words, when a doctor ordered the CAT test, the patient got it. They didn’t ignore the doctor’s orders. Imagine that…maybe the “naughty” smokers do care about their health after all! Especially all the ones who already quit and are still waiting in vain for the government to offer anything besides their anti-tobacco obsession.

Using a CAT scan to screen for lung cancer is extremely safe. There is no increase in adverse medical outcomes. Nor any concern that the screening itself may lead to more cancers. (As potentially with mammography.)

What about the overall costs?

Well, we need to screen about 320 people to save a life. But that’s comparable to other cancer screenings. Furthermore, since the National Lung Screening Trial study was already done (at a cost to taxpayers of $500 million), it is another “sunk cost.”

The government cancer “experts” finally have a real opportunity to do something to save lives. Yet up to 50,000 victims have already died unnecessarily from lung cancer due to government dithering, duplicity and inaction.

About 8 million people today, right now, meet the criteria to receive this life-saving screening. If you are a moderate-to-heavy smoker, or were one, ask your doctor about a CAT scan. Now is the time.

And you may wonder why I frequently call the NIH research scientists “Mandarins.” Yes, it’s ALSO a type of duck. I figured it was nicer than using another name for some of these so-called medical experts–“quacks.”


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