Oncologists’ warnings about alcohol don’t hold water

With all the other problems and priorities facing our country, the neo-prohibitionists, as I call them, want the U.S. Congress to pass a bill requiring cancer warning labels on all bottles of alcohol. They want the new label to read: “WARNING: According to the Surgeon General, consumption of alcoholic beverages can cause cancer, including breast cancer and colon cancers.”  

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)—an organization that represents the nation’s cancer doctors—is leading this misguided campaign against alcohol. But their claims about alcohol don’t hold water.  

For one thing, their argument throws aside the evidence showing that moderate drinkers live longer…and with fewer chronic diseases…than teetotalers. 

When the REAL problem, as always, involves heavy drinkers… 

Heavy—not moderate—drinking increases disease risk  

As I often report, 91 percent of adults who consume alcohol do so safely and in moderation. And just 9 percent of people who consume it are problem (heavy) drinkers.  

These heavy drinkers have the greatest increases in cancer risk. (They also run a higher risk of developing other deadly diseases. And are also the ones who cause deadly accidents when driving.)  

So why does the ASCO insist on scaring everyone…even the vast majority, who safely consume alcohol…with more mandatory warning labels?! 

What’s even more confusing is that the ASCO also actually says people should limit daily intake to two drinks a day—which falls squarely within the definition of “moderate drinking”! Plus, in a recent interview, an ASCO spokesperson commented, “Alcohol should be used in moderation. We should target youth drinking, heavy daily alcohol use, and binge drinking…”  

I wholly concur with all three of those targeted recommendations. Especially because they’re fully supported by actual science. 

But the question remains: Why are they insisting we demonize all alcohol and add a scary, misleading warning label to every single bottle of alcohol sold in the U.S.?! (Apparently, they’re just as confused about their own messaging as they are about the science!) 

Not to mention, “warning labels” simply don’t work as intended on those who actually need them… 

Misdirected, misguided warnings harm responsible people 

We know that people who abuse alcohol often can’t admit they have a problem. Denial is a part of their coping strategy—part of the disorder of alcoholism.  

So those warnings about cancer added to bottles of alcohol (even if Congress would authorize it)? Well, true problem drinkers are likely to assume they must be aimed toward others—not toward them 

In other words: Those who actually need the warnings are least likely to heed them! Rather, these kinds of warnings unnecessarily scare the 91 percent of responsible drinkers who do pay attention to them! 

Of course, a similar thing just happened with the government’s hysterical response to the coronavirus… 

They shut down the entire U.S. economy and way of life to protect a small percentage of vulnerable people. But when all is said and done, the coronavirus will likely show a less than 1 percent mortality rate. And—the deaths occurred almost entirely among specific groups who were easily identifiable and could have been specifically targeted—instead of broadcasting one-size-fits-all, destructive, fear-mongering for the entire populace. 

In the end, my recommendations about drinking alcohol remain the same, based on the science… 

Go ahead and enjoy a glass or two of wine, beer, or spirits with dinner—as part of a healthy, balanced diet. And better yet, safely enjoy it with friends or family! Your mind and your body will benefit. In fact, a wealth of evidence shows it protects you against dementia and cardiovascular diseases (which are greater causes of disability and death than cancer).  

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P.S. Speaking of the health benefits of moderate alcohol, tune back in tomorrow to find out what the hops used to make beer can do for your vision, blood sugar, heart, and more…  


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