Plants are the key to curing cancer worldwide

As an anthropologist and physician-pathologist, I long searched for evidence of cancer in prehistoric times. The evidence for cancer in antiquity is scarce or non-existent, as I published in a review article in the Archives of Human Pathology back in 1991.

Turns out, cancer is a disease of modern, industrialized societies. Hence, modern medicine’s “modern, industrialized” approach to dealing with it.

For starters, they say your cellular genetics predetermine your susceptibility to cancer. In other words, once a cell turns cancerous, it will never reverse back to non-cancerous.

Therefore, they say they must cut the cells out, burn them out, or poison them out using modern oncology treatments. They even throw industrial-grade weapons at the cancer — including mustard gas from WW I and nuclear, radioactive materials from the Cold War.

But even these powerful weapons don’t work well. So — they began to talk about catching cancers “early” as a solution.

Unfortunately, as I have reported for years, cancer screenings by and large do not prevent cancer deaths. Instead, the “catch-it-early” mindset has led to massive over-diagnosis and overtreatment with needless side effects, costs and worries for patients, their families and our society.

Some experts began to see beyond the cell genetics of cancer. They began to see cancer as a direct response (and possibly even an adaptation) to the industrial, carcinogen-saturated environment. It could also stem from a diet of fake, chemically produced foods, which further pollutes our environment and water, as well as the food itself. Indeed the rise of chemically produced everything in our living environments directly coincided with the massive increases of cancer during the 20th century.

Unfortunately, the “leaders” at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) during the 1980s allowed themselves to become convinced that chemical pollutants in air, water and food were not the major sources of cancer.

Rather, they told us that cancer is our own fault.

We get it by eating dietary fats (wrong), getting sunshine (wrong), drinking alcohol (mostly wrong), smoking (partly wrong), and other factors. They basically told us to “control” ourselves to prevent cancer. It puts the pressure on us, the citizens and taxpayers, to find our own solutions.

Natural, effective solutions to cancer

If we really want to prevent and reverse cancer, we must go back to Nature. Today the weight of evidence suggests that plants, not war-time chemical weapons and radiation, are the keys to reversing cancer worldwide.

Indeed, science shows you have many natural approaches to prevent and reverse the development of cancer cells and the process of cancer growth and metastases.

In fact, a recent study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology found that plant-derived compounds target cancer stem cells and modulate tumors. In other words, a century of basic science research on cancer has finally caught up to Mother Nature.

The study reveals that virtually all dietary compounds can act at a basic level in cancer cells, influencing them in a positive or negative way.

In particular, plant-derived compounds, such as polyphenols, can reverse cancer cells mutation, inhibit tumor progression, prevent metastatic processes, and make cancer cells more sensitive to traditional cancer chemo and radiation therapy.

If the government would invest the tens of billions of our tax dollars on natural approaches, there would be many more natural treatments available to everyone today to prevent, reverse and cure cancer.

In the meantime, you must arm yourself with information.

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