The Insider’s five-step preparedness plan for coronavirus

People are asking me how to prepare for the coronavirus. So, to fully give you an insider’s scoop, I looked into the science as I always do…and gathered some geopolitical insights from a few of my own personal, trustworthy sources. Including a friend who’s currently running for a prime seat in Congress—one who’s fairly well-connected. As he put it, “I have friends in dark corners, high places, low places, and far away ones.”

Before I get into what actions you should take—if any—here are a few general insights about the whole outbreak…

Coronavirus is NO worse than the annual flu

Despite being given the most press coverage in history, this “corona bug,” as I call it, is no worse than (and probably not even as bad as) the annual influenza pandemic, which has popped up and gone away all on its own, every single year, since the beginning of time. And, somehow, the U.S. economy and the global population both survive it just fine!

China is the epicenter

Like the coronavirus, the annual influenza virus also comes out of China every year. In fact, it comes from mysterious, close interactions among large populations of people and poorly treated poultry and swine.

That being said, my insider friend believes the lack of quarantine and border shutdown early on was a major strategic error on the part of multiple, politically correct governments, including China and the U.S. Which is where the unnecessary panic is stemming from.

The vaccine quest is a waste of time, money, energy, and resources

Last month, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General came out saying they were going to “harness the power of science” to combat coronavirus and “fast-track” a vaccine.

But that was a month ago—and there’s still no vaccine.

In any case, pouring time, money, energy, and resources on a “quick fix” coronavirus vaccine is unnecessary. We don’t need a vaccine to stop coronavirus any more than we need one to stop the flu.

Plus, as you already know, the flu vaccines are useless and ineffective. So what makes anyone think a coronavirus vaccine would be any better? Besides, even if they do manage to make an effective vaccine for coronavirus, my insider friend and I both have zero faith in the WHO to control the outbreak with it.

(On the other hand, I suppose generating new vaccines are great for the biotech industry, which is already highly subsidized by U.S. taxpayers. So if another vaccine hoax makes Wall Street feel better and stabilizes the economy, maybe it’s not an entirely bad thing—at least until this stupid virus burns itself out, like they all do.)

The REAL problem is Communist China itself

The coronavirus is a real problem in China due to the failures and deficiencies of its Communist regime at all levels. In fact, the Chinese healthcare workers who died with the virus were actually worked to death!

Indeed, political leaders in China have no respect for the country’s professionals, citizens, work conditions, or basic human rights—as I witnessed up close and personal when I went into the uncharted territories of China in 1987 for my research project with Nobel laureate Baruch Blumberg.

And they got the pro-U.S. democracy protestors off the streets of Hong Kong by quarantining and confining them to their homes.

But the virus shouldn’t be a big problem for the rest of the world, especially for us here in the U.S.

In fact, it could present quite the contrary…

Coronavirus may actually benefit America

For one, if manufacturing shuts down in China, it will just benefit our economy as more manufacturing jobs return to the U.S. And that’s been a goal of the current administration in Washington, D.C. from the get-go!  (Meantime, India is already seizing the opportunity and ramping up to fill in any gaps left by Chinese manufacturing.)

Second, maybe the air above China will continue to clear up a bit as manufacturing slows. Remember, China is the biggest polluter in the world. And all the U.S. politically correct pundits who constantly hector us about America’s “leading” role in contributing to global warming, climate change, or the nom du jour, should learn some Mandarin and take a slow boat to China.

In my view, China needs to literally and figuratively “clean up” its act, in all respects. And its coronavirus problem need not be, and should not be, our problem. Nor the world’s problem.

Truthfully, the Chinese Communist leadership has gotten away with far too much for far too long. (Even they can’t believe it!)

But that’s all over now.

In the end, if this crisis in China finally brings down the Communist regime, so much the better. After all, communists killed at least 1,000 times more innocent people than this virus ever could!

The Chinese people, culture, and civilization are truly great. And they deserve better.

Now, let’s step away from the geopolitical aspect, and take a closer look at the actual virus itself…

Panic is worse than the reality

According to the experts, coronavirus kills about 1 percent of the people infected. But for a real pandemic, it would need to be much more deadly and contagious.

So, in all likelihood, the death toll from this corona bug will be manageable…and, again, a lot like the annual flu.

But here’s the catch…

Thanks to some ridiculous mainstream press coverage, the global panic and paranoia has already set in. So, even though the actual virus isn’t very deadly, the public will behave like it is, regardless.

And if people worldwide become scared to congregate in public, the reality may not matter to the economy.

As another friend recently pointed out on Twitter, “A lot of people think the coronavirus is the biggest risk. It isn’t. It’s the fragile interconnected economy and ‘just in time’ logistical systems. Next are the leveraged markets and the smaller businesses dependent on the larger ones. Then the people/households that are fully leveraged.”

I see people on the news talking about building underground shelters, installing water purifiers, buying generators, stocking up on propane and gasoline, and even amassing an armory with ammo and guns.

Get a grip, people!

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his inauguration address to the nation, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Should your town come under quarantine from overzealous bureaucrats flexing their muscles, the issue won’t be crazed rioters in the streets or even the virus itself. But rather lack of access to basic necessities for people confined to their homes who have been forced to “wait it out.”

So, with that potential threat in mind, let’s move onto my sensible preparedness plan. These simple, effective steps should sound familiar to you, as they come from recommendations I’ve been telling you all along…especially during flu and cold season each year.

Five ways to protect yourself from any virus

1.) Stock up on essentials. As you would with any big storm, make sure you keep plenty of essentials on hand. A 50lb bag of rice, beans, lentils, and protein powder will keep three to four people healthy for at least a month. And try to stock a gallon of water per day, per person to last one month.

2.) Practice Isolation. Big cities are obvious breeding grounds for any kind of pathogen. So, should a case of coronavirus come to your town, simply stay away from big crowds—such as those at shopping malls and schools. As always, avoid touching things handled by the public, such as pens at the doctor’s office and credit card machines. Instead, carry your own pen. And use cash.

3.) Wash your hands and face. As I’ve always said, washing your hands (and face) is easily the No. 1 thing you can do to protect against viruses. Including coronavirus. I always recommend using plain, old soap and water. When you don’t have access to soap, use plain water. And when you don’t have access to water, I have a new recommendation: Try saline solution. New research shows it may be more effective than an alcohol-based hand-sanitizer. And you can purchase travel-sized bottles of saline at local grocery or convenience stores—making them just as easy to find and carry around as hand sanitizers!

4.) Support a healthy immune system. As always, a healthy immune system is the best prevention against any type of virus. So, make sure to stick to your Mediterranean-type diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables—especially citrus fruits, mangos, berries, and chili peppers, which boost your vitamin C immunity. This diet also supports your microbiome, the environment in your gastrointestinal tract where billions of healthy bacteria thrive. Experts now consider your microbiome “ground zero” for your health, your immune system, and your first-line of defense against germs.

I also recommend supplementing with:

In addition, echinacea, elderberry, and goldenseal are three effective herbs to take the first moment you feel like you’re coming down with a virus. Preferably within the first 48 hours! I prefer brewing these herbal remedies in hot teas or infusions—with the addition of cold-fighting honey, fresh lemon, and ginger. Brew a concoction that tastes good and drink it often…but again, only when you’re coming down with or combatting a virus.

5.) Spend time in the sun. While you do want to avoid crowds, make sure to still spend some time each day outside in the sun, as most bacteria and viruses are photosensitive and heat sensitive. In fact, sunny, hot, dry, desert environments kill pathogenic microbes. So consider yourself fortunate if you live in Florida or Arizona. (And if you can, try to relocate to those sunny locales.)

In the end, I think back to my time with the once-great Boy Scouts of America. I became  an Eagle Scout and was selected as one of a dozen young men to represent the Boy Scouts at the annual “Report to the Nation” to President Nixon in 1970.

Our motto was “Be Prepared”—which I still follow to this day. And you should, too.

Just don’t let the hysteria and misinformation you see on the politically correct news whip you into a frenzy about this Chinese contagion that should burn itself out sooner than later.

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