Risk of “catastrophic cardiac events” skyrocket for men taking this common drug

I’ve been warning you for years that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can lead to deadly consequences. And now—a major, new study has found that a man’s risk of suffering a catastrophic cardiac event skyrockets within just 24 months of beginning TRT.

I’ll tell you all about that important study in a moment. But first, let’s take a look at why artificially replacing declining testosterone in aging men is almost always a bad idea…

Testosterone naturally declines with age

Young men need testosterone hormones to attempt to procreate. Ultimately, this powerful hormone allows for the survival of our species. It also regulates bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass, and the production of red blood cells.

However, as I often report, testosterone levels naturally decline in men as they get older. And this natural decrease seems to help protect them from cancer, cardiovascular disease, and prostate disease as they get older.

But big pharma has somehow convinced too many men—even those who don’t technically have low testosterone (“Low-T”)—that they need to do something about declining energy and sex drive by taking a so-called Low-T drug. And in many cases, doctors don’t even measure a man’s testosterone before pulling out their prescription pads!

Well, a few years ago, former Governor Chris Christie recognized this disaster brewing in his state of New Jersey. And he asked me to serve on a panel charged with reviewing and revising the prescribing guidelines for Low-T drugs in order to help curtail these abuses. I was also asked to help investigate, as a forensic medicine expert, some of the “testosterone mills” in New Jersey to help authorities shut down the worst abuses.

After a while, I stopped because I thought the state attorneys were going too far—performing what is called “prosecutorial over-reach” in the legal community. In other words, they couldn’t seem to tell the difference between outright frauds, who needed to be shut down, and legitimate doctors, who were just exercising their professional judgment and freedom to practice outside of the narrow bounds of “conventional medicine.” And when I attempted to explain the difference, the prosecutors dropped me like a hot potato, as they just wanted more grist for the mill.  Of course, no one thought to go after the big pharma companies—many of which were actually located in New Jersey—who are the original source of the problem…

And, as a result, while we did make some progress in New Jersey, sales of these dangerous drugs have increased 12-fold nationwide in recent years.

So, it was really only a matter of time, based on everything we know about human biology, that we would start to see the dire consequences of these inappropriate and dangerous prescription drugs…

TRT messes with the natural order of things

The new study analyzed data from 15,400 men ages 45 and older with age-related declines in testosterone in the U.K. Those who took testosterone replacement drugs suffered a 21 percent higher risk of cardiovascular events, including strokes, transient ischemic attacks (TIAs or “mini-strokes”), and cardiac arrest itself. The risks were highest between the first six to 24 months of beginning TRT. And men between the ages 45 and 59 had the biggest increases in risk.

Personally, I can’t wrap my head around why a man would ever resort to using these dangerous drugs in the first place. I suppose some do it in a desperate attempt to boost their sex drive. Though, many of my friends have personally commented to me that these drugs don’t help much with erectile dysfunction. (Not that I would know!)

Other men seem to think that estrogen causes prostate problems and that the testosterone counters these “estrogen” effects—when, in fact, it’s the exact opposite!

Still, other men think they need TRT to prevent loss of muscle tissue. But remember—studies show older men experience muscle loss when they don’t get enough protein in their diet. In fact, older men need about twice as much protein as what the government recommends to maintain muscle mass! And, of course, the heart itself is the single, most-important muscle for healthy aging.

In the past, it seems like every time a new study like this one has come out, there was a plethora of exculpatory explanations from cardiologists, urologists, and other experts to convince us that somehow the data couldn’t be true.

But, perhaps, not this time. The findings are quite clear: TRT increases cardiac events, very soon after you start it.

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