The real genetic miracle cure

Yesterday, I talked about how the U.S. government medical complex has essentially ignored the role of genetics in lung cancer for the past 40 years.

But I tend not to write regularly about genetics because, after all, what can you do about your genes ?

I prefer to concentrate on things that we can change. Like our diet. And our lifestyle.

Fortunately, we are finding that dietary and lifestyle changes can actually influence and diminish genetic risks…as I pointed out in last month’s Daily Dispatch article on stroke.

So–searching for a new, genetic “miracle cure” for these diseases is just misplaced energy. At the same time, it is well-placed hype for raising public and private funds for the mirage-like biotech industry. After investing billions of tax dollars in the human genome project, we are still waiting for all the new genetic therapies.

In the meantime, real science is happening behind the scenes. Take Michael Holick’s new discovery, for example. He found that vitamin D can “turn on” or “turn off” many of your genes. And according to his research, vitamin D helps fend off many different chronic diseases. Such as cancer. And heart disease. And multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Holick’s finding takes us well beyond the half-popped idea of vitamins working exclusively as “antioxidants.” Vitamins are far more than just antioxidants. They influence metabolism. And they even influence genetic expression. After all, they are all biochemicals that interact with cells at the molecular level.

And here’s something even more incredible…

Engaging in “mind-body” therapies can regulate genes too. We now know that stress reduction techniques, meditation, and relaxation therapies can also turn certain genes on or off.

So here’s the real “miracle”…

Genetic studies are finally explaining how age-old, natural approaches to healthy living actually work. Because remember, scientists always want to know how something works. Not just that it does work. So perhaps, the modern Mandarins of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health may finally start to be satisfied about the truth of natural healing. (But don’t bet on it.)

Nevertheless, I’ll continue to bring you more science about how you can influence your genes.