Protect your health freedoms today, tomorrow, and every day

Tomorrow, we observe the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, which declared the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I would argue this important declaration applies more than ever to your health freedom.

We should all have the right to choose the treatments we believe are best for us as individuals… and reject the treatments we don’t want or don’t believe in.

And while Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to have put the last nail in the Affordable Care Act’s coffin, the establishment still restricts our health freedoms in sneaky ways.

Last month, I told you about how insurance companies use strict HbA1C targets — the long-term measure of blood sugar control — as a “performance standard” for patients with Type II diabetes. And they won’t reimburse doctors until their patients achieve those very strict blood sugar targets.

Sadly, this practice forces doctors to blindly follow the numbers, regardless of whether or not they truly make sense for an individual patient (the kind of problem I warned about yesterday).

This kind of coercion isn’t what I’d call a “free market.” Plus, there’s a conspiracy of silence regarding natural approaches that people DO want.

In fact, the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulations silence the supplement industry, which is prohibited from telling the scientific truth about safe, effective, natural approaches on their products — despite the piles of evidence from standard, peer-reviewed, published research.

Compared to King George III’s colonial America of 1776, today’s U.S. federal state and local governments take away far, far more from us today in terms of our rights, freedoms, wealth, and hard-earned livings.

Americans took their liberties seriously in those days. Today, too many Americans seem too willingly give them away (especially when they are taking it away from others).

Oh, how far we’ve fallen

Educated elites weren’t present in any number or influence on the American frontier. Ordinary, working-class Americans on the frontier believed strongly in protecting and preserving individual liberties — especially when it came to health care.

For example, at that time, the “regular,” mainstream medicine of the era was ineffective and toxic. (The same can be said of most of today’s medicine of course.) So, life on the frontier required the use of herbal remedies.

Early Americans used both European folk remedies and Native American indigenous remedies, as well as those introduced by Chinese immigrants. The frontier also featured the spread of energetic healing from Europe (as “mesmeric” or “magnetic” healers), which eventually evolved into safe, effective, and “drug-free” manual therapy approaches by the late 1800s.

During the Civil War (1861-65), official Confederate States of America medical kits carried traditional herbal remedies because the northern blockade made it impossible to obtain manufactured drugs — especially after the Battles of Gettysburg and Siege of Vicksburg were decided, both by July 4, 1863.

Of course, the manufactured drugs of the era were nothing to brag about. In fact, in an address to the Massachusetts Medical Society in 1860, Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes — a notable American physician and writer — stated, “If the entire materia medica as currently practiced could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes.”

Protect the principles that got us here

After World War II, big government, big pharma, insurance companies, biotech companies, and the self-appointed, elite “Medical Mandarins” of academic-government research began to place a stranglehold on medicine. It’s gotten so bad, that for the first time in history, America’s middle class is literally dying in droves, as I discussed again yesterday.

However, I still hold out hope for America and our health freedoms.

With new information technologies, we have the power to learn and share the truth about alternatives to accepted doctrines.

So, not all liberty is lost…yet. And it’s never too late to recover those freedoms we have lost.

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Happy Independence Day!