In the unlikeliest of places…a MEDICAL MIND SHIFT is in full swing
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Sutherlandia Frutescens:

The South African secret to
whole-body health–

that’s sure to BAFFLE doctors
with its astounding approach

In one of the medical world’s only remaining “untapped” arenas—a shocking announcement is blasting out around the globe…

There’s a DIFFERENT way to promote whole-body vitality!

Imagine a secret substance  that initial research suggests is…

  • SMART—it works with your body, helping it to adapt and cope with everyday stresses to help you feel normal—giving you a “full body tune-up” with every dose

  • POWERFUL—it can help protect your cells from free radical damage, supports a healthy immune system and helps promote a proper inflammatory response 

  • LOADED—it’s packed with some of the most remarkable natural secrets of our time. It contains specific compounds believed to promote healthy blood sugar metabolism and promote energy production to support your brain and mood AND MORE…

This South African marvel is being researched right now to see just how BIG of a splash it’s going to make—but Dr. Marc Micozzi has stepped in early and seen enough to be convinced this is the next step in natural vitality.

While there haven’t yet been many human trials on the efficacy of Sutherlandia, it has been used traditionally in South Africa for many years, and as a physician and anthropologist, Dr. Micozzi has learned how to read the signs of a new blockbuster natural ingredient even before the mainstream medical research minions take over. And evidence from clinical observations and animal trials show it’s amazing potential in helping the body cope with everyday stress.

Push your Multivitamin aside–
Sutherlandia is the NEXT
whole-body breakthrough!

What you’re about to discover is what Dr. Micozzi calls an “insider breakthrough.” This secret has been used in South Africa for many years, and researched in other countries for almost 20 years—and he’s convinced it is just about to hit the U.S. with force. It’s a new way to think about supporting your energy, your mental clarity, your immune system AND MORE.

Imagine—instead of forcing vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your body—this breakthrough works WITH your body to help you feel more like yourself—all day, every day.

It’s called, Sutherlandia frutescens and this potent African plant is the spearhead of…

A NEW GENERATION in natural health–
A SMARTER way to
promote youthful vitality!

For years, Dr. Micozzi has been studying a special breed of plants called, adaptogens. Why? Because he believes they could help redefine modern medicine for years to come…

Simply put, an adaptogen helps your body do just what it sounds like—adapt to any situation!

An adaptogen has the unique ability to help an organism (your body) cope with and avoid damage from environmental stresses. It could be an injury…heat or cold….mental or physical fatigue….an attack on your immune system…or any type of everyday stressor.

The right adaptogens work with your body on a physiological level to help keep your body functioning at its best even in the face of stress and attacks on your immune system.

PLUS, adaptogens can be an excellent source of antioxidants for even more youth protecting power.

With this HUGE potential in mind…

Dr. Micozzi would like to introduce you to…
CoreCell Essentials

The world’s premium adaptogen breakthrough

By including the  breakthrough adaptogen Sutherlandia, Dr. Micozzi has crafted one of the most advanced natural healthy aging formulas ever available.

But Sutherlandia is just the beginning…in every dose your body will be charged with nine other nutrients for optimal whole-body health! Take a look…

  • Power foursome of Vitamins B1, B6 and B12… to help promote powerful energy, muscle function, healthy eyesight and mental clarity.
  • A GOOD dose of Vitamin D3…to help promote proper parathyroid function, cognitive function, blood sugar levels, cardiovascular health and strong bones.
  • A “MUST-HAVE” helping of Vitamin E…to support healthy aging, immune health, heart health and give you a hefty antioxidant punch to fight damaging free radicals.
  • The miracle of magnesium…because studies have shown that 68% of Americans aren’t getting enough of it and it’s critical for proper kidney function, digestive health, blood sugar health, bone health and more.
  • The cellular support of selenium…this cornerstone of human health has unique antioxidant ability to protect cells from damage. It is also a healthy way to help support your prostate health. And…
  • A heart-healthy supply of Coenzyme Q-10…to support your body’s most important muscle and your cardiovascular health. CoQ-10 can also support, energy and immune system function.

CoreCell Essentials brings together the most important nutrients to support healthy aging all in 3 easy-to-swallow capsules.

And it all begins with the precious, African adaptogen breakthrough, Sutherlandia frutescens.

Dr. Micozzi is ready to release his bold, NEW breakthrough for your youthful vitality, CoreCell Essentials.

You don’t have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up—thanks to Dr. Micozzi’s investigations, you can experience life at its best with the advanced adaptogen power of CoreCell Essentials.

Try yours today!

CoreCell Essentials

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