What’s really going on at the CDC — behind the headlines

Last week, I told you about how we can directly tie the resurgence of infectious disease in this country to the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) inability to act.

Today, I’ll tell you about a few more of the CDC’s recent debacles. Some of this information comes from the work of investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson. I told you about Sharyl before. I worked with her when she was a broadcast reporter at CBS. At the time, she also hosted Health Week for Maryland Public TV. So she knows her way around health issues.

In 2009, Attkisson investigated the swine flu scandal. And in 2012, she investigated the Benghazi cover-up and the “fast and furious” Obama administration program that gave guns to Mexican drug lords.

Apparently, all that good work got her pushed out of mainstream media. Now, she’s an independent journalist and just published an in-depth report on the link between vaccines and autism. Apparently, the CDC knows all about the plausible link. But, again, it won’t act. And the reason is downright disturbing.

CDC has direct ties to the vaccine/autism scandal

According to Attkisson’s report, the CDC paid Danish psychiatrist Poul Thorsen millions of dollars to prepare a vaccine study “proving” no connection between vaccination and autism spectrum disorder. This study has since been uncovered as fraudulent, but industry insiders still use it in their pro-vaccine propaganda.

Thorsen is now a fugitive from the U.S. Department of Justice for several charges related to his diversion of at least $2 million of the CDC’s grant money into his personal account. But Thorsen has never appeared in court. Apparently because the CDC would have a lot to lose if the details of this scandal were ever made public.

On a related front, Attkisson noted in her report that senior CDC scientist William Thompson claims the CDC manipulated data from one of his studies prior to publication in the journal Pediatrics in 2004. They changed the data to conceal a link between the MMR vaccine and autism in African-American children.

According to a new book by Kevin Barry, Dr. Thompson’s statements reveal the CDC is incompetent and misguided on this issue, at best. At worst, the organization is downright “crooked.”

Dr. Thompson sought whistleblower status and went to Florida Congressman Bill Poley to obtain “immunity” for releasing this information. But despite two requests from Poley, Congress refuses to investigate Thompson’s allegations of CDC fraud.

So the debate still rages regarding the benefits versus the dangers of childhood vaccines — and what the CDC may be concealing from the public and Congress.

Masters of vaccine propaganda

Of course, the CDC pushes another vaccine on everyone at this time of year — the annual influenza vaccine. In fact, at this time of year, you can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing an offer for a “free” flu shot.

I just heard a news report about a complaint filed against one health care system for “robo-calling” older members of their insurance plan between 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. to encourage them to rush out and get flu vaccines.

These heavy-handed marketing techniques just don’t sit well with me. Especially when you consider zero evidence shows the vaccine provides actual benefits in older people. On the flip side, quite a good bit of evidence shows the vaccine may actually cause harm.

So, is it any wonder a new study from The Harris Poll reports a majority of Americans don’t believe flu shots really work? According to this recent survey of 2,225 adults, 32 percent specifically didn’t think the flu vaccine offers any protection at all. And 42 percent think “people take flu season too seriously.”

Most respondents also recognized there are several other effective ways to protect against the flu, including hand washing, staying well rested, and having a healthy diet. Thankfully, despite the CDC’s flu vaccine propaganda, the message of common sense is still coming through.

Scare tactics earn the CDC $11.5 billion

According to Attkisson’s independent investigation, the CDC has a long history of vaccine scandal — from the bogus swine flu scare, which was more about marketing vaccines than any real threat, to the ineffective and dangerous HPV vaccine called Gardasil.

As you may recall, the former head of the CDC who pushed the disastrous Gardasil vaccine on innocent young girls went on to work for the vaccine manufacturer — with a generous compensation package.

The CDC’s annual budget for fiscal year 2016 is $11.5 billion. It was built largely on the backs of vaccines, flu scares, and the threat of bioterror.

In fact, since 2001, the CDC’s budget has tripled — with further spikes coinciding with every flu scare. They also received a big influx of funding to combat “bioterror” following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001. I know because I personally witnessed Philadelphia universities — where I served as director of the College of Physicians — scramble to retrofit and tie every pet research project they had on the shelves somehow to “bioterror,” just to get more funding.

Despite the very real threats of terrorism and infections from uncontrolled borders, the only “bioterror” attack ever formally suspected or accused actually came from disgruntled government employees! So, when it comes to bioterror, we have nothing to fear but the government itself. (And their bloated budgets.)

It’s not surprising retired Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) has included the CDC over the years in his “Wastebook,” which spotlights the worst examples of waste in government. He spotlighted some of the CDC’s most frivolous and useless expenditures, including luxurious employee lounges, fitness centers, and programs for lobbying Hollywood power brokers.

The CDC is supposed to look out for your health. Yet, clearly, they’re busy looking the other way, and padding their own pockets.

My advice for 2016?

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