The shocking connection between big pharma and Alzheimer’s

As far as I’m concerned, an Alzheimer’s disease cure already exists. And it has a 90 percent success rate. You just won’t learn about it from big pharma because this devastating disease is far too profitable for them. In fact, big pharma is the primary cause of much of the most common types of memory loss.

For example, during the 1970s, when I was in medical training, we saw many cases of memory loss and mental confusion in older people. Back then, we just called it “age-associated” dementia.

But even in those days, we still recognized one common culprit behind the vast majority of memory loss: prescription drugs. In fact, the proliferation of drugs — both prescription and over-the-counter — may explain why Alzheimer’s disease has exploded in recent years. I give you all the details in the lead article of the July 2016 Insiders’ Cures newsletter.

Too many drugs equals too little memory

Back in the ‘70s, our elderly patients with mental confusion were often taking up to nine different drugs simultaneously for various chronic medical conditions. (Today, the numbers would probably be even higher.)

Amazingly, the patients’ confusion often cleared up within just one day of temporarily stopping these medications. And cutting the doses once they started back on the drugs kept their confusion from returning.

Even back then, the problem of polypharmacy (taking too many drugs) was an immediate, clear and present cause of mental deficits in older patients. And more recent research shows this problem doesn’t just happen to senior citizens.

In fact, studies show that taking many common drugs over a lifetime can cause memory loss. In fact, the drugs you took in your 40s…or even your 20s…can directly contribute to your memory loss. And some of the most common drugs — from antidepressants to statin drugs — are known culprits.

Simple, natural solutions can halt — even reverse — ALL stages of memory loss

Getting off statin drugs and/or finding a natural solution to depression are two of the first steps you can take to reversing your memory loss. But there are dozens of other simple, natural solutions that can help halt — and even reverse — ALL stages of memory loss.

In fact, as I mentioned earlier, a cure for Alzheimer’s disease ALREADY exists. But you won’t hear about it from so-called mainstream medicine “experts” or the crony capitalists attempting to cash in on the latest government-sponsored “Decade of the Brain.” And you certainly won’t hear about it from big pharma.

But according to groundbreaking research, 9 out of 10 men and women who follow a completely natural regimen dramatically improve their memory, cognition, and overall brain function…within as little as just 90 days.

Patients following this program showed jaw-dropping results…

  • One man reversed 11 years of progressive memory loss within six months.
  • One woman eliminated her symptoms in five months.
  • Another woman totally restored her brain function in just 90 days.

In my brand new Complete Alzheimer’s Cure Protocol, I outline all of the steps for this regimen in detail…along with 30 years’ worth of previously unreported clinical research that I believe can take that 90 percent success rate even higher.

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