Obama-Biden “cancer moonshot” is just shooting the moon

Back in July 2012, I reported how Joe Biden, at a campaign speech in Miami, Florida, promised he would find a cure for cancer as long as the Obama-Biden ticket was re-elected to a second term that November.

As I recall, my headline in the Daily Dispatch on the story, “Can Joe Biden cure cancer?” got a lot of attention.

Little did I know President Obama would personally assign Joe Biden to accomplish this feat of finding a cure! (Although he waited until the last year of that second term in office to give it a go — at least according his last “state of denial” speech to a joint session of Congress this month.)

As I said back in 2012, I personally know Joe Biden to be a nice guy and the genuine article in his intentions to help people and do good by the nation. And I am empathetic that he lost his son to cancer just last May. His son’s last wish was that his father Joe would run for President this year.

Instead, President Obama seems to be using this moment to turn Biden’s personal grief into a “moonshot” for a cancer cure. It seems almost like political theater and a caricature of President Kennedy’s speech about landing a man on the moon. But JFK didn’t wait for the end of his short term to bring about his moonshot. He laid out and implemented his plan from the beginning. (By contrast, Obama waited until the very end of his second term, which makes success even more of a long shot.)

Why do politicians feel entitled to public largesse to memorialize their personal grief? Or, on the other hand, to commemorate their personal priorities?

This latest, last-year gimmick to “cure cancer” will only result in throwing more wasted billions into the National Cancer Institute’s already bloated budget.

So, what is this latest claim all about?

“Medicine of the future” you can get right now

Last November, big pharma, biotech and their ivory tower academic research co-dependents announced the formation of a National Immunotherapy Coalition to develop a vaccine-based therapy to combat cancer through what it calls, literally, “The Cancer Moonshot.” This approach is, in essence, what Biden referred to back in 2012 in Miami during his re-election campaign.

The leviathan spending and tax deal passed by Congress last December already wildly boosts spending at National Institutes of Health (after struggling for years to get this run-away spending spree under control). The administration also continues to promise targeted “individualized medicine” for cancer and other diseases by using genetic profiling through what they now call “precision medicine.”

Of course, you can already get individualized health care and targeted therapies for a dozen major diseases using psychometric tools. (The science of psychometrics measures your personality type to determine which kinds of treatment will work best for you as an individual.) For decades, professionals in counseling, education, management, vocational training, and now even dating websites have used these same kinds of psychometric tools.

Using this psychometric approach doesn’t require ever more billions of tax dollars in new research. You only need a pencil and paper. Better yet, you can take this short, online quiz to determine “your emotional type” and find which natural therapies will work best for you.

“New” Alzheimer’s cure ideas just throw more money at the same, old, failed approaches

Not to be outdone by the Biden-Obama one-year wonder cancer cure, Hillary Clinton promised while out on the campaign trail in December to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Perhaps she took this posture to reassure voters about how her own cognitive state appears at times.

Of course, her only “new” idea about how to achieve this laudable goal is to dramatically boost government spending by four times the current level — to $2 billion annually.

Sure — the federal government invests a fraction of the money to dementia compared to cancer and heart disease, as I often report. But the monstrous spending bill just signed by President Obama already adds $350 million per year for Alzheimer’s research. This, after two federally-funded “Decades of the Brain” research failed to produce results. Do we really need to spend more than a billion and a half more dollars each year? And why do certain politicians only seem to offer the “new” idea of spending more and more money on the same, old, failed approaches?

In the meantime, both Obama and Clinton enthusiastically support genetically modified (GM) foods, which may cause the greatest harm of all to human health and the health of the planet.

My prediction for 2016?

Joe Biden will not cure cancer during the next year. And President’s Obama’s “cancer moonshot” is just “shooting the moon” at citizens and taxpayers for his final exit from the political stage.

Cancer and Alzheimer’s cures hiding in plain sight

Of course, the greatest irony of all is that we already have many promising natural cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease all around us, hiding in plain sight.

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